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  1. Billy Jean Ruby

    Selling: The U 5th floor suite B - RT

    As the title say, I'm selling this great apartment at U building on ROCKtropia! Items allowed in display area (hallway) - 10 Items allowed indoors - 600 max no of guests - 80 there is no additional area I will keep it for sale untill right price offered! low bids will be ignored! That mean...
  2. Billy Jean Ruby

    Spaceship camera orientation

    After about a year I decide to travel back to my place @ RT and forgot what's was the reason I became frustated with this game... (Yes I'm one of those I loved to travel and been in space most of my time) This shit camera view de-orientation "problem" is still there! Still you can't move your...
  3. Billy Jean Ruby

    Question about mining amp's at Wiki

    Regarding mining amp's at wiki specifications a question came up. lets get as an example: Level 6 Finder Amplifier (L) this amp according to wiki have total uses 98. That mean ore+enm (98/3) = 32.6 total! isn't or am I wrong...
  4. Billy Jean Ruby

    LBML Help! app doesn't scan my claims

    Today I downloaded the latest LBML exe. I haven't tried since became useless after VU changes. LBML working only partially now. It scan my drop but after that nothing else. No claims and can't follow my pos! I need constantly to press "P" just to make it scan my drops at least! Never had such...
  5. Billy Jean Ruby

    Selling: Shopkeeper

    For sale! my shopkeeper (pretty lady!) current bid: 2.7 B.O. instant sale 3k SOLD! tc all and Thank you
  6. Billy Jean Ruby

    Withdraw questions

    Dunno if there is an info thread about Withdraws in general and if I find answers to my questions there, since I will do it first time. If there is a specific thread that I miss I would appreciate a link. My questions for now: 1. What documents/info I need? except my personal info and IBAN is...
  7. Billy Jean Ruby

    Selling: My Shop - (Tex-No) @ ROCKtropia

    As the title say, I put for sale my shop! If you are in a search for a place with constant traffic and for serious business in EU, this is the place you are looking for. The shop owner have the right to claim an exclusive dungeon too! (not claimed by me yet!). After that can craft keys and...
  8. Billy Jean Ruby

    PLEASE! Remove the waypoint!

    The auto waypoint after death is annoying more than usefull. Please consider to remove it! Will be so kind! thank you. Update: There are some good and creative answers after my rage post :) So, a solution could be an option check box for disable this. Also I can agree too with the following...
  9. Billy Jean Ruby

    Login fails

    First time I faced this :scratch2: Connection lost upon login multiple times and I can't get in. Is it planetside or there are others with same issue right now? (Tuesday Nov. 13th - UTC 17.00). Edit: it seems there is a network failure, somewhere between my region and MA servers.
  10. Billy Jean Ruby

    EP BP III price check

    As title said, need price suggestion for *Explosive Projectiles Blueprint III* QR:23 (edit:Unlimited ofc) Thanks in advance
  11. Billy Jean Ruby

    This tune deserve a standalone thread.....

    for the dreamers....
  12. Billy Jean Ruby

    Constant DC problem every 10'

    Dunno where to place this issue, since I'm on RT I'm making thread here. All morning today I'm unable to stay online more than 10'! Something like connection timeout. Getting messages that system can't update chat service or something too. Disconnected alot of times. Couple times connection...
  13. Billy Jean Ruby

    PCF current active mod's?

    I would like to know who's active and who's not of PCF moderators right now. I don't see Serica active lately for example (and I miss her btw).
  14. Billy Jean Ruby

    Just for the laugh :)

    I think its worth to share this... enjoy it
  15. Billy Jean Ruby

    Summer Strongbox question

    Since I was not so frequently on lately it seems I miss some info about these boxes. So I wanna ask, What possible loot contain a summer strongbox? Anyone can answer or link me the info pls? thank you
  16. Billy Jean Ruby

    Selling: My apartment at Omegaton Delta 6D

    The building is ..."upon".... Omegaton West Habitat Teleport. You can't find a closer one for sure. The apartment is at 6th floor - section D. Nice view from balcony as well, but you can't jump straight down from it :) Price it's 700 PED For couple days I plan to be on Caly, so pm me here or...
  17. Billy Jean Ruby

    What happened with shopkeepers?

    as title said What happened with shopkeepers? Where are they? I didn't found any for ....a month or so? now I'm logging more frequently and checking more intensively the auction house. btw, not in loot and dropping anymore?
  18. Billy Jean Ruby

    What's the best Limited Laser pistol

    Been a while not following EU updates and such. Couple days ago a question from a friend, made me wonder if I know enough to give advices. The question was: What's the best (L) Laser pistol for a lvl40 pistoleer nowdays? Wanna see opinions of my good ppl here :)
  19. Billy Jean Ruby

    Amaze 3D content creation app

    3D content creation and animation apps progress is amaze. I want to share this awesome software that impresses me lately! Since I already experiment with Unity 3D for long I think will give it a try. Just take a look and admire what this application is capable to do :) Just awesome stuff...
  20. Billy Jean Ruby

    Estates Issue

    Hello dear friends, due some serious RL issues I've been a while to log in and spend time in game. These days I'm trying a comeback and I'm trying to remember some things of my EU life. But from the moment I logged for first time after a while, I noticed there is something wrong on my estates on...
  21. Billy Jean Ruby

    Estate items issue

    Today a surprise waited for me upon login! 16 items from my apartment and my shop are returned into planet storage! (like are displaced or something) System message was like: [Nallo Ceiling Lamp (C)] has been delivered to storage on Rocktropia since it had an invalid location in an estate...
  22. Billy Jean Ruby

    Old good Eurus Ambient Sound - Enjoy it!

    One of the best ambient sounds on Calypso. Got it from my early days in Entropia Universe, because I loved it from the beggining. Since it's been removed or erased by false? lol. This is it (length 4:28). I think it is whole length of it. Enjoy it :)...
  23. Billy Jean Ruby

    Eurus changes

    Today I returned to Caly after some time. As already mentioned elsewhere, first I noticed I had lost Eurus Teleport and then when I flew there, I confirmed what some friends told me. Faucervix spawn is gone from that region (possibly by plan). But, although there is the blue dot of the old...
  24. Billy Jean Ruby

    Halloween...behind the corner :)

    removed :)
  25. Billy Jean Ruby

    ESI and chipping out questions

    ESI and sale of skills! I never had the opportunity to study the whole procedure until now. Since I'm concidering chipping out, I will appreciate any information about this issue. I think it's almost the time to think about it. In general, What ESI or ESI's someone need when is going to chip...