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  1. Amenophis

    Planetary Loots and Balancing

    I think it's been quite a while since the balance left the priority sheets of MA. It's more like punch the system with a feature and let it balance to a point, then come in and see what's left to adjust ( generally over 3 months system update cooldown ).
  2. Amenophis

    Question: Which is your monthly average net income for your LA ?

    Maybe a question to be raised at least on yearly basis . PS: please use the present market value of your LA or an estimate if your property has been purchased for more than 2 years.
  3. Amenophis

    combustive strike chip VI

    Most powerful one time low range gratz !
  4. Amenophis

    Question: How much more are uber Tier Increase Rates worth?

    It's actually like : - L weapons - reaching tier x while loosing x*10% tops of their initial tt; - L anything else - reaching tier x while loosing x*5% tops of their initial tt; - L pk - it's actually payed for shots left while having reached a significant tier ( I'd go for a reference tier...
  5. Amenophis

    And the new owner of Planet Calypso is...

    :) ... This is seemingly going far slower than MA/MA's content department would've anticipated. To be honest, if it weren't a RL economical crysis they would've still gotten it slow. This is more likely the way MA understands to spread his offspring without giving up full control. FPC is a...
  6. Amenophis

    Why all this whining

    ... flagged use Google thread.
  7. Amenophis

    An ideea on how to boost the overall activity

    Yeah ... a replicator of "availability". What this is doing, is spreading the lootpool over even more land, the ped vacuum cleaner got a few extra watts power now. But what about the motivation ? I believe that's the most important factor in making the wheels spin faster. It's been all about...
  8. Amenophis

    An ideea on how to boost the overall activity

    Some considerations you might take into account : 1) The tt returns can't and won't be higher as long as the tt input will not increase. 2) The UL items are not going to be put back in the loot as they have a tendency of draining the lootpool once maxed. 3) It's been a while since the standard...
  9. Amenophis

    next island hof and few more uber from last year

    Good thing it is not all about killing young formidons and frescoqudas ... occasionally. It was about time they gave you back something. Gz M !
  10. Amenophis

    An ideea on how to boost the overall activity

    What if MA introduced a new item series ? The replicator. An L item with weapon, tools and attachments flavors with a decent maximum tt to be looted from animals, crafting and mining, that would allow duplication of any item in its category according to its tt and the tt of the duplicated item ...
  11. Amenophis

    PC on Tiger and Jaguar

    :) ... I doubt I could pass on a yard sale of your making. The price is very low nowadays. Remember that tiger is more expensive mainly cause of its rarity. The weight feature counts more for me than a few protection points.
  12. Amenophis

    HoF: UL gun from a harbinger iota

    Gz Loki ! A nice thing to have when you hunt mobs under your defensive standing. He's not a noob, and he certainly doesn't deserve this kind of remarks, be it out of your own or others bitterness and anguish. PS: Merry Tiering ;)
  13. Amenophis

    Name that Asteroid and win 5000 peds!!!

    Eye of Lootius ( EoL ) Garden of Eve The Bulb Triton
  14. Amenophis

    Are we being robbed by MA/FPC? Or is it just me?

    The return rate has been constantly going lower since vu 10. It is presumably paying for the development costs so far, since the system withheld a decent rate before this phase on account of maintenance costs only. It's time to stop paying for new designs and start thinking of what the hell is...
  15. Amenophis

    Uber: 21006 PED Trooper 09 incl Dragon Breath UL

    Gz ! Maybe it's time to see some more ULs ... this time on the right maturities ...
  16. Amenophis

    Perception Theory

    Perception will not show you a mob or a claim. It will, in the most fortunate case point you to a "hot" area. The hot area is generally big enough to make you spend the tt value of the hof while trying to locate it :) . On very few occasions, you'll have the right gear, the right spot, the right...
  17. Amenophis

    Question: WTF is happening to armour prices??????

    I'm one of the jag owners and I was a bit upset about the mark-ups falling like they did. But It is just a circumstantial situation and I actually care more about the fact that my set is been paying back ever since I got it ( over an year now ) . The "economy" of using ul is always related to...
  18. Amenophis

    Dear Participants

    Nobody is putting pressure on MA for these updates. They got their own unknown agenda and hence it is a decent supposition that whenever an update will occur, it will be under optimal conditions. I've seen much more administrative promptitude in the small private servers of whatever crappy...
  19. Amenophis

    Dear Participants

    uhm .... rollback ??? ps: or error code 122 on mini-setup
  20. Amenophis

    PvP Globals Screens!! :yay:

    Skalman affords going afk ... wherever.
  21. Amenophis

    Extended Downtime

    There is already a spoon-seppuku event going on :P . But that's only for those with the seppuku ability 10/10. In the end there will be a massive grab ... of something.
  22. Amenophis

    Name that Asteroid and win 5000 peds!!!

    Space Pearl Pearl Haven The Pearl Terra Kalun
  23. Amenophis

    Name that Asteroid and win 5000 peds!!!

    Janus Defiance Mycenae Kali Juno New Rio Argos Demeter Dodecaterra
  24. Amenophis

    Name that Asteroid and win 5000 peds!!!

    Odysseus - let's play the card of mythology
  25. Amenophis

    Ah.. The Good Old Days!

    ... second that. I was here during a time loot had changed to average size tt hofs. It was still ok. In 2 years time, the stakes were raised as maybe more and more slackers started milking the cow and MA saw its cow could be fed by even more.