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    Buying: Esi

    Looking for ESI - Total TT 240PED - Can be in multiples sizes but not below 35PED Each
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    Buying: Gravis GLR-33

    Heya, I am looking towards buying a Gravis GLR-33. Do drop me a PM either ingame or on the forums if you got one for sale. Cheers!!¬
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    FYI: LBML Updater - Trojan Content

    Just a heads up for LBML users, the latest update of LMBL is triggering Trojan Warning for Trojan:Win32/Zpevdo.B
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    Buying: Ziplex P20/30

    Hello, I am looking for either Ziplex P20 or P30. PM me here or in-game with an offer if selling.
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    Buying: Bear / Nemesis M Set

    Hello, Looking for Nemesis [TT + 1k] / Bear Full M [TT + 1.3k] Sets, Or the average MU over the past month sales, Not going to pay a collectors fee. PM Me here or in-game if selling, o7, Insanity
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    Buying: Zombie M UL / L

    Heya, I am looking to buy a Zombie M Set [ UL or L ] PM me if anyone interested in selling.
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    Buying: Ziplex P20

    Bought !! :yay:
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    Question: What do i do ??

    Hello !! Returning player here [ from 2008 ] I have not played since then. But thought i will start again, as there have been a lot of changes including graphics update[ a bit old :scratch2: ]. Been about 10 days since i started. I tried Mining / Hunting and seem to like both. But the losses...