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  1. Hijacker27

    FYI: Alabama All Access

    With the new VU, MA has finally made space hunting in team or with a capital class ship worthwhile. Obviously not everyone has their own mothership or privateer to easily hunt the robot waves. Those of us that own the Alabama invite you to join us in defending Calypso space from the robot...
  2. Hijacker27

    Hussk week!

    Hey everyone! Got the materials to spawn 3 Hussks ready! First one will be TODAY 4 hours from this post time. Next will be Thusday time yet determined Last will be Saturday night roughly 5 hours ahead of this posting time. Free to show up, make sure you have the vaccine mission done for...
  3. Hijacker27

    Buying: Gosubusagi Blood Sample

    Paying TT+200 for any gosubusagi blood samples. Need em for hussks!
  4. Hijacker27


    Time: Sunday May 31st 0:00 MA time (so saturday night for those of us in the west) Standard 20% item cut applies if you lot an item. See you there gl!
  5. Hijacker27

    Hussk in 3 hours

    Title says it all, see you there! Still ask 20% of any items looted
  6. Hijacker27

    Hussk Sunday Dec 15th

    Hussk Sunday Dec 15th, 16 MA time. 20% item tipout still applies, so Messi can go knife himself if he doesn't wanna play by the rules.
  7. Hijacker27

    Hussk Sunday Nov 17th

    Hey guys, the next Hussk will be Sunday Nov 17th at 18:00 MA time. Standard 20% of item value tip out applies if you loot something cool, else no cost to participate other than your ammo. GL HF, if you don't know what the heck I'm talking about and how to get mission done to get there...
  8. Hijacker27

    FYI: Hussk Sat July 20th

    16 MA time Standard 20% cut on any item loots applies GL HF
  9. Hijacker27

    Question: PvP

    Hey MA team, Back in the day PvP combat used to be a popular and very competitive part of the game; from the introduction of Amathera and Land Grabs up through the creation of Space, player vs player combat was always an optional but very popular and important (and sometimes profitable) part of...
  10. Hijacker27

    FYI: Returns on Beacon Instances broken since Loot 2.0

    Hey guys, just a FYI since the support department is doing nothing about it. Ever since loot 2.0 came around, beacon instances no longer 'pay out' extra loot like they used to. Back in the day you'd just kill the boss and every 20-100 beacons or so you'd get a huge amount of loot from the boxes...
  11. Hijacker27

    Uber: My Spidey senses were tingling

    So.. I've been working on my spider mission (done a good 11K of them since FEN started) and decided to hunt a few before bed after work last night. I got lucky and hit a 14K about an hour in, then went to bed after a bit of celebration. Fast forward to today after work, I log in to finish my...
  12. Hijacker27

    FYI: Dear Mindark

    Hey Mindark! Lets make pretend a little, and lets make it close to home. Think of the food court at your local Ikea. You haven't eaten all day and just got paid, lets go to ikea and get some food (Yum)! So you walk through all the rooms with beds, pass the couches, even ignore the fancy new...
  13. Hijacker27

    FYI: Beacon returns are a scam

    Hey everyone, I just want to let you all know that since loot 2.0 beacon missions are broken and do not give any chance of multipliers even though average loot is lower to build up for them. Ever since I've started tracking, I've averaged a total of 81.5% tt return doing beacons, but I've done...
  14. Hijacker27

    HUSSK Sunday April 29th 3 MA time

    Hey everyone! The Worm must DIE! Will run at April 29th 3 MA time (11 PM EST on Saturday 28th for me). No entry fee, mandatory 20% cut of total value of any item looted (total value is TT+markup). Tips are 100% welcome. Also don't forget vaccine mission must be done to show up...
  15. Hijacker27

    Buying: Hussk Blood Samples

    Hey all, Since I'm an idiot that never learns, I need the following blood samples for more Hussks (and here are my prices atm) Sand King Blood Sample TT+100 Gosubusagi Blood Sample TT+100 Traeskeron Matriarch Blood Sample TT+100 Raging Daikiba Bull Blood Sample TT+50 Message me in game, on...
  16. Hijacker27

    Ready to get Hussked TWICE?

    Hey guys, Its that time again, and hopefully MA actually put some items in the loot pool for us (else I'll be reaaaally sad). This time though I have enough samples to summon Hussk TWICE! First one will be this Saturday at 17 MA time (noon Eastern Standard Time) Second will be this Sunday at...
  17. Hijacker27

    Question: WTF is wrong loot?

    So the hardest mob in game to spawn (2-3 K PED in materials alone plus hundreds of hours gathering them) and kill (roughly 7K PED) drops only ammo and 1 300 PED item in the past two kills? Seriously? Are the only items going to be looted by loot boxes only now? Please can someone from MA...
  18. Hijacker27


    Seems to me that since last night the server stability is MUCH MUCH better and haven't noticed the same level of lag we've been having for the past month. Just wondering if its the same across the board and it is finally fixed or if others are still having issues. And if it is finally fixed, a...
  19. Hijacker27

    Why even play?

    Sorry if this is a rant.. but what is the point of skilling up, buying gear and learning how to best play the game competitively when the BEST #$#!ing WEAPON in the game is looted by chance from a strongbox? How is this a 'skill based' game when there is NO SKILL required to open a box?
  20. Hijacker27

    Selling: Geotrek H21 Scrof UL Tier 7.2

    Hey all, selling this great eco skilling laser pistol that is usable at a low level but still packs a decent punch. SIB is available at level 18, does 44 damage with 53 attacks/min. Tier is 7.2 and remaining tiers are 103 112 68. TT is currently at 295.96. Taking offers via any means you can...
  21. Hijacker27

    Buying: Sand King, Traeskeron Matriarch, Gosubusaki, Raging Daikiba Bull Blood Samples

    Let me know if you have any of these or know where I may find them. Want to spawn the Hussk (again).
  22. Hijacker27

    Selling: Great DPS and eco UL melee for migration

    Hey guys, Selling a few of the best UL melee weapons in game. Best combo of DPS, eco and range for any melee available, and at the best price. They're also relatively low level SIB for the dps, so they're even usable if you haven't done too much melee skilling. The max tt is also high enough...
  23. Hijacker27

    Selling: Angel Harness (M) AND Lion Harness (F)

    Two freshly looted harnesses, two good prices! Angel Harness M SB 2750 BO 3500 Current bid 2750 PED, auction ends Friday March 18th 18:34 forum time Lion Harness F SB 2000 BO 3000 Auction will run for 5 days from first bid with a 12 hour no-sniping extension.
  24. Hijacker27

    Ethereal Soul Language unlocking service

    ooOooOOooo If you see that when someone dies, you need to unlock ESL! As long as you have level 14 biotropic, you can borrow my Resurrection chip to speak to the dead! Asking 100 PED rental fee for 1 hour of play and 6000 PED collat. Send me a PM on forum or in game and we can arrange a time...
  25. Hijacker27

    Achievement: 400K Total Skills

    Finally hit the big 400, as can be seen by the new total skill count in game :D