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    Selling: Old school equipment

    Have some equipment I nead to sell. S.I. Combat Knife Vivo T1 NIP S.I. Psy-Blade S.I. Scorpion S.I. H.E.A.R.T. S.I. FlameThrower Sollomate Opalo Refiner MR100 Earth Excavator ME/01 Many Alekz Precision Scope´s Armor set A.R.C. Guardian F/M Pixie Harness, Adjusted (F) Skill Explosive...
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    Question: Cyrene forum?

    Is this forum dead? Cant load the page...:scratch2: An unexpected database error occurred. Please try again later.
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    Buying: Songkra Corrosive Dagger

    Hi! Send a PM if u have one for sale!
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    Buying: Genesis Corroder MM Edition (L)

    Hi! Hope someone have this knife for me in storage :-)
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    Selling: Extractors High MU ones

    Superior Cloth Extractor 1589st Diluted Mineral Extractor 2373st Basic Metal Extractor 476st Advanced Metal Extractor 214st Strong Cloth Extractor 2352st Basic Plastic Extractor 272st Advanced Mineral Extractor 2127st Enhanced Mineral Extractor 45st Basic Mineral Extractor 4211st Enhanced Metal...
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    Question: Update error after mini patch

    Is it only me that got stuck at 95% and then the game going down? I have never befor have any probs whe update the game. Hope u can help!
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    Buying: Leoi Shock Dagger and Khorum Ice Dagger

    Nead to get some new toys! /Jonna
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    Gravis GBR-34

    Anyone have a clue what price this gun is worth? Thx :-) /Jonna
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    Selling: Ranked Scorpion Tier 2.9, get ready for MM!

    Hi, Selling Ranked Scorpion Tier 2.9. Damage 36-72 whitout amp. Attacks/Min 67 :) Recommended level 45 Nice eco gun, speed up you mission progress really fast :yay:
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    Selling: Badass Sword Ozpyn RLB S1X1

    Coolest sword ingame! Big and doing good dmg. Give me a nice deal and its yours!
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    Question: Itumatrox

    Is there any good hunting place for them?
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    Selling: Keskek Bil (L) Blueprint (L)

    Kesmek Bik (L) Blueprint (L) Hi Have Kesmek Bik (L) Blueprint (L) for sale if the price is right. The BP have 3 remaning attempts left. Is there anyone interested?
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    Yay im back!

    After 1 month of struggelin to get the updates to work it finally did:yay: Nice to back in the game and MA have missed me to :-) they game me and 3560ped Frigulite hof on my first amp. Hopfully the hof may strike me hard for a long time. Take care everyone!
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    Neconu Where?

    I alway hunt in Gandalfs La for small Neconu but now i cant find the TP anymore. Is there a nother La whëre i can kill Neconu?
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    Soft Leather

    Hi! Have 300ped TT of soft hide for sale SB120% BU 125%
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    Maddox 1 Bp

    Hi have one Maddox I blueprint Q 0,57 how mutch can you get for it?
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    S: Neme Set F - with Jaguar Harness

    Hi selling my Neme Set F - with Jaguar harness TT is 230ped and asking for TT+1k ped.
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    Hi! Anyone have knight glows F for sale?
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    Selling skills

    Hi Going for one walk in irl. so i sell my skills. Send pm if you find something you like Skills in chip Mining 9,01 Surveying 9,48 Cga 0,40 Engi 10,92 Computer1,97 Athetics 1,85 Alertness 0,64 Mechanics 0,30 Manu mechanical 0,77 Not chipt skills General Bravado 146 Courage 1327 Dex 1163...