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  1. Alainax

    FYI: Alabama All Access

    Nice initiative :) Are the subscriptions exclusive or would mutliple pilots have to work out timings with each other? Also I guess you may have considered this already, but I'd recommend removing its warp drive so it couldn't be warped out of there with a crew full of quads loot into lootable.
  2. Alainax

    FYI: Robots Incursion Event

    It's not. That might help.
  3. Alainax

    Info: Bonnie's Twitch stream!

    Sorry Stream is offline this week, not feeling too great :(
  4. Alainax

    FYI: Robots Incursion Event

    So our guns are now painted on? The profession we have been skilling and training in space over these years , mothership gunners should just quit now? Got it. The time and money that has been invested in motherships have reduced us to nothing more than a glorified launch pad. Awesome, I will...
  5. Alainax

    FYI: Robots Incursion Event

    There is no point in motherships being there. So they wont go. Means the quad fighters there at the moment have no where to spawn on. Makes the event very soon privateer only.
  6. Alainax

    FYI: Robots Incursion Event

    I would abosolutely love this opportunity in a mothership. I can see why you are having fun with it, I am happy that you are, but please appreciate the frustraiton in being told " Motherships banned - go play in a quad"
  7. Alainax

    FYI: Robots Incursion Event

    That theory works in an instance, but as there are others there doing it as a wave event, , there is no time to get out from gunner never mind to switch job with crew part way through. Everyone is busy killing the boss whilst motherships are locked out.
  8. Alainax

    FYI: Robots Incursion Event

    And this is exactly what the huge problem will be. I know already from most of the active hunting motherships that as their gunner crew are essentially barred from taking part, they just wont go. Which is a huge issue for quads who rely on them as a base. Essentially both MS crews and qauds will...
  9. Alainax

    FYI: Robots Incursion Event

    But its not, Motherships are very specifically excluded. I have no issue having to shoot repair drones, its actually fun. The issue is no one else does/has to and can kill the boss instead. They all happily shoot the boss whilst MS cant do a thing. By the time MS get through repair drones -...
  10. Alainax

    FYI: Robots Incursion Event

    The issue is that the motherships do all the grunt work at the start, as you mentioned, then get locked out the boss. The other ships can do all these early stages without a mothership also. We are not required, we just provide some back up dps it seems. A privateer can solo the whole event, a...
  11. Alainax

    Entropia Universe discord channel is live!

    Autumn bump! Channel continues to grow, very active chat :)
  12. Alainax

    Question: Dear Sally - Balancing Manager

    Who's a Good Girl?!?!
  13. what-if-i-never-find-out-whos-a-good-girl-28416033.jpg


  14. Alainax

    Twitch stream?

    Maybe :) There are plenty of mining streams, sweat buy streams, crafting streams, noob streams, uber streams, big mix of everything streams! But there is always room for something more! WIth my streams I try and change it up a lot, we will be in space waves one day, Big auctions another...
  15. Alainax

    Twitch stream?

    I guess it depends on what you think is popular or viewable :) There are a few streams that will sit with consistently 50/70+ viewers. Doesn't sound massive, but considering most mainstream game streamers sit with just a few viewers it's not bad :) Most of the EU streamers I watch are very...
  16. Alainax

    Info: Bonnie's Twitch stream!

    Yaaas lets do this!
  17. Alainax

    Info: Bonnie's Twitch stream!

    Live-New RDI instance ~ exploring & Info
  18. Alainax

    Info: Bonnie's Twitch stream!

    Live now! The entire NEW Space Boss Event event!! With Full info, and raid force! Viewers welcome to join us! - in game chat [#spaceraid]
  19. Alainax

    Space Boss Event- Join the Force today!

    Tonight at 2100ma time We will be running the entire new space boss waves mission. You are welcome to join the force in game. We will be creating raid force teams, with quad squadron, MS crew etc. Other ships of course invited too. Goes without saying there is of course no fee, will be plenty...
  20. Alainax

    Info: New Space Mob Locations

    My Heart sings!!! Locusta are back, I will update paint map tomorrow!
  21. Alainax

    Congrats to MA for a flawless VU

    IM very pleased with the new space stuff, found a decent bug there tonight, but I am hopefully those will be fixed swiftly :)
  22. Alainax

    Space Update 2020.0.5

    Very much so!! Will do a comprehensive stream of it tomorrow, want to make sure I can explain it all properly and show it from start to finish well. Crew did it earlier and got some discoveries. It seems pretty epic! Excited!
  23. Alainax

    Official Entropia Lore - As Podcasts

    I am working on a Audio channel of Official Entropia Universe Lore, made into Podcast/audio book form. Currently available on Podbean, Spotify, Amazon Music & Alexa. Google & Apple Podcasts pending. Free, no subscription or sign up required to listen. A few episodes up at the moment...
  24. Alainax

    Info: Bonnie's Twitch stream!

    The Epic Interplanetary Boss Waves live now!
  25. Alainax

    Interplanetary Boss waves round 6!

    Boss Waves today!!!