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  1. Aviril

    Happy Birthday Doomie

    Hope you will have a great day hun hugs & kisses
  2. Aviril

    Selling: Some different stuff

    Hey.. I am selling these things Vat120 - Startbid TT + 1500 ped - buyout TT + 2000 ped Adj M2722 - startbid TT + 1800 ped - buyout TT + 2500 ped Beast amp - Give me a bid If u wanna place a bid just reply to this thread :)
  3. Aviril

    Happy birthday Harald

    Happy birthday Harald Hope you will have a wonderful day
  4. Aviril

    Happy birthday Ripper & Creature

    Happy birthday u 2 I hope u both will have a wonderful day
  5. Aviril

    Games ?!?

    Where did all the games go ??:confused:
  6. Aviril

    Happy bday p4p4d13

    Hope u will have a great one and may all ur wishes come true
  7. Aviril

    this one time at hogglo hunt

    Just doing alittle hogglo hunt and got lucky
  8. Aviril


    Was out hunting with a very good soc mate of mine who i havent seen for a long time and i guess she brings luck with her..
  9. Aviril

    Paris In Jail

    :rofl: have u guys seen this :rofl:
  10. Aviril


    Just alittle crafting run
  11. Aviril

    happy bday T3h_plonker

  12. Aviril

    Do u like sundays ?

    Yes indeed sundays are always borring dont u think ? I woke up got dressed and walked out from my appartment As i was standing here on the steps i started to wonder what i should do today...hmm and we all know that sundays are stupid, u never know what to do and most people are staying home...
  13. Aviril


    Just on a teamhunt with rjn , when this atrox decided to be sweet to us :yay:
  14. Aviril

    Selling swords

    Selling Katsuichi Determination at tt +75.. tt is very low only a few peds.. got a few so pm me or reply here if u wanna buy ;)
  15. Aviril

    Nice one

    Just alittle shooting down the rig this evening :wtg:
  16. Aviril

    Selling armor

    Selling full nem female If u have an offer plz PM it to me
  17. Aviril

    love swirlies

    made a team and my guy went out to hunt while i was trying to sell my nem.. i didnt have luck selling it so far but he had luck with the mobs
  18. Aviril

    Alittle one....

    Just alittle crafting global.. ;)
  19. Aviril

    Happy Bday

  20. Aviril


    Finaly i got a global... i havent been playing much lately but i guess i was lucky when i came back..:yay:
  21. Aviril

    First crafting HOF

    first a global and the a HOF :yay: :wtg: :yay:
  22. Aviril

    My first crafting global

    YAY :yay: Got my first crafting global , it was not much but still a global:wtg:
  23. Aviril

    Aviril 's Diary

    Today is the day i have desided to start my own little sweet diary, well hmm maybe it wont be sweet but wtf :laugh:
  24. Aviril

    Happy bday fire firemaiden

    HAPPY BDAY FIRE I hope u will have a good day sweety
  25. Aviril

    2 x Aurli

    Alittle hunt on CP turned into 2 globals :yay: And no dont look at the team name we all do funne team names once in a while :D :ahh: