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  1. Xavier_Jr

    The Ghosts of Monria (Video)

    I found this video from Monria made by Wrench Crowbar & The Cult of Skull Society The Ghosts of Monria I like it. Good job guys!
  2. Xavier_Jr

    Selling: Ozpyn HK S1X1 T5.4 <- SOLD

    I'm selling this UL weapon for a hunter who wants to hit as hard as a level 75 (even if he/she only is a level 36 or higher) (It is a good Cyrene weapon for intermediate level hunters with no money to spare.) WEAPON WAS SOLD
  3. Xavier_Jr

    !! This is a scam !!

    When two avatars compete in the same event having the same profesión levels, but one of them has 50 times more gear than the other in my opinion it is a scam. Because the avatar without equivalent resources will have no chance against the other, and he will have no option than loosing everytime...
  4. Xavier_Jr

    Achievement: Kill Strike

    It also happened to me. :cool:
  5. Xavier_Jr

    Buying: Loughlin Scratcher One UL unlimited

    Post me here or in game.
  6. Xavier_Jr

    Question: Q2: About ATH from share loot..

    Since the ATH shared loot basically corresponds to a group of globals together, Is it possible to separate them from the normal ATHs? In other words, create a division in the hall of fame exclusively for that type of prize. The idea is to not create false statistics, and allow the true winners...
  7. Xavier_Jr

    Question: MU economy or Gambling economy?

    Are you planning to return to an economic system based on MU, or will you continue with a game based only on gambling like with EP crafting? [Do not forget that any system prefers allways the most simple path. Thats the reason why Crafters prefer EP crafting now, such as they used to...
  8. Xavier_Jr

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019, for the entire Entropia Universe community

    :yay::yay::yay::yay: MERRY X-MASS :shower::tux::xmas:
  9. Xavier_Jr

    Halloween Music

  10. Xavier_Jr

    Achievement: Level 70 Laser Sniper & Commando

    From today I have my new skill "commando" :yay:
  11. Xavier_Jr

    For entropians in love

  12. Xavier_Jr

    Buying: Simple III Plastic springs

    I'm looking for xxx Simple III Plastic springs, to upgrade an item. If you have it, please contact me. (here, ingame or by inbox message) :yay::yay: CLOSED
  13. Xavier_Jr

    Buying: Adjusted Nemesis (M)

    I offer TT + xxx for an Adjusted Némesis (Male) . I can pay you today. I do not need "tiers" Message me here or In game- :yay: BOUGHT IT
  14. Xavier_Jr

    I suggest disappear piracy from the game

    I suggest that piracy as profession must be removed. The reason is very simple: piracy profession inside EU is not a game, really is a school for crime. A "pirate" steals to real people its real money. (Real people who don’t want to play with pirates and who simply want to go from one place to...
  15. Xavier_Jr

    Question: Lag in new version (29-jun-2016)?

    Is it my idea or the current patch have slowed the hunting system? (3 or more fail messages each 10 shots) :confused::confused::confused::confused:
  16. Xavier_Jr

    Merry Christmas 2011 and Happy New Year 2012 for everybody!!

    :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: The magical and powerfull voice of this brasilian kid singing "Agnus Dei" The clasical song for xmas but with metal sounds by Charly Parra del Riego Juan Diego Flórez sings "Cantique De Noel" Merry Christmas 2011 and...
  17. Xavier_Jr


    Feel free to place your own videos about good memories of the game in this thread. ;)
  18. Xavier_Jr

    Kashk´s Graduation (Video)

    This is my first disciple graduated since beggining from CryENGINE version. Kashk Anderson Smith had not a graduation before, and now have it (including a video party .D). To achive his graduation in hunting, he has recycled approximately 6,400 Peds. He is currently doing the mission Iron...
  19. Xavier_Jr

    REXTELUM (In Video)

    This is the Rextelum filmed by Angie, my niece. She wanted to sweating him but she could not (she was killed before to know if it is possible). However, I can see something interesting on the beach of new island: Aetherex Alpha. And something I noticed. Rextelum hit her a first strike...
  20. Xavier_Jr

    Punk Vs Metal.. Who win?

  21. Xavier_Jr

    Space and light speed already exist .. then ....

    Mindark should create the planet of Robots. Then, not only they could come to attack us whenever they want ... furthermore Allied Forces of all the planets could travel to there, to kick their fuc* as*, from time to time. It would be good to have a Bot Planet, because Robots always appear...
  22. Xavier_Jr

    Some ideas about "luck" in Entropia Universe

    An idea for discussion on the rarity and distribution of large loots in EU by Xavier Riquelme translated by Growlz There are two commonly held theories that explain loot distribution in Entropia Universe. The first states that a 90% long term rate of return of TT value can be obtained by...
  23. Xavier_Jr

    Funny Videos

    I will put the first:
  24. Xavier_Jr

    I think it was a draw..

  25. Xavier_Jr

    Info: VIDEO REPORT: Battle (Slaughter) of Solfais Crater

    Today Solfais Crater in Calypso was attacked by Robots, as Charybdis, Hydras, The Eviscerators and Warriors. All of them with mammoth HP level and skills to do damage potential gigantic or, at least, immense. Against them, armors usually is useless. It is better, shoot them and be lucky...