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    Game Keeps Crashing Trying To Load Blueprint Storage Area

    My game is fine, dark items overlooked for now, but every time I try and load the blueprint page of my storage terminal. The game crashes.. I tried your "fix" but that is when the fault seemed to start. I have reinstalled the game so over to you I guess. The blueprints I have in my Inventory...
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    Selling: Selling Sentinel Helmet M UL

    Selling Sentinel UL M Helmet: Impact: 68 Penetration: 59.5 Cut: 21.5 Stab: 21.5 Shrapnel: 29 Burn: 6 Cold: 6 Acid: 6.5 Electric: 6 Have this cool armor part that I am considering selling. From research I...
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    Selling: Selling Stuffs ESI, Armour, etc..

    Sold Sold SOLD
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    Selling: Selling Stuffs ESI, Armour, etc..

    I'm open to offers for an ESI with tt 954.28 Gonna be for looking at 900%+ Sold. Sentinel UL Helmet. As far as I know only 1 of three in game. 3rd best Impact and Penetration protection available. Reluctant sale so offers for now..
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    Selling: Selling Sentinel Helmet UL M

    Selling This Sentinel Helmet M UL It is the third best protection in-game for Penetration and Impact. It is one of only 3, from my research, in the game at the moment. Quite a tough choice.. There is no MU history for the item, but I am...
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    Selling: Sentinel Helmet M UL

    Considering selling this UL Helmet for the right price.. It offers the third best Penetration and Impact protection in-game. It's going to be a reluctant sale, so I will see if there is much interest and ask for offers please.
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    Selling: Empty Skill Implant E.S.I 954 PED Empty Chip

    Selling this Empty Skill Implant I Looted a while back. It has 953.xx PED space. O.I.R.O 900-950% Please. PM me here or ingame: Mervin Barrier Octopus. Also selling DSEC seeker mining amp II, Terra amp 3 Mining amps, and Terramaster 3-4-5's. At good rates.