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  1. Larkin

    100% Black/White Master Coat (M) with Urban Nomad Black Outfit

    Looking for a price check on this outfit. Interested in what people think. (copied/pasted from my selling thread) History This outfit was assembled many years ago by the player 'Dave ozi Epsolon', before retiring his avatar and becoming the CEO of Arkadia Studios, David Dobson. As part of...
  2. Larkin

    Selling: 100% Black/White Master Coat (M) with Urban Nomad Black Outfit

    Hi friends. It's time to part with our one of a kind outfit as we don't have much time to spend in Entropia Universe anymore, and the clothing deserves another more active home. History This outfit was assembled many years ago by the player 'Dave ozi Epsolon', before retiring his avatar and...
  3. Larkin

    Selling: Calypso Land Deeds (CLDs)

    Selling my Calypso Land Deeds (CLDs) TT+1620 each *prices will change as MU fluctuates EDIT: ALL SOLD! THANKS!
  4. Larkin

    Selling: Arkadia Underground Deeds (AUDs)

    Selling my AUDs. 50 ped each. Can sell for less if you buy all in bulk.
  5. Larkin

    Selling: Assorted Clothing, Equippables, Collectibles and Decorations

    Looking for offers on the following items. Clothing Calypso Elf Shoes Hobb Bomberjacket (M,C) - coloured green/orange Calypso Elf Shoes Weapons Sollomate Opalo Tier 1.6 Combustive Attack Nanochip I (L) Armour CDF Scout Shin-Guards (M) Tools Earth Excavator ME/01 Tier 1.1...
  6. Larkin

    Selling: Adj. Male Pixie Set

    Selling full Adj. Pixie male set. Looking for offers!
  7. Larkin

    Show Us Your Battlestation!

    Hey Calypsans, Let's see your battlestations! Show us your setup, no matter what it is. I'll start with a video of mine :) Who's next?
  8. Larkin

    Larkin's Gaming Channel

    Hey Entropians, I just wanted to announce the starting of my new Youtube Gaming Channel. It will feature commentaries, tutorials, news, contests and other interesting videos all of Entropia Universe! I'm finally back in action so I figure I'll get this rolling and see where it leads :) Check...
  9. Larkin

    What Would You Look for in an Entropia Media Channel?

    Hey everyone, I wanted to post to see if I can get opinions from the Entropia community regarding interest in a media channel, mainly through Youtube and Twitch. In the past I ran a successful Youtube Channel dedicated to Entropia, featuring a variety of walkthroughs, "Let's Plays", guides...
  10. Larkin

    Selling: SELLING: 2 eMINE FS (L), Breer P4a (L), 1/2 TT ASI-24 (L) under MU

    As the title states, the following items are for sale: 2 eMINE FS (L): TT = 110.70 PED and 122.00 PED (out of 122.00 PED) 1 Breer P4a (L): TT = 178.54 PED (out of 188.00 PED) 1 Herman ASI-24 (L): TT = 63.30 PED (out of 120.00 PED) Looking for close to market offers on the eMINE FS and Breer...
  11. Larkin

    Selling: SELLING: GUNNAR Vayper Gaming Glasses (F)

    As the title states, I'm selling the rare GUNNAR glasses (IG version) that I looted off a Nusul a few weeks ago. There are only 18 of these glasses in game. BO: 1 CLD or BO: Trade me a pair of Male GUNNARS. PM me with offers if you're interested.
  12. Larkin

    Selling: SELLING: 3 905 316 Arkoins (~3.9 Million Arkoins)

    I'm starting an auction for my collection of Arkoins I've acquired over the past 3 months. Amount: 39053.16 PED SB: 180% (70295.69 PED) BO: 195% (76153.66 PED) Once the start bid is met, the auction will run for 1 week. Either post your bids, or if you wish to remain anonymous, please PM me...
  13. Larkin

    Selling: 4000 PED TT Ospra Ingot

    Hey everyone, I'm selling 4000 PED Ospra Ingot. Please PM me on the forum or add me in the player terminal IG. I can sell however much you need, larger amounts preferred.
  14. Larkin

    Anyone Have Dealings With Gum Gumbi Boot Before?

    Just curious if anyone has dealt with Gum Gumbi Boot before in any of their auction house purchases, and if so, what he is like. Cheers.
  15. Larkin

    Selling: Tier 2 Embra C1 Adjusted

    sold ....................
  16. Larkin

    Selling: LR 48 UL Tier 4

    sold .........
  17. Larkin

    Selling: 65801 cfd

    As the title states, I'm selling my 65801 CFD. Offers? (I'm on Arkadia atm btw) SOLD!
  18. Larkin

    Selling: Deer Mall Floor 2 Shop 9

    I didn't have knowledge of this shop's previous history. I'm no longer selling it for my client due to issues of possible reselling. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  19. Larkin

    Selling: A104

    Hey, I'm selling an A104 amp for a fair price. PM or post your offer here :) SOLD!
  20. Larkin

    Selling: Multi Pattern Shirt (F,C), Coloured and Textured!

    As the title states, I am selling a Multi Pattern Shirt (F,C) that is coloured pink and purple, and has Midastree, Flannel Fabric and Brukite Stone Textures on it. Click here for picture of shirt and details Opening Bid/Buyout Bid: 98 PED PM or post here!
  21. Larkin

    Selling: Vigi Male Thighs, Shins, Gloves and Arms

    Just the gloves left! Let me know if you are interested in the gloves! PM me an offer! Cheers.
  22. Larkin

    Selling: Canvas Fabric Texture Blueprint (L), Lysterium Texture Blueprint (L)

    I'm selling a Canvas Fabric Texture Blueprint (L) and a Lysterium Texture Blueprint (L). The Canvas Fabric Texture Blueprint (L) has 15 clicks remaining. The Lysterium Texture Blueprint (L) has 85 clicks remaining. PM me your offers!
  23. Larkin

    Selling: Isis HL6 Tier 5.4

    Selling an Isis HL6 Tier 5.4 with good tier rates! Tier 6: 115 Tier 7: 123 Tier 8: 124 Tier 9: 90 Tier 10: 87 The SB and BO are the same: TT + 9.99k PM if interested! EDIT: My client is looking for a PED only deal!
  24. Larkin

    Selling: Assassin R150 Tier 4.2

    Selling an Assassin R150 Tier 4.2 with good tier rates! Tier 5: 116 Tier 6: 158 Tier 7: 166 Tier 8: 165 Tier 9: 155 Tier 10: 127 The SB and BO are the same: TT + 29.9k PM if interested! EDIT: My client is looking for a PED only deal! SOLD!
  25. Larkin

    Selling: TI Platinum Building 20A, Thorifoid Battle Club, Complete Beauty Shop Tools, Accessories and Materials, Personal Storage Ter.

    **UPDATE: Discount prices on all items!** Apartments TI Platinum Building 20A SOLD! Weapons Thorifoid Battle Club SOLD! Beauty Shop Items Body Sculpting Toolkit SOLD! Face Sculpting Toolkit SOLD! 2 Hair Stylist Toolkits Hair Stylist Chair SOLD! Face Sculpting Chair SOLD! Body Sculpting...