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  1. Xavier_Jr

    Achievement: Killstrike unlocked

    A big gtz m8...!!! :yay: :yay: :yay:
  2. Xavier_Jr


    A BIG GRTZ!.. :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:
  3. Xavier_Jr

    My first discovery... in cyrene

    A Big Grtz 4 U :yay::yay::yay:
  4. Xavier_Jr

    It's time to make a statement

    Meiers, you remind me of the History Channel's "Ancient Astronaut Theorists" with their famous phrase .. "Could it be that ...?" :ROFLMAO: It is obviously possible!. As it is also possible to decorate your avatar with colored intermittent lights like a Christmas tree, but completely...
  5. Xavier_Jr

    It's time to make a statement

    I understand that this is not a game for children. Do you know it too, right? Therefore, in matters of chat logs, information privacy issues will prevail and not pedophilia. Besides do you know that the logs of your chats are saved on your own PC? You know it, do not you? Therefore they are not...
  6. Xavier_Jr

    Server Downtime for Release

    NI & Cyrene VU .. cool :cool:
  7. Xavier_Jr

    It's time to make a statement

    Interesting view. Do you have the relevant swedish laws? You should raise that with the respective support and ask to Mindark. "What is the reason why MA do not comply with the Swedish Law Number xxx that obliges to keep the data of the decays for 20 years?" It will be interesting to know MA's...
  8. Xavier_Jr

    It's time to make a statement

    From my view as an IT designer, that is unnecessary data. And unnecessary data can be dropped weekly. That is why every week there would be a cut and cleaning of temporary files. I don't think Mindark is lying. My only interest is the truth and not to talk nonsense things that can affect the...
  9. Xavier_Jr

    It's time to make a statement

    The community of players may not be so big at the moment. But I don't think they designed a game 17 years ago thinking they weren't going to grow to be big! In addition, the number of times actions are performed and decays are generated over time for just one player could be immense (multiple...
  10. Xavier_Jr

    It's time to make a statement

    Yes, the problem here was ignoring support cases and not responding to them. (y) I think they have the power to be the sole interpreters of their EULA and TOU. But they must clarify why they understand "this" and not "the other", to clarify the points well. (Since people can also assume as a...
  11. Xavier_Jr

    It's time to make a statement

    I'm sure the current decomposition status attribute does exist for every object, but most likely does not exist records of all decompositions that occurred over time. Because It would be very expensive to sustain and mostly useless, as it is cheaper to compensate those who lost some money in a...
  12. Xavier_Jr

    It's time to make a statement

    Very interesting, but.... :unsure: The chat logs could be useful, however such logs are on the client computer because surely Mindark was never interested in saving them on the Mindark´s server. And this could most likely be due to security and privacy issues of people's information. The most...
  13. Xavier_Jr

    It's time to make a statement

    > 1+1=7 :) > No! It is 2. Because 1 is half of 2. And two halves is unity! > Ok!!, Then, 1+1=7. Is it not? :confused: > :cautious:
  14. Xavier_Jr

    It's time to make a statement

    Being the devil's advocate, I must say difference between the punishment of DannyO and the Yog users is that having an official mindark tool in your inventory is in itself illegal, besides in the DannyO case its use was verified in a screenshot. On the other hand, having a Yog in inventory or...
  15. Xavier_Jr

    It's time to make a statement

    It's exactly what I don't think Mindark can do. MA can only know if players had it in their inventory, but not if they had it active. Because the storage of such information detail would be very large and expensive.
  16. Xavier_Jr

    It's time to make a statement

    Interesting, however, do you think that the game's database can store how many times you take out your pet or equip your weapon from your personal storage? Or at least how long do you use your pet or your weapon within any time range? Do you think they have designed the database to that level...
  17. Xavier_Jr

    Storage Boxes Inside Storage?
  18. Xavier_Jr

    The Ghosts of Monria (Video)

    I found this video from Monria made by Wrench Crowbar & The Cult of Skull Society The Ghosts of Monria I like it. Good job guys!
  19. Xavier_Jr

    MindArk's Statement Regarding Unauthorized Use of Official Items

    I don't see what's wrong with a presale. Otherwise we could not offer items in this forum.
  20. Xavier_Jr

    Suggestion: Loot 3.0 ideas

    In my opinion we don't need a new loot 3.0 for hunting. We just need to know the current one well, learn to play and know how to measure our rate of returns. Your return calculation doesn't accord to the math. 60,000 peds should serve to recycle 594,000 peds at a return rate of 90%. Here a...
  21. Xavier_Jr

    Is Mining finally dead on entropia

    Successful miners don't play looking for ATH. They basically look for the MU. ;)
  22. Xavier_Jr

    What do you think about David Simmonds answers about EU being a gambling game?

    In fact I did it. (And believe me, telling people the truth is not easy, because they don't accept it. Descartes thought that reason was the best distributed in nature, because everyone always believes they have it! That is why it is best to establish the logic of the facts.) What you think...
  23. Xavier_Jr

    Change Calypso Space Port In to Athena (read details)

    I fully support the motion. The truth is that they killed me once landing in PA Mall, they didn't steal anything from me because I never take anything to space, but I can attest that what OP said happens and I would be happy to land in Athena Spaceport !!!
  24. Xavier_Jr

    Crafting is an abysmal trainwreck for the majority of the playerbase.

    Do not be a masochist, it is very simple, if you have tried it for 10 years and it does not go well like others, do not cry anymore, play something else, period! it is healthier for your life.