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  1. aj502

    FYI: Interview with David Dobson

    Hey everyone! I am going to be chatting with David Dobson about the new VU on Arkadia coming up on I haven't quite got the time setup with him but we are looking to shoot for Friday 7pm PST or after. Maybe Sat after Wof, but I don't want to keep the guy up super late...
  2. aj502

    Cannot Log In

    Hiyas Witte I have had an acct at e-pedia for awhile under the user "aj502" for awhile now, but I cannot for the life of me remember what e-mail I reg'd under, thus I cannot login to add some stuffs. I suspect I used an email under an ISP I no longer use. How can we get my details back to me...
  3. aj502

    Are CLDs really giving profit?

    Based on that average, can someone please tell me why a CLD can even remotely be close to 1200 ped??? (ED: Or hell, even the original 1k price?) :D Tippin' P.S. You know you are all actually getting a negative ROI/yr. Thus for those that don't really know, is prolly why Mec colored it...
  4. aj502

    FYI: NEW AHR DJ: Lokia (SUN 0-3 MA slot)

    Yep. that's right. Somehow, some way someone bribed, hustled and talked Lokia into becoming a (nutty?) AHR DJ. Her first show is on Sunday, May 6th 0:00-3:00 MA time. (or, for us dumb Americanz, like me, that'd be Saturdays at 8pm-11pm est, 5pm-8pm pst)... So let's...
  5. aj502

    'Puter Build feedback

    Heyas everyone. Been narrowing down parts and peices last few months for a new rig and want some feedback and suggestions before I hit the button. This'll prolly be considered a "gaming" rig, but I don't really hardcore game. It's more for an all-rounder that'll last a few years. I don't do...
  6. aj502

    Buying: Buying ALL Basic Propulsion Systems

    Like the title says, no tricks - no hidden agenda. You got 'em, I'll buy 'em! PM or post here. Thx! ;) Tippin'
  7. aj502

    A Message to BA/Ck/Warrents/etc....

    Stay off The MotorBoating Chinesers' Chirpy/Gibnib LA or I will unleash the fury of my Ancient Adjusted Mod Heart Shaped Pillow! ty Tippin'
  8. aj502

    Where's the Wilds?

    Haven't heard 'em for awhile. Always good for the Sat morning hangover. :( Tippin'
  9. aj502

    Broken Hearted 8-2-11

    :whiner: Screenshot: Tippin'
  10. aj502

    Arkadia-Calypso X-Fer (or vice versa)

    Coming back from Arkadia in a day or so...If you need/want something from there, beit from TT or a friend, lemmie know. I'll also be going back after a few so same deal there. Save a TP fee or auc fee. Post here if ya need anything. Tippin'
  11. aj502

    So you thought I was trippin', eh? (Kiri)

    Tesh WAS swimmin'....How does one swim onland anyway? Tippin'
  12. aj502

    Attn: USA Poker Players & US citezans tired of the Gov

    Hell, even non-US people are invited.... I have been pretty active in this outside of EU and don't really want to spam the issue here, but there are some online players I have met thru EU that reside in (and outside) of the US. As you may or may not know already, MY good ole Government had...
  13. aj502

    Question: Small Hiryuu Spawn?

    Been looking for an area w/ these to plunk out a mission. Most seem to be around E. Scyllia by the volcano area, but that's not too dense of a spawn. Checked E-Pedia and thay all low too.. Anyone discovered a new spot to hunt these Yardbirds? Tippin'
  14. aj502

    Help: "Investigate the Contents of a Crate"

    Heya all...I just realized I never did this so wanted to get it out of the way and it seems I cannot get it on my mission list. I go to Mr. Lyndon and he tells me to "buzz off". ( :D) Mr. Book doesn't do anything regarding it, just offers info on Robot missions. I've done all the earlier...
  15. aj502

    Question: Re: Flying Vehicles getting damage in Fort Events

    Was debating where to ask this. So if mod thinks this wrong place by my guest and move to wherever (not quite sure if it a "bug", so...) Anyway...Has anyone been getting Flying Vehicle damage when hitting the "ceiling" height? I only have a Slep but it have notice I take damage around the Mid...
  16. aj502

    Question: Is there an "official" RT forum like this one?

    ...Or is it ? Been trying to get some info on the changed(?) quests/Missions that used(?) to reward attributes but the above forum doesn't have any place that has VU changes and specifics like our "Bertha Bot" posts in. Thx :) Tippin'
  17. aj502

    Selling: Jormungand Mk1 (C,L) Boat BP - 87 Clicks

    Gee. Look what I found... Ain't seen one in auction for awhile....Made a few boats and now I'm thinking about selling it. Crafting is kinda expensive! :D Don't have any set price or anything but if i see one I like, it's all your's. So....Post your offers here. (Don't PM...I am horrid at...
  18. aj502

    Question: So Are these SUPPOSED to be this big now???

    Holy big ferkin' eyes, Batman! (And blood and flesh...) If so, that's kinda st00pid....If not, well, nice update....Can we got ONE UPDATEthat doesn't screw SOMETHING up? Tippin'
  19. aj502

    n00b Acheivement

    Yea....Well it's not like Ima dare post this where the REAL HoFffers are....Nonetheless, as it is my 1st global hunting, and of COURSE no one was around or on my FL so I could gloat, I figure I toss it here... I have to tell someone, right? Also, as I consider myself still a n00baholic, it...
  20. aj502

    Fatty Snable

    These been in the HoF list lately, along with other "lower" mobs....Not like I can hunt anything much bigger (I am barely "above" being a n00b, if at all myself), but I been going after them, Snark, Exo, Sabas and Dakis lately.... All returning pretty decent...No HoF/Glob for me but just...
  21. aj502

    Info: Codes Intercepted

    Intercept: 0xFE131CC68E313B5FADDB2EB55FBDED7666D Intercept: 0x5480F630FFF7FCDD97CEDBFFB82C1BAB336F Intercept: 0x74A2FE607EAFBFFC8D7E31E64EB07B6AFEFDCA531 Intercept: 0xAB5D8DD2F8A3959577BA86DE6AC0B56845053EC00xAB5D8DD2EC2BD8922E Intercept...
  22. aj502

    Selling: B.A.M.F. ZK 3 Zombie Killer Shotguns (Full TT)

    I have 1 full TT (11.50) B.A.M.F. ZK3s I am selling @ for 14.50 (126%) Sold 1
  23. aj502

    Selling: Vehicles - Saehrimnir MK1s

    17.88 TT w/ 30.81 gas - 85pedSOLD 18.86 TT w/ 18.28 gas - 74ped I'll even paint 1 feild Orange for weekly MU of paint. :P Shoot me a PM or catch me @ Swamp, Twin, PA, Island or who knows? I roam all over... lol Tippin'
  24. aj502

    Selling: New player pistols - Grenade Launcher

    Breer P1a (L) 17.30 TT (Full)@ 18.5 ped (107%) - Next LASER pistol to use after M2100 TT gun Emik S30 (L) 1.76 TT @ 2 ped (113%) - Next BLP pistol to use after M2100 TT gun EWE EP-11 (UL) 4.81 TT @ 5.81 ped (+1) - Good to switch to when in trouble and need fast attack and higher damage and...
  25. aj502

    Selling: New player Laser Amps for Opalo

    Shear XR55 Full TT (29.50) +1.5 = 31 ped each +8 damage, +100 ammo, durablilty is Very Good. 3074 uses/shots out of a full TT amp. ED: Scratched for weapon info These best on Breer m2a I beleive, or any laser weapon w/ 16 max damage