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  1. MindBuster

    I'm frustrated.

    Ever since the sale of EF I've been close to bursting out in a major public rant that could get me banned from the game and banned from the very same forums that I created. It's not about loot, it's about honor, dignity, and respect. words that doesnt exist in the business world. I dont know...
  2. MindBuster

    6 Years

    Tis is my 6th anniversary in project entropia :) (well, a couple of days ago :p ) Look out for my 7th anniversary thread, coming in one year :laugh:
  3. MindBuster

    Official announcement and additional comments by MA staff

    Kevin Rudolf Video Competition 03 Dec 2008 MindArk PE AB have licensed the Mega Hit "Let it Rock" by Kevin Rudolf featuring Lil Wayne to herald the next generation virtual world experience as Entropia Universe crosses over to the CryENGINE®2's cinematic graphics engine in 2009. Knowing the...
  4. MindBuster

    Ask Marco

    Ok, we have this exclusive opportunity to ask Marco questions, he is live right now on webcam ready to answer selected questions. It is a Flash template so you may have to give it some time to fully load or the playback may be choppy. Ask Marco :cool:
  5. MindBuster

    Happy Birthday Skam

    :yay: Happy Birthday Skam :yay: :birthday: :dancing:
  6. MindBuster

    Timelapse video of Leipzig GC webcam

    Here's a timelapse video of the Leipzig Game Convention webcam, sorry for the late upload but we had trouble getting the file uploaded until 711 got home from the convention. Duration: 8 Hours cooked down to 7 mins Codec: DivX Filesize: 40mb...
  7. MindBuster

    Question about (PC) Sign playback

    If one were to place 4 megaview signs in a square, side by side, to create a hugescreen, and then edit a video clip so you have 4 files with each corner of the video, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, and then upload them to each sign so the signs show each corner of the video...
  8. MindBuster

    My 2pec on the so called "Uber Events"

    So what's the deal with being on the neck of the uber players everytime there is an event that is targetted at them ? They (most of them) have invested alot of money and time in the game, there are alot of money tied in the game thanks to them, and the more money tied in the game benefits...
  9. MindBuster

    Bertha's reps through time

    Here's a list of Bertha Bot's reputation comments through time, see if your can recognize your own and remember what it was for, not all included, alot of smilie only were left out... Tjobba, vill du ett glas med mig på avenyn i solen nån dag? ;-) jag bjuder.... i dont agree ;) Yeah MB I know...
  10. MindBuster

    Achievement: 7th Rep Star

    Weee, looksie.... <--------------- 7th EF'er to get the rep star :yay: What took me so long :scratch2: :silly2:
  11. MindBuster

    OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator

    Searched but didnt see it mentioned anywhere, might this be any good for EU ? Introduction at cebit07 Crafters ? Dance moves ? ;)
  12. MindBuster

    New old style

    The old EF style has been revamped, or rather, abandoned and replaced with a new up to date template with all the new features and enhancements as the other newer styles. The old style is no longer available, as for each forum upgrade it didnt get any new features as the other styles, so it had...
  13. MindBuster

    Gold Digger

    What am I doing wrong? Okay, I'm tired of beating around the bush. I'm a beautiful (spectacularly beautiful) 25 year old girl. I'm articulate and classy. I'm not from New York. I'm looking to get married to a guy who makes at least half a million a year. I know how that sounds, but keep in mind...
  14. MindBuster

    Note discussion subforum

    To keep the discussion of the Note's easier to follow and participate in, all threads about the Note's has been moved to the new temporary "Note Discussion" subforum under general discussion, if I missed any threads please pm me or a mod, or simply post a link to the threads here. It is also...
  15. MindBuster

    Which way does she turn ?

    Which way does she turn ? Clockwise ? Counterclockwise ?
  16. MindBuster

    3D Mirror Display

    Pretty cool invention, certainly has potential...
  17. MindBuster

    Happy Birthday Skam

    :yay: Happy Birthday Skam :yay: :birthday: :dancing:
  18. MindBuster

    Out of the ordinary

    ...but not anything special unfortunatly, but as this is the fist time I've gotten this message I'd better post it here as achievement :D Abundant Narc containing 383 Hansidian Rocks.
  19. MindBuster

    Wing music samples (Must Listen)

    No, not the "Wings", but "Wing" Wing migrated from Hong Kong to New Zealand 10 years ago, and have published an astounding 13 CD Albums. You hafta check out her music samples, especially her singing the Elvis, The Beatles and AC/DC samples :eek: Click the "Samples" link and enjoy...
  20. MindBuster

    Enormous Cald

    Been a while since I tried this :silly2: :)
  21. MindBuster

    HB Hally :)

    Happy Birthday Hally :D :birthday:
  22. MindBuster

    Back, soon.

    Hey all, i've been almost without internet for weeks now because my ISP messed up an upgrade (going from adsl to adsl2+), so I havent been around here, it should be fixed sometime next week and then I'll be back to help out here on EF, kicking some butt, relief the other mods and so on. I...
  23. MindBuster

    The Entropia Universe...

    A search... :silly2:
  24. MindBuster

    Paper pilot 47.1 with plane #3 so far :)
  25. MindBuster

    700k posts :)

    Postcount on EntropiaForum just passed 700k* :banana: Closing in on the million :D Way to go guys and gurls. *not counting the 9515 deleted posts, good work mods.