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  1. FruSnabel

    Selling: Baringer SR37 (T2.5)

    Selling my Baringer SR37 since I'm not using it. Tier 2.6. Easy to get to 2.9, havent been using it much. Good tier levels. 68.9 -137.8 DMG (Beast + 2 dmg enhancers that rarely breaks on this) 15 attacks/min 150m range BO: 1400 PED (inc tt 80.00, tt+1320) Tier increase rates left: 100 148 116...
  2. FruSnabel

    FYI: Proteron nerf

    Hello, Proteron has been speed nerfed(or boosted), they are now faster. Been teaming em quite a bit recently at OLA-46. I have 120 agility and could easily outrun old just a week or two ago, I can't do that now. I can barely outrun mature, and young I still can outrun but it aint going fast...
  3. FruSnabel

    Question: More PCF Frontpage News Articles?

    Is PlanetCalypsoForum dead? :scratch2: Of course it's not, I even dare to say it looks better then in a long time, both the game, the game economy, the community and the community effort being done by MindArk and Planet Calypso AB. Therefore I must ask a question, and I know that I'm not the...
  4. FruSnabel

    Selling: Weapon Technology Skill 90,03 PED

    All sold and gone!
  5. FruSnabel

    Selling: Selling 6 CLDs for 7k

    They are now sold!
  6. FruSnabel

    Selling: Merry Mayhem 11 Thigh Guards (M)

    they are now sold
  7. FruSnabel

    FYI: Naga Island TP safe!

    We are pleased to inform you that the Naga Island Teleporter is after months of being a hostile place, at last safe! Turrets are up and shooting Sumimas around the clock so now you don't need to worry about being killed as soon as you arrive on Naga! :yay: A drop pad with revival has now also...
  8. FruSnabel

    Idea for managing a Medusa investment fund

    Warning: Wall of Text :) Idea for managing a Medusa investment fund: This is just a basic idea of mine and it might be quite general knowledge’s and ideas (and maybe even thought of and maybe even quite stupid), feel free to comment and discuss etc. A basic idea of how a manageable investment...
  9. FruSnabel

    FruSnabel's Sheet Metal Service

    NEW AND LOWERED PRICE! This is a service based on crafting Basic Sheet Metal, perhaps the most boring thing in EU! :) The service will be for you who do not want to craft your own Basic Sheet Metals and wants to concentrate on the end product, for example: OA-101 Light (L) or OA-102 (L). To...
  10. FruSnabel

    Discovery: Disease on EF?

    I have made a discovery here on EF, If you look to the left under my Fame: 0 Achievements: 0 you can clearly see that it says AIDS :eek: :scratch2: Where did I get it and how do I get rid of it? :mad: ;)
  11. FruSnabel

    Community not interested in Tier?

    !Warning: Quite long read! (I am not whining about falling prices or anything like that, that is not what this thread is about. Read it thoroughly please) I started my hunting log about a week ago (called FruSnabel’s Secret Log) and I have now closed it. I started EU again a year ago after a...
  12. FruSnabel

    FruSnabel's Secret Log

    This thread is now closed :)
  13. FruSnabel

    What highend stuff have you looted?

    Hello good people! It would be very fun to know what Highend stuff you all people have looted (if you even have looted any!) Im very curious to see who's the most lucky or most dedicated Uberlooter in here. Plz share your lootingexperience! :naughty: When i talk about Highend items i dont mean...
  14. FruSnabel

    Hes here!

    Oy, Fru is here to screw! :tiphat: