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  1. theProphet

    Selling: some stuffs

    selling some unique parts of my history... 3 wazir pleat coats in tiarak, ark hornet and jori. lots of other fitting clothing with these 3 textures, from shoes over caps to sunglasses. fully tiarak textured jarhead, also grunt and cheapa$$ sets, details later. 2nd floor appartment with an...
  2. theProphet

    please beware, it's scam season again

    hi peeps, this is just a thoughtful reminder, because it seems happening again more often in these nasty times. there are people who register several avatars and slowly build up trust scams again. they tell you the most crazy stories, i swear, as heartbreaking as possible. i'm not allowed to...
  3. theProphet

    Ask My Anything!

    Now after your warm welcome, i think it's a good time to read up about our current thoughts and issues, i think we got one or two. ;) You don't have to answer of course, especially not anytime soon™, no problem. Please keep this thread as clean and tidy as possible, so we don't scare My away...
  4. theProphet

    let's talk about improved communication...

    can you imagine that mindark could add a webshop deposit option from one day to another? (or something like that) well, maybe give it a try. and wtf is skrill? :lolup:
  5. theProphet

    Prototype Regeneration Field Chip

    what a clickbait thread title, i think ... and what a disgusting discovery, i'm somehow ashamed in advance already! [...nothing to see here...] sooo, please let me hear your conspiracy theories, i can't await! :lolup:
  6. theProphet

    HoF: Cracked Santa's Secret Code on 1st attempt!

    1) Neconu daily 2) Santa's Secret Code Bonus Event 3) A decent 1271 PED HOF 4) 350 PEDs extra? :laugh: Nice daily, woohoo! :wtg: :beerchug:
  7. theProphet

    Buying: Lawyer ... anyone there in EU? :D

    Hey peeps. Today i had a crazy idea (again), and before i go any further, i wanna backcheck with an IRL lawyer who must also play EU. Just a crazy EU idea, nothing serious. I pay cash and/or maybe share the revenue, don't hesitate to message me! If you're a lawyer IRL ofc only, please. :ahh:
  8. theProphet

    Seasonal rings

    Just wondering again, out of 21 seasonal rings, 3 people were able to loot 2 pieces (again). Why in hell does Mindark think that this isn't broken and working exactly as supposed? :scratch2:
  9. theProphet

    Selling: T5.9 EWE LC-625 Gleamer

    hey peeps :wave: i'm accepting offers for my T5.9 EWE LC-625 Gleamer SIB starts at 93, maxed close to 98. rather looking for a quick PED deal to grab something else... thx for watching, gl & have a nice time :)
  10. theProphet

    Help: "Keyboard Map" action

    i have misclicked and deleted my "keyboard map" action by accident now i can't find this action in the actionbook to map it back to my prefered key again. my only chance to show/hide the keyboard mapping now, is to press the "edit panel" key and click the most left icon in the panel...
  11. theProphet

    Why so very serious Mindark Application?!?

    Yeh tell me please... :scratch2: :lolup: :laugh: :eyecrazy: :ahh: :dunce: :girl:
  12. theProphet

    FYI: A New Year (Arkadia)

    :rolleyes: See you online... :silly2:
  13. theProphet

    Discovery: Kaiser-Graf HVMR-2 FEN Edition

    :eyecrazy: :yay: :inbed: :girl: :wtg:
  14. theProphet

    FYI: Official Arkadia Discord has launched

    :yay: :beerchug:
  15. theProphet

    Buying: T9 materials

    please help me tier it up and pm if you have any of these for sale: pile of diamonds (2.5k / 1.2k+ ped) tier ix comp (560 / 560 ped) thanks in advance, good luck to you all, and have a nice time! :girl:
  16. theProphet

    Update on Arkadian Land Plots!

    Posted by Dylan yesterday: "An update on the progress of the Land Plots will be released this week. Can I ask that all winners please produce their Forum name here so that we can get in contact. Please quote this post."...
  17. theProphet

    AMA Ask Me Anything Compilation

    Hi Henrik and thanks for reaching out to us finally. It really sounds too good to be true, so let's move on and use this nice momentum, before it enlightens into Nirvana. This shall be the thread to compile your Ask-Me-Anything-Questions, so people, please keep it civil and clean, and rather...
  18. theProphet

    AUD price

    so tell me, who "manipulated" AUD price most recently hmm? +16 ped daily, i was told it was as low as +12 before today :eyecrazy: someone poor or someone rich? :scratch2:
  19. theProphet

    Buying: Caly Appartment (preferably cheap & empty)

    as title says, please post/pm location and the price you're looking for. thanks!
  20. theProphet

    R.I.P. Stephen Hawking

    Stephen Hawking, the renowned theoretical physicist and cosmologist, has died peacefully at the age of 76. I salute you, sir! Rest in peace... :tele:
  21. theProphet

    have you been pwned?

    hi peeps! because i've sent a security reminder to all my fellow workers right meow, i thought i'll let you know too there's an interesting website collecting data from nearly all publicly available website hacks, and lets you search it for your own email addresses. currently it's like 4.9...
  22. theProphet

    Question: What if...?

    Just a quick question for your brainz: What if PED to USD would inflate from current 10:1 to let's say 20:1 or even 100:1, but all ingame costs like decay and ammoburn would stay the same. (you can burn/cycle less in same time) Let's assume, that MA isn't stupid at all, and still takes the...
  23. theProphet

    no doubt, no awakening... have a nice day, and so have i! :ahh:
  24. theProphet

    Selling: Modified EMT kit Ek-2600 T0.9 +7.4k

    WTS Modified EMT kit Ek-2600 T0.9 +7.3k BO :yup:
  25. theProphet

    Smells Like Nerd Spirit!