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  3. mike malan

    Achievement: 100k Skill Mark

    Gratz! Now on to 150HP!:D
  4. mike malan

    Uber: 1st mining HOF and it's an Uber!!

    Since we'vs had this mining event I've been dropping more bombs than I ever have. Only had a few globals this whole event and have seen my ped card slowly decline. Skills are nice though;) Logged in for a few last night and on the 3rd bomb "BOOM" Made me jump, having never heard that...
  5. Blaus Hof 4-24-09

    Blaus Hof 4-24-09

  6. mike malan

    Help: Force Mace Attack

    So it's been awhile....anyone else loot any of these??:scratch2:
  7. mike malan

    Discovery: Letomie Leather Texture

    :yay:Gratz to ya !:yay:
  8. Hof Day

    Hof Day

  9. mike malan

    Who's cool, who's cool - I'm cool, I'm cool

    Gratz man nice unlock! Just wait till ya see the health increase:D
  10. mike malan

    Discovery: Unique Lady Kraster Helmet F

    WOW Nice find Bob!!! Gratz:D:yay::yay::yay::yay:
  11. mike malan

    Discovery: Mad Clown Mask BP level 7 L tailor bp

    Gratz man! Now that we have masks....I want a Nixon mask :woot: lol
  12. mike malan

    Buying: High TT Martial Harness and Martial Thigh Guards (M)(L)

    Saying good luck in your search! I looked for feet for the longest time.
  13. mike malan

    Entropia Universe Version Update 9.4

    Connected and Downloading finnaly :)
  14. mike malan

    Discovery: My 30th official discovery

    Gratz man! Nice discovery:D
  15. mike malan

    Happy birthday Firemaiden!

    Happy Birthday babe. Have an ATH on me :D
  16. mike malan

    Discovery: Opto sign bp + Opto sign bp

    Gratz man!:yay:
  17. mike malan

    Buying: Martial Foot Guards L

    Wow can It be that noone has any?????
  18. mike malan

    Globaling beacon by GA & friends

    Just after someone in soc chat said something about seeing a beacon global the other day this spam starts flowing:laugh: BIG ole GRATZ:yay:
  19. Hof 2-1-09

    Hof 2-1-09

  20. mike malan

    Achievement: Bob avoids stuff

    Gratz man! and I told ya!:tiphat:
  21. mike malan

    HoF: Yay yay yay

    :DGratz man!! Keep em comin!:D
  22. mike malan

    Nbk soc rules !

    Thx for the praise man!! I originally joined up with NBK Legion almost 2 years ago after being stuck at the outpost west of fort troy and a couple guys helped me back. What's that??....No society listed on your profile???...Check us out!:cool:
  23. Sad's Hof

    Sad's Hof

  24. mike malan

    Buying: Martial Foot Guards L

    My feet are cold! Someone must have some booties for 'em:)