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  1. Caramon

    Selling: UL Jaguar Footguards (F)

    During the last hours of before the Typhon hit I was defending Echidna and looted these feet from a Legionnaire or Droka. Best item I ever got. :) Now they are for sale. Please PM any offers you have.
  2. Caramon

    Hunting index - Idea for measuring your avatar skills and gear

    Hi, There has been a lot of threads discussing what is an uber and what is a medium avatar. I think its possible to be bit scientific about it if you want. In real life KPI (Key Performance Indicators) are often used to give a single number to measure something complex. We could do the same...
  3. Caramon

    Discovery: Horns - Large Bull (M)

    I figured out what to do with my red bag looted ealier today. Me and my soc mate Acronoid Acronoid Deity (*Bless*) pooled resources and made these magnificent antlers :D Remember the release notes of VU 9.3.4? "Dr. Almon Duchevs Logs Leaked information suggests a new batch of logs from Dr...
  4. Caramon

    Discovery: Umbranoid bag (red)

    During the event at Hadesheim today I had my first new item discovery! (It dropped from an Umbranoid Looter) More than one of these bags where found and several other new items appeared, including some other bags. It seems from the description that this can be refined together with other...
  5. Caramon

    New planet - first sigthing?

    This post was made by marcjan in the thread about the new screenshots: I thougth it was important enough to have its own thread. Is this the new planet Creative Kingdom is working on? Or could it be the movie project? In Reds interview with CK they said they would launch a web site in the...
  6. Caramon

    WTB: Full Phantom (M)

    Please pm me if you have a set for sale. Update: Thanks for the response. I have now bought a set of this great armor. Currently the most reasonable upgrade from ghost imho.