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    Selling: Skills

    hey, Thinking of selling off some skills when I feel like starting over from the beginning. Send a message ingame with an offer. You stand for the ESI that needs. <--- Skills for sale
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    Buying: Looking to buy heavy bulk sale SKILLS

    PM what u have and price. Want a bulk sale over +300k - +400 of skills.
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    Selling: Plot Deed 20x20

    nothing here
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    Selling: Starfinder !!!

    Its sold byeee
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    Selling: Privateer

    is now away from me
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    Buying: Quad-Wing Equus

    Have you got tired of flying 2 man ships? Would be happy to trade a shop against one Quad-Wing Equus no Firebird dont like them so much. Send a PM ingame and hope we can make a deal =) Ingame name: TimoTeuzSweden
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    Selling: [Adjusted Vigilante Harness (M)] - FullSet

    Selling the nice [Adjusted Vigilante Harness (M)] fullset armor 2000 ped for all :D SOLD
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    Selling: Firebird Limited Edition

    As the title says, I'm selling Firebird Limited Edition (it comes with NanoWarp Drive I and Space Thruster UL) BO: 55000 Peds or change to a Starfinder / Pathfinder (Can drop to 50000 ped at fast deal) Contact here on or ingame...
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    Free TeamSpeak Server

    Nothing to see here
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    Selling: Buying Spaceship

    Looking for a spaceship with hangar on it. Send me information of what u sell and what u want for that spaceship:) INGAME NAME TimoTeuzSweden get wrong when i make this account xD
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    Buying: Warp Drive I (L)

    Looking for someone who sells Warp Drive I ( L ) or other lvl , looked around for two days now without success to find someone who sells . Send Message ingame Or here about you has someone to sell 1-2 of them. Or: Standard Lever Blueprint Standard Lever // -TimoTeuzSweden-