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  1. mike malan

    Uber: 1st mining HOF and it's an Uber!!

    Since we'vs had this mining event I've been dropping more bombs than I ever have. Only had a few globals this whole event and have seen my ped card slowly decline. Skills are nice though;) Logged in for a few last night and on the 3rd bomb "BOOM" Made me jump, having never heard that...
  2. mike malan

    Buying: Martial Foot Guards L

    Hey there all! Looking for a replacement for my martial feet which have almost hit unusable. Been checking auction for some bit but cant find any, If ya have a piece your willing to part with PM me or post here. Thx Mike Malan
  3. mike malan

    Uber: Sakura treating me well!!

    So after getting a 700+ HOF this morn I was shocked to see this one... Did a few more runs with some nice globals but no more hofs....Decided to take a nap and let the good ole ATH machine refill a bit. Glad I did!!:D Knocked me off my chair!!:yay: Biggest loot to date!:woot:
  4. mike malan

    Selling: 9.35ped texture engineering chip

    Decided to move my crafting in a diff direction so I'm selling a bit of my skills. Had it on auction but didnt sell so make me an offer either on here or PM me. Prob looking around 8.3k% or so.
  5. mike malan

    Achievement: New VU = Fashion Design!!

    After 5 months of clicking and then realizing that it didn't unlock with material manufacturing I switched over to tailoring and about a month later.... Woot! Finally..Fashion Design:yay:
  6. mike malan

    Uber: Sakura Loves a Crafting Man!!

    Well after a few weeks of really bad luck in the crafting dept. My luck has finnaly turned around! Started the day with a run on Fine Silk Textures and scored 2 globals...not too bad. Switched it up to Gazz Textures cause metal res is worth a bunch more than tailoring res. So here's my 1st...
  7. mike malan

    FYI: Deposits

    So while trying to do a deposit on the 28th through the ingame system I recieved a message that there was an internal problem and it has been forwarded to support. I tried again for the same amount and it succeded. Now this being the weekend my bank statement showed them both as pending. So I...
  8. mike malan

    PC: Kanerium Texture BP

    Sooo I did a bunch of clicks today on Durulium Tex and looted not one but 2 of these!:D Have 2 but only need one, plus it's out of my current skill range. Not selling as of right now but who knows. Anyone have any clue what this is worth??:confused: I found one lvl 9 BP that had sold on...
  9. mike malan

    Achievement: Woot!! 100k skills!

    Well after about a year and a half playing Finally cracked the 100k skill point! Wish I could say it was all natural but hey when ya have the munchies sometimes you gobble some chips:smirk: Thanxs to all who've hunted with me along the way. Next stop medium Health (only 20 points to go, c-ya in...
  10. mike malan

    HoF: A great 5 minutes!!

    Logged in just to check my auctions and saw that I'd won an ambu tex BP so decided to use the few leathers I had and click a few before signing off. Second click in:yay::yay: Totally shocked!! 2 Garnets, I've never had more than 1 and thats only been 2 other times before. Then...
  11. mike malan

    Achievement: Walking a 'lil taller...Coolness!!

    After getting BPC a few months ago I have spent most of my time hunting trying to get this. Was only 1 1/2 lvls away but it's soo slow now! Finnally not long after logging I went out for some trox and on my second one after hitting lvl 40 I got this! Five shots later my gun broke :laugh:
  12. mike malan

    Mike's Texture Crafting!!

    Mike's Textures So after like a month and a half of clicking on textures I have gotten almost every UL BP avail (and quite a few L ones;)) Even though I'm not the most skilled material crafter I think I'm doin O.K. Anyone needing some textures let me know via ingame IM or a PM or post on here...
  13. mike malan

    Uber: Thank Lootius!!!

    So after a super long shift at the bar, I went out for a couple beers to unwind. Wasn't even going to log on cause I always seem to blow my PEDs when I'm buzzed (For some reason I lose my sense of reasoning:drink: After logging in Sakura was filled with trumpets and the sounds of a crowd...
  14. mike malan

    Selling: 123ped ESI

    Like the title says. Got a 123ped ESI SB: 935% BO: 975% PM or post any bids
  15. mike malan

    Uber: Uber ESI!!

    Logged in today and had a hunger for bots after going on 3 beacons in a row last night with my soccies. Headed to TI thinking between bots I could hit a miner or 2. Loot kinda sucked till this gem popped up.:yay: Largest item I've looted to date! and only uber since VU 8.12!
  16. mike malan

    Woot! My Elusive BPC!!

    After about a month of keeping my head in the machine crafting textures. I finally made it! :yay: Blueprint Comprehension :yay: Now on to Fashion Design if I don't switch over and go for Coolness (only 1 1/2 levels away):silly2:
  17. mike malan

    Material Extraction Methodology????

    So like a week ago I unlocked Material Extraction Methodology. Cant find any info on it...What the hell does it do except give skills that contribute to nothing??? Any answers or ideas would be great;)
  18. mike malan

    Yay!!1st unlock after sooo long!

    Stuck my head in for some late night crafting. 3 clicks in I got a surprise:D Now on to my eleusive BPC
  19. mike malan

    WEEEEE! 1st crafting HOF

    Last of my PEDs and bought 20 PED od ammo and went a huntin. Hit a 150 global on the last of my ammo(Killed him with my Bravo:laugh: ) no screenie for that but with those PEDs I decided maybe a quick crafting run. Bout 150 clicks into my session......... Almost fell outa my seat!:yay::yay:
  20. mike malan

    Fun return to mining!!!

    So after almost a year in the game and haven't touched anything but hunting for like the last 8 months, I decided to start mining and crafting. I know it's hard to start a new path and all....oh well. On my 1st run a nice little treat:) and not too soon I was almost out of bombs and PEDs:silly2:
  21. mike malan

    Finally some good luck!

    After losing many PEDs since new years finally hit 3 solo's!! only got pics of 2 though. ( I know my graphics card sucks:( no need to tell me:ahh:)
  22. mike malan

    NBK has Hoggs for dinner

    So just a little hunt with the soccies after work and as soon as we headed out we started hitting 'em. Total of 5 globals before I left....and 1 HOF Only pic I got of em. as you can see my computers almost shot. Dont ya love the awesome coloring on the avies:silly2:
  23. mike malan

    NBK gets an X-MAS present

    Started out with a party of 5 but when it was down to just the three of us we hit the only swirlies of the hunt. And it was a good 1!!! WOOT WOOT:yay::yay: 402 PEDs for our stockings
  24. mike malan

    Martial Arts!!!

    After only a week since I unlocked MDA I got Martial Arts. Now if only MA would let me do the swan kick to a molisk:D wax on, wax off:ninja:
  25. mike malan

    Skill gains since new VU

    So to me it seems that some things seem to give better skills since the VU. I seem to get more Dodge than I ever did before. Anyone else feel this way??:scratch2::scratch2: