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  1. La

    Little Daikiba

    Ohh boy its been years since last i posted here, but here is a little Daikiba that just made it over the global limit. :)
  2. La

    Full Metal Inc. is now recruiting!

    FMI is looking for new members. Doesn't matter if you are a freelancer, a lone wolf who enjoys the occasional team hunt or someone who likes group activities, there's a spot for you. Most of us enjoy scrapping bots and making this lovely planet of ours safer for our fellow humans, but a hatred...
  3. La

    How many well skilled?

    Have been wondering for a while how the more or less forgotten Mindforce scene looked like skill wise.... How many out there are well skilled in a Mindforce profession? I choose to but lvl 20 and above down as well skilled since it is so damn slow skilling, correct me if im wrong :) Ill kick of...
  4. La

    PC: A few tailoring BPs

    Im considering selling some of my tailoring BPs, and there are 2 that are a bit hard to put a price on: Trix Stiletto Heels - QR 21,4 Reilly Boots - QR 76,0 What do you guys think :scratch2:
  5. La

    PC: CND apartment

    I was wondering how much i would be able to get for my CND apartment. It is H flat and is at Beta South.
  6. La

    Medium Tied Harlequin Curtain

    Got the bp for this one in a global last night and behold what great new stuff there are added in tailoring.:rolleyes: Now im off to look for more stuff. :)
  7. La

    Need boots?

    Its been a while since last i had any luck in tailoring, but i got this nice little hof last night :wtg:
  8. La

    A lucky for La

    I must say that i had a great day tailoring yesterday, got these two globals late last night And the prize winner :yay: Had a small one earlier in the day, i thought i got the screeni, but forgot i didnt have fraps running :rolleyes: Edit... yea i know the title dont make sens, there...
  9. La

    Happy birthday Kahr

    :birthday: HAPPY B-DAY LITTLE BROTHER :birthday: Hope you are having a great time :) And hey get back to civilization soon, so we can party :yay:
  10. La

    Ethereal language

    YES!!! I finaly had a try at that ethereal soul language thx to Freyr. It only took a few tries.... well ok alot :) I would like to say thanks to ofc Freyr for laying still for so long :), ppl at Phoenix and Troy for putting up with me and ofc my mom and dad :D