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    Trying to start a taxi company, already have 9 ppl

    If you are interested in joining the company, heres the discord...
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    Selling: Selling Amazing gold building G sized appartment on TI

    Add me in game to see the open house! Wanting to sell it for ~1.35k negotiable (these appartments usually go for 1.5k+peds)! PM for questions and offers :)
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    Selling: WTS fully furnished appartment with 2 rooms and a balcony in epselon Calypso.

    The decorations/furnishing for this beutiful appartment costed 200 ped! The appartment is on the tenth floor and is an H mid sized apartment. It has a really great view! The appartment is right next to many shops, 10 seconds of walking away from a teleporter, and 20 seconds of walkin away from a...
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    Buying: Wtb ANY Caly appartment under 450 ped

    Like title says, I'm buying any caly appartment under 450 ped :)
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    Selling: Selling awsome fully furnished Caly appartment in a good location!

    Items used to decorate appartment costed about 150 ped! The appartment is located in a great area, there are many shops nearby. It is within 30 second walking distance of a teleporter and 10 second walking distance from a building with all the terminals. Its located next to many great people ( I...
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    Wtb any caly appartment for 500 ped

    Anyone selling?
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    What are some mentoring gifts you got post vu.10?

    Although gifts aren't the purpose of mentoring, it's still fun to see what others got!
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    Wanna start a blog on my mentoring journey. I want to post updates on disciples, problems, and rewards (Not my goal)

    The master plan it to graduate 50 disciples in the next 5 years! If anyone needs a mentor, I'm more then happy to help you out :)
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    Want to buy a cheap apartment for under 300 ped

    I can pay in items or ped :)
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    I recently got into vehicles, and I have some of the best textured and colored ones!

    Generic leather green Hovercraft mk1 Arkadian bee texture yellow Prx Limited Jorgunmand mk1 (brown paint with many textures) All these vehicles are 100% painted and textured in every field!
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    Would a group funded anti pirate fleet be feesible?

    I was thinking that a bunch of people in quads can fly around space to protect against pirates(about 10) equally distributed between planets. The vehicles, guns, and ammo would be supplied by donations. So much loot gets lost in space. Especially when motherships get blown up! So, f this thing...
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    Was wondering if any mothership could use a small attack fleet to protect from pirate

    I can get a fleet of a few people (in quads) to help defend motherships in vulnerable locations at a small cost!But if anyone is planning to transport items by themselves, we can help for a cut of the loot or some ped. I already have ~5 people who can help :)