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    Selling: Selling Tango Tier 3.4

    Selling Tango Tier 3.4 takeing offers ingame or here in pm nice tier rates on it
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    Selling: Selling Isis LC_60

    Takeing offers and only serious ones plz Gun is L ofc sadly not UL tt 190.85 Tier 1 2046 Tier 2 2106 Tier 3 2326 Tier 4 1417 Tier 5 472 Tier 6 1085 Tier 7 343 Tier 8 2363 Tier 9 2720 Tier 10 2436 Pm Me here or ingame
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    Selling: Selling all craftin skills + space skills

    Hi all pm me ingame connie pigen gurly im selling all my craftin skill + space skills cheaper than MU ofc :D:)
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    Selling: Tango Tier2.1

    Selling Tango Tier 2.1 for tt+ 22k open to offers tho add me to FL or findk a CK or tax that can get in contact with me:D SOLD
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    Buying: Buyin Tango

    Buyin Tango write me here or ingame if u got one for sale or find a tax collector ingame and ask for me :)
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    Selling: Adj AS97

    Selling ADJ AS 97 Tier 1.1 Start Bid TT +6k
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    Buying: Tango

    Want swap my ML 45 Tier 2.4 for Marber Tango and ill trow 5000ped in then deal also i can be found at akmuul or pm me here love and hugs Connie :D
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    Cry Club Of Entropia

    Guys/Girls we really need a Forum for where people can talk bad abt others seems like people really needs it insteed of growin up :lolup:
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    Do You need a Fapper ?

    Hi all if you need fapper maxed on UR125 Pm Me or find me at home office Akmuul :wtg:
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    Buying: Buyin ML-45

    Would love 2 buy ML-45 write me if u got one for sale or find me at akmuul:yay:
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    Buying: Buyin Dante AMP

    Hi would 2 buy Dante amp pm me if u got one for sale 2400+tt
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    Tax Collectors Why Sweat When You Can Steal :P

    Hi there we are looking for more serious active players lvl 30+ laser/blp hit we are to find at home office Akmuul :P:wtg: