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  1. Alainax

    Question: Dear Sally - Balancing Manager

    Who's a Good Girl?!?!
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    Space Boss Event- Join the Force today!

    Tonight at 2100ma time We will be running the entire new space boss waves mission. You are welcome to join the force in game. We will be creating raid force teams, with quad squadron, MS crew etc. Other ships of course invited too. Goes without saying there is of course no fee, will be plenty...
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    Official Entropia Lore - As Podcasts

    I am working on a Audio channel of Official Entropia Universe Lore, made into Podcast/audio book form. Currently available on Podbean, Spotify, Amazon Music & Alexa. Google & Apple Podcasts pending. Free, no subscription or sign up required to listen. A few episodes up at the moment...
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    Interplanetary Boss waves round 6!

    It's that time again! :yay: Anyone can join, we will be providing free flights there and back. All mobs are shared loot. Starting from Calypso we warp to Arkadia Moon for Mechs. From there we will head to Rocktropia for Kongs + bosses. Then as always back to Calypso for Sand King and...
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    10k Mech :)

    Seems the smugglers have been doing ok all round! :cool: Clip - ( forum doesn't like twitch links apparently) Gz to everyone who was there :) Clip -
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    Live Auction Today- Final Item Catalogue

    Cape Coninth 26th September 2020 2130 ma time - To take part you must /join #live_auction All welcome to come view and bid. The auction and presentation of the items can be viewed here - Please find below the item list as they will be presented. I anticipate...
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    Live Stream Auction all welcome

    Cape Coninth 26th September 2020 2130 ma time On Saturday the 26th of September 2130ma time I will be hosting a live auction style event in game, where buyers and sellers will be able to view and live bid on items as they are shown. Imagine it a bit like a live televised auction/ TV sales...
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    Interplanetary Boss waves round 5 - VU Edition!

    It's that time again! :yay: Anyone can join, we will be providing free flights there and back. All mobs are shared loot. This time we are checking out the new Version Updates around the Universe! We have been lucky enough to have some great participation from PP Devs, and looking forward to...
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    Interplanetary Boss waves round 4!

    It's that time again! :yay: Anyone can join, we will be providing free flights there and back. All mobs are shared loot. This time you decide! I have announced it a little early to get your feedback on what you like to do. So far we have done Cyrene bosses, Ark Smugglers, Gorgon,&Zeus @...
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    Uber: Ripping 10k peds out of PvP4

    Mulak mission needed finished, sounded like fun 😇 4k+ Hof, and the rest. Fun place to hunt! 🙃 Video -
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    Suggestion: Thread viewers

    Please make it possible to see who is viewing your thread. Currently you can see who is viewing every thread apart from the ones you create yourself. Is useful to see if a sales thread has some interest etc, so can be a nice feature. Seems a bit silly can see it for everyone else's threads but...
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    Suggestion: PM Editing

    Hi, I have noticed that it is now possible to edit PMs even after the recipient has read it. There is no indication that the message has been edited and no way to see what the edit was. I think this should be changed to avoid potential conflict. Either make them un-editable, cant be changed once...
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    Selling: Bonnie Sales Thread!

    I am currently taking personal offers on some rarer items whilst I will I also be bringing some more unusual stackables to the market in due course. Please feel free to PM with offers. Ped trades only. Items of interest - Improved Restoration chip. 1. Restoration Chip, Adjusted - SOLD 2...
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    In the last VU we had the introduction of a male clothing item which allowed male avatars a piece of clothing that would allow for some slightly more revealing swim wear - The Mankini. Yes it was silly and fun, and not going to appear in vogue anytime soon, but it was enjoyed for the most part...
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    Info: Nawacore

    I thought I would put all this info together in one place as it is asked for often enough :laugh:. Lets start from the beginning. Nawa is part of the lore of Planet Toulan - Having once played host to a sultanate of immense wealth and power, where native Insians and alien Narians worked for...
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    Rinoa Bikini (F,C)

    Next Islands New clothing item discovered today. This is the female counterpart to the Mankini - specifically designed for the female clothing to be more modest for a change! Seems really versatile. 2 fields- main and outlines/heart, lives in the bustier section so can be equipped with lots of...
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    Interplanetary Boss waves round 3!

    It's that time again! :yay: Anyone can join, we will be providing free flights there and back. All mobs are shared loot. Saturday 30/05/2020 2100ma time. We will summon from Calypso, please be present at Athena Spaceport (although you can join in at any point if you don't need a flight)...
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    It's race time! Peds&Prizes + free entry!

    This isn't an ordinary race, this is LAND SEA AND AIR! You better be able to sail, fly and drive, as you will need it! We Will provide all vehicles, fuel and prizes, all you have to do is be there! No entry fee, just good fun! First prize - 100ped plus full TT Quadwing interceptor Second prize...
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    Suggestion: Space warp zones

    Hi :) Now that the area around space stations is not lootable, would it be possible to allow for warp to commence without the need to fly so far away from the space station? I realise in the past is was a move to ensure that the ships would have to enter lootable pvp before charging the...
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    Uber: 3000+ ped spider

    Was hoping the loot would be nice, but this was a lovely Surprise :yay: (Very short clip )
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    Selling: Female fashion armour sets

    I have several combinations of pre-loved L armour now with Lower TT, ideal for fashion armour. This set has a BO of 250 ped ( sword not included) and in comprised of Supremacy, Rutuba, Hermes and coloured Hoplite. Pm to buy or with what combinations you might like.
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    Interplanetary Boss waves round 2!

    After the fun we had Last time Could be fun to do it again! Hoping to run this regularly, maybe once a month or so :) Last one got pretty long so going to limit to 2 planets this time I think! Will swap it up each month. Anyone can join, we will be providing free flights there and back :)...
  23. Alainax

    Info: New Fort Medusa Calamusoid mission walk through

    Full mission run through here - Full credit to Arja, I just followed the instructions :) Fun wee mission if anyone hasn't tried it yet. To start - click on the dead body - [Calypso, 68573, 84122, 123, Dead Calamusoid] It then sends you to NPC, she...
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    Bonnie's Birthday Bash - Interplanetary Boss waves!

    Tomorrow 29th March 2020 2000ma time we are going to have a bit of fun for my Birthday! All invited, will be streamed live! Since we are mostly all in social isolation now, I thought it would be fun to do a massive interplanetary pub crawl! We will create some teams and do the...
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    Selling: Irish style Masquerade mask - suitable for F ava

    Pm me if interested :)