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    Selling: Blueprints inlcuding Simple III Springs

    Its me again - Almost done selling out - just have a ton of component bps to get rid of - the cream of the crop you ask? Simple III Springs, Simple II springs qr 100 and simple 1 springs - there are also a few high qrs of almost anything you want in this list - check it out! 1 Basic Auxiliary...
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    Selling: 155k Skills

    Selling 155,000 Skills - 42500 ped. Current Net value of 46000 ped. Serious offers only. I've been playing over 3 years now, and now I have a kid on the way. No more time or money for the game. :( At least its a boy! :yay: Total Skills: 155490 - Total tt value 2832 ped - Total Net Value...