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    FYI: The old goldcard in ultra macro!

    Did a small tribute to the Gold card for you guys. Picked it apart and saw tons of fun with the ultra macro lenses. (I will clean the sensor of the high magnification one as soon as i can get to town) Wouldnt be complete without the old tunes of entropia
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    Selling: lp-70 fen tier 2.9

    Hi' Im selling this one ive had on account now for a while, pm me with offers. Bo 75k
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    Selling: Imk2 tier 9.4

    Its my last item, used as a earner in events and is propper good for category 4. BO 67000 PED
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    Selling: Selling Full Sentrinel L (F) + AP-42 Cut plates

    Great combo for annihalation The full armor set for 125% BO Plates offer.
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    Selling: Eon SGA Edition F, MayhemM,L, imk2t9, h204, AdjHedoc M450, EST F

    Hi Selling the items ive got left. Eon SGA Edition F Tier 2-3 Sold Mayhem M,L Bo 200% Sold Hyper A204 Sold Imk2 Tier 9.4 BO 78 000 PED Adj Hedoc M-450 Tier 7 Sold Low TT EST armor SOLD Divine Intervention Chip I BO Sold Teleportation Chip IV BO 450 PED Sold Corinthian Kanin Pet lvl 24 Offer...
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    Vodkas house renovations the past 18 months

    As said in the other thread ive been busy, too busy too keep up with this game. Im glad i pulled this off and too me it feel like an ATH. It was hard work and long nights but i feel blessed that we managed to do this without mayor fights or financial worries, progress been slow but we been doing...
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    My side projects - Concrete Kitchentop

    The past year i havent had much time to play since ive been working hard in my house, at work and some other sideprojects. So my ability to add things to youtube is decimated since i dont have much material so ive started to edit up material from sideprojects instead. Heres the first one to go...
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    Renting out great gear.

    Hello all. As im totaly out of time for the entire spring i rather have my gear out doing some good other then sittning in the storage. Heres the list of items i want to rent out. Modifed restoration chip 25 ped per day / 55k collateral. Easter Ring 2016 25 ped per day / 100k collateral...
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    Help: Live update of defence event for working slobs.

    Hey Stuck at work while the most explosive part of the defence event is going down. Would anyone wanna update current standings and changes in these last hours?
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    Renting out epic gear for easter.

    Like the thread says. If you want best possible edge ive got these things for hire. Short rentals (less then 5h) for defence event, fee by the minute as last mayhem. Items priced at 1 ped/minute Male Carramone armor collateral 80k Omegaton Ranger Scope Mk II collateral 50k Omegaton Laser...
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    Selling: Skills

    I want to take out the skills i think ive got in excess. PM me what you need and what you want to pay, i have most skills.
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    Selling: 648,73 Ped tt ESI

    Hello As title says iam selling this big ESI SB 7000 PED BO 7400 PED
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    Selling: Pills from token trader!

    Selling all pills you can take out from token trader 8 ped per 10mtoken less then 10 pills. 7 ped per 10mtoken for more. 6 for mega bulk.
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    Selling: Hypercharged 204.

    Best UL amp availible. Offers in the range of messis last sale will be considered, 27500 ped. Same with my imk2 sale, i dont need to sell only putting it out cos i want more ego items so iam open for trades with armor and faps too.
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    Selling: Full male Mayhem L set

    Hi I got a full set of this armor L for sale. Wont sell under 250%
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    Help: Help my youtube out!

    Hello everbody Ive just been aware there are changes in the Youtube monitize system and starting from the 20th february my account is not eligble for monitization anymore. So what i need help with is too help my subscriber ammount, i need about 700 more to be a partner account again. So if...
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    How to Cheat and steal thousands of $, Video Tutorial inside, MA sactioned Exploits!

    Hello everybody Stop getting robbed at wave event or during timed Mayhem events. Start being the theif, Mindark guarantied to look the other way. Follow these simple steps in the video below to become master of the profits. Dont be a sucker and buy items to improve when you can cheat with...
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    Selling: Improved A-3 Justifier Mk.II Tier 9

    Hey all Ive got my eye on a new gun so iam looking if i can get a rather quick offer on this baby. This is a limited time sale and i dont need to take any offer (I just want abit more dps) and when window is closed i pull it back.
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    Selling: Selling over 200k FFA points.

    As title says, selling all my looted FFA points. Pm for more detail.
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    FYI: My year in Hofs - Vodka 2017

    Hey everybody Happy New year! Like past years iam making a year summary of my best loots on video Here goes January 104 Ped ESI prot February 3400 Ped Prot April Biggest RX bots loot good May 4000 Ped Mulciber June Over 20000 Ped ring + 2000 PED armor MMOWC prize September Mindforce...
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    Selling: FFA Points for sale, picked fresh daily.

    Ive got a solid ammount of FFA Points for sale, let me know how many you want at a what price.
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    FYI: something diffrent : Entropia Pet compilation!

    Heres a video of them cuties, have a look
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    Renting out ultimate MM gear.

    This is the items that help anyone shave minutes of their times during this event. Omegaton Ranger Scope Mk II collateral 55k Omegaton Laser Sight Mk II collateral 30k Omegaton Laser Sight Mk II collateral 30k Easter Ring 2016 collateral 150k MMOWC Ring collateral 25k Mod resto collateral 50k...
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    Uber: First time being #1 Hunter on EL!

    Hello dudes and dudettes! Heres a little hoffaton ive made from most notable loots while making my shot to overtake Messi at rank 1 on EL 30 days