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  1. Mags

    Selling: Location Location Location: New Listing: TI Lake #17

    Outstanding elevated home overlooking TI Lake. Show home entrance with tiled floor throughout. Master bedroom has bay window looking out to the front, fully furnished....... The suberb exterior of this architecturally designed home features magnificent spacious living areas. Complimented by...
  2. Mags

    Selling: Jaguar Male Armor 6 parts (no foot guards)

    For sale 6 parts Jaguar Male armor (total TT Value = 540.40) Start bid TT + 26.000 BO TT + 27.000 PM me with offers, sale ends Sunday 25 May, @ 12:00 midday MA time. Mags SOLD
  3. Mags

    Supremacy/Shadow F armor

    ALL SOLD Selling my armor(F) Supremacy Helmet Supremacy Harness Suremacy gloves Supremacy Shins Shadow arms Shadow Thigh's Looking for 65 K start bid, it's yours for 75K Here is what suprem and shadow mixed up looks like, not a bad looking mix at all :) Click to enlarge Click to enlarge...
  4. Mags

    Shadow(M) 4 parts and adj Mk-V

    Selling the following for Jacko: Shadow to be sold as a set: SOLD Shadow Harness (M) Shadow Helmet (M) Shadow arms (M) Shadow Shins (M) Entropedia:Armor Shadow Start bid = 45K BO bid = 50K AdJusted MK-V bid 30K, will close Saturday 21 December 07 @ 12:00 MA time - SOLD Entropedia:Weapon...
  5. Mags

    Avatar already logged on!!!

    Just created my new avatar and now I get the message avatar already logged on :-( This has been so for the past 2 hours....... Anyone has this problem as well?
  6. Mags

    missing items from inventory?

    My 5B plates have been missing from my inventory for 2 days now. I had a look in storage but nothing there either. Support sent but no reply yet..... :rolleyes: Do more ppl have this problem?
  7. Mags

    Cannot log since VU

    I cannot log since the update. My husband on same computer can.... Click to enlarge Please MA Fix this soon, this aint funny atm.
  8. Mags

    Mags is Selling: armor, weapons and skills

    I have PM'd the ppl that bought items. I will sell the remaining things on auction ingame. I will start a new thread once I start with my skills. I reserve the right to change my mind and remove items from EF. I have the right to refuse any offers that i decide to. :(
  9. Mags

    Taking offers on EON Helmet M

    Selling Eon Helmet Male (Jacko decided not to keep it) Helmet has been SOLD Start bid: +12.5K Buy Out: +15K (full TT value of helmet = 170) I will update thread as offers come in. PM me with your offers :yay: :yay:
  10. Mags

    Bad experience on CP :-(

    I am in Dome 4, killing 1 aurli after the next. I was in the process of killing a devastator and a group of ppl started to shoot it as well, I went WTF....... see what follows. This was the 2nd time in an hour this group of ppl did this. From my experience, Aurli's that has been damaged does...
  11. Mags

    A-3 Justifier Mk.V Mentor Edition

    A-3 Justifier Mk.V Adjusted or Mentor Edition Looking for an A-3 Justifier Mk.V Mentor Edition or Adjusted Mk5. Anyone???? Please PM me.
  12. Mags

    Jaguar full set for Jacko

    Hi, I am looking for a full set of Jaguar M for Jacko now that his suprem has been sold. Anyone????? Please PM me :-) YEAH I have a full set of JAG M :-)))
  13. Mags

    14 K.....What a nice start of the day

    What can I say, it feels good :-)) Thanks Dire, Kel and ofc Exo.......
  14. Mags

    SEG 02 for Mags

    It's been a very, very, very long time that I could post something like this.... :yay: :yay: I'm soooooo hoping that my extreme bad luck has changed :wtg:
  15. Mags

    My 10920.70 – Hunting HOF January / February 2007

    Just thought I share this wonderful information. I am sorry I have no pic of my minus HOF however I could create a graph from my spreadsheet. I was running a shop in this period and did not hunt as much as usual. The 1st 2 months of 2007 gave me minus 10920.70 PED in hunting; I better don’t...
  16. Mags

    how much ammo do you use in a day?

    How much ammo do we all shoot in a day (24 hours)? Highest I did was 3200 ped ammo or 320.000. some ppl claim they shoot 9000 ped ammo in a day!!!
  17. Mags

    1 min b4 server went down....

    Godspeed an myself were getting pretty desperate (team name says it all) loosing all our peds on SEG when this came along 1 min b4 serven went down...... It will still cost us, so maybe better when server is back up :-) We keep HOPING for that big one :yay: :yay:
  18. Mags

    EU down & EU website down

    Never had this happen b4, atm EU and the EU website is down... What is happening???? :confused: :confused: :confused:
  19. Mags

    Weekend shopping at Twins Mall

    Come visit Twins mall You can find following items in my shop atm Very competitive prices :-) some cheaper than auction :yay: :yay: and I am sure other shop owners have items I do not cater for :-)
  20. Mags

    Participant content on signs HELP needed

    I bought a Reon-T sign (PC) and was trying to add my own content on there. However, I don't appear able to upload anything. Can anyone help me on my way???? This is the screen I get and the upload button is not working. The sign is fully repaired. :( :( :(
  21. Mags

    what would YOU like to see in shops in the Mall?

    I have recently opened a shop in Twins Mall level 3, shop 12 :yay: :yay: In the short time that my shop was open I am very happy with the sales. I had hoped to sell armors, but I have sold more other items so far....... I am hoping that the community can give me some indication what they...
  22. Mags

    Chronicle Armor F for sale

    PM me with some realistic offers please :-) Start bid 29K............ 4 parts Chronicle, Harness, Helmet, thighs, arm guards Mags
  23. Mags

    PING round trip speed with EU

    What is your ping and where are you in the world and how does it affect your game? I live in Australia and have recently ping’ed the Entropia Universe site. You can do this by typing the following at the command prompt or use a ping plotter. Ping I was in shock when I...
  24. Mags

    Supremacy M for sale

    I am sure he'll regret it but Jack asked me to sell his supremacy, we are selling up...... anyone interested???? Mags
  25. Mags

    playing EU at 38.000 feet

    who else plays while flying????? I am currently flying to Australia from LA via Tokyo and Singapore.... Isn't it gr8 to be able to play PE for all those hours :-)))) See you on the ground soon again :-) Mags thanks to Singapore airlines and Boeing :-)