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    Silly underground family

    Hello soc I'm calling the attention of our soc to the recent land grab of LA 9 and invite all to defend it next week.also please try to contact our leader to set tax and spawn mobs for free at the LA marker. Add me in game also blade sparks Nichols . I look forward to hearing from you all. And...
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    Buying: Calypso land deeds 1110 ped

    hi add blade sparks nichols and ill buy your deeds at 1110 ped each.
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    Buying: calypso land deeds

    hi im buying deeds please pm me your selling offer or find me in game. blade sparks nichols
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    Buying: Calypso land deeds

    hi currently depositing to buy land deeds please send your selling offers. in game name is blade sparks nichols. trying to buy 50 for now
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    Buying: alicenies gel

    hi im looking for a permenant supplyer of alicenies gel. please pm me to negotiate a price.
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    Buying: narcanisum

    hi im looking for a permenant supplyer of narcanisum ingots. please pm me to negotiate a price
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    Selling: Basic sheet metal & basic screws

    Mark up is 155% any quantity for basic sheet metal mark up is 115% ay quantity for basic screws
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    Selling: basic sheet metal -2% of weekly mv

    arange a meeting time for port atlantis
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    Buying: Narcanisum ingot

    Buying 5k narcanisum ingot at monthly market value -1%
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    Selling: Basic Sheet Metal

    Selling basic sheet metal at current monthly market value -2%. I can also make you basic bearings and basic coils