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  1. Mags

    WoF 2010: Team Australia

    I wish I could participate again..... But I will be at sea again by the time it all starts. I have not been very active recently. I still have all my skills, but no more gear. On top of that, I have a new laptop and for some reason it fails downloading EU. I tried a few times, and I used 25 GB...
  2. Mags

    I do not want to become a non-believer

    It has always been like that, reason why I am not active anymore...... I stopped believing :yay:
  3. Mags

    Poll:Would YOU give up ATHs to spread the loot pool?

    I totally agree with this..... Never gambled in my life.... I quit playing actively as I was losing each day 150 US$, luckely I could quit, many cannot shake the addiction. 1st the sweat, then a little deposit, then the carrot of skills you chase, then the carrot of good gear, I had it all.......
  4. Mags

    Poll:Would YOU give up ATHs to spread the loot pool?

    Maybe they start off as NON gamblers.......
  5. Mags

    Poll:Would YOU give up ATHs to spread the loot pool?

    What do casino's do? Take away the jackpots? Take away the hope for a big one? I think not......
  6. Mags

    Achievement: -= Who needs a Planet , when you can have your own STAR?!? =-

    You deserve all the stars in the skye :yay::yay::yay:
  7. Mags

    a 30000$ mistake

    I looked in my chrystal ball... and MA will not return it, but they will give it to him in the next loot :) and so the rules will not be broken and all will be happy :yay::yay::yay:
  8. Mags

    *** Shaolin 5th Anniversary Celebration ***

    Happy 5th to all of you :yay::yay::yay: from an EX lol
  9. Mags

    Portugal Meeting - By popular demand

    O_O Ogi :) I wish... but will be at sea later this week.
  10. Mags

    Hi Tyler, So good to hear from you. Jacko has not been in EU for a year now, I sold all his gear...

    Hi Tyler, So good to hear from you. Jacko has not been in EU for a year now, I sold all his gear and most of his skills. I sold all my gear and as soon as Jacko is chipped out I will start one Mags. Just too much casino in EU. I have not played / hunted for a year now, in the end the game was...
  11. Mags

    why its so notoriously hard to chip out quit?!

    Skills are hard earned money..... All the decay I paid over the years..... Been chipping out my husbands avatar for the past 8 months before I start on mine. Some skills are not even worth doing the efford as Pham states. As for taking money out, I never had any problems doing that, usually in...
  12. Mags

    Attention All Australians

    * Full avatar name: Madge Mags Moran * Society name: The Dung Kickers * Main activity in game: low profile atm * State: WA Skills atm highest Rifle @ 10301.89 :D
  13. Mags

    Achievement: -= Demonikos turns 3 years old =-. Another birthday Thread ... NOT!

    That brought back some nice memories..... Happy Birthday in EU :yay::yay::yay: O_O just noticed, my 3rd b/day is TODAY :yay:
  14. Mags

    My account is locked

    O_O unlocked :) Thanks :yay::yay::yay:
  15. Mags

    My account is locked

    No but my flight leaves in 36 hours......... well 35 by now......
  16. Mags

    My account is locked

    Overpriced????? I have my avatar with 190K skills to sell and my husbands with 180K skills. I have no time to work it all out and I work purely from the graphs in market value. All my starting bids are below market prices on the graph, selling that many skills and having not much time... the...
  17. Mags

    My account is locked

    O_O....... Surley they can see from their records in a flash how and what....... We are the mushrooms and MA does not find us important enough to even inform the people they locked of the situation. So yeah forgive if I cannot see that I have been a valued customer for 3 years.......
  18. Mags

    My account is locked

    Just stirring some shit here JackFree. I am so extremely mad that this happened to me, all I did was put some skills on auction and it seems it was the wrong place at the wrong time...... In less than 36 hours I be leaving home again and had planned so many things to finalise in EU today as...
  19. Mags

    My account is locked

    Why am I punished, so maybe it would be a good idea during investigations that all are locked :)
  20. Mags

    My account is locked

    Well I have done NO WRONG just like all the people that can log atm.... Still NO WORD from MA, we must be all imbicils in their eyes.
  21. Mags

    My account is locked

    Maybe MA should lock ALL accounts until this is sorted, and let everyone feel it.......
  22. Mags

    My account is locked

    I sold MY things on auction to unknown buyers...... is that an offence?
  23. Mags

    My account is locked

    Never used paynova nor have an account there....
  24. Mags

    My account is locked

    It would be gr8 if MA could give some sort of reply to all these posts. So much speculation here.....
  25. Mags

    My account is locked

    Because.... MA has a certified copy of my passport. MA has an original page of my bank account. MA has other proof of my address. Please be carfull what you 'don't intend to do with implications', rumours like this can do an amazing lot of damage.......