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  1. kamala

    Selling: CLD's

    Selling a nice amount of CLD's @ markup.. if your intrested let me know.. only taking PEDs pls Regards, Kam
  2. kamala

    Selling: Vrex SGA rocket

    Im selling my Vrex SGA rocket course of inactivity.. Tier 5,5 (85/82/56/61/72 are the last numbers) Price is 24k PEDs or 18 CLD's Regards, Kam
  3. kamala

    Info: Skills doesnt matter at all..

    Hey I just got reminded why i have been so inactive ingame last year.. Here is some funny info! Me and my diciple decided to give it a try to reach top 100 on TopMiners list on EL. I was using the following Skill level 35 Finder: TK320 maxed Excavator: SGA driller Deciple was using Skill...
  4. kamala

    Buying: DetPil V-Rex 2000, SGA Edition

    Intrested in a SGA Rocket. Minimum tier 5.. but prefer higher.. PM me if you want to sell yours :launcher:
  5. kamala

    Selling: Eradicator Type Four (aka 0x0)

    SOLD! I might sell my 0x0F382C8C91E58C8B24DF A pure robot powerplasma gun, perfect for pk or hunt! :eyecrazy: Tier 4.6 atm Send me a PM with your offer if you are intrested.. items can be part of the deal, but i prefer PED's and CLD's. Price: 35k PED's Kamala
  6. kamala

    Buying: Imp Fap

    Buying Impfap.. Dont PM me and ask what i pay please (will be ignored). If you are selling, PM me your price and the tier on the fap, then i might come back to you. Kamala
  7. kamala

    Selling: Adj Fap and 0x0

    Hey Selling two nice toys Omegaton Fast Aid Pack Adjusted Tier 2.8 [SB/BO: +27k] SOLD ON BO! 0x0F382C8C91E58C8B24DF Tier 4 As a combo are these two items a winner! PM me offers! ONLY PED's Kamala
  8. kamala

    Selling: Adjusted Omegaton M61A5 T3

    SOLD! Just bought a new gun, so im selling this little beauty. One of the most eco weapon ingame, and got nice PK potensial (like a ML, but laser?). At the picture can you see it using a PRO900 that it got fully support for. Its tier 3.3 atm Looking for a pure ped deal, CLD's or might trade...
  9. kamala

    Buying: 0x0F382C8C91E58C8B24DF UL

    Purchased an 0x0, pls close thead Hey. Im looking for this ugly but cool weapon. Let me know if you are selling or if you know anybody that is selling pls. :) Regards Kamala
  10. kamala

    Buying: HL15/CB26/R150 etc etc, UL ofc.

    Hey Im looking for a new toy to hunt with.. Something like the weapons in the title, just not melee. Manly UL SIB is intresting, but weapon like imp2870, MLME can be intresting to. PM me price and what you got, and we might have a deal. Kam
  11. kamala

    Selling: Merry Mayhem Harness and Helmet Male

    SOLD PM me with offers, fast deal = better price. Regards Kamala
  12. kamala

    Selling: Genesis Sulfury Tier 4.x

    SOLD Hi. I might be intrested to sell my beloved Genesis Sulfury UL. As far as I know the only one ingame. Currently at tier 4.5 Im mostly looking for pure PED's, but might be intrested in the following items: Improved 2870, 0x0F382C8C91E58C8B24DF, R150 UL, full Angel M armor. Price is...
  13. kamala

    Buying: Merry Mayhem 11 Thigh Guards

    Hey Im intresting in buying these thighs.. BUT i will put my Regeneration Chip LVL VIII in the deal.. PM me if you are intrested, and if/how much PEDs you want inbetween Kam
  14. kamala

    Selling: Meckel & Loch ML-45 T4.x, with really nice numbers

    SOLD Due to upgrade do i need to sell this nice tag/pk rifle.. Its atm on tier 4.6 but might rise becourse i use it every day and it got really nice tiernumers. Tiernumers: 136, 82, 151, 151, 153, 126, 141, 86, 93, 130 Add damage enhancers and a Bull TacElite and you got 204 max damage or a...
  15. kamala

    Buying: DetPil V-Rex 2000, SGA Edition or 0x0F382C8C91E58C8B24DF

    Hey Im looking to buy one or both of these nice weapon.. Only high tiered vrex2ksga is intresting. Please PM me your price and i let you know if its intresting. Kam
  16. kamala

    Selling: Angel armor M (7pcs) Tier 2.x

    SOLD Selling a full Angel male armor, and im not splitting the set. All parts are tier 2 except foots. SB and BO is TT+33k PM me if intrested
  17. kamala

    Buying: ML45 high tiered, minimum tier4

    If you got any of these for sale, pls pm me your price and the rifles tiernumers. Paying in PEDs, not with my body! Regards Kam
  18. kamala

    Buying: Angel or Martial SGA Male armor (full set)

    Hey. Im looking for Angel or Martial SGA armor male full set PM me... Kamala
  19. kamala

    Selling: Eon Male Armor (7pcs UL)

    SOLD Good luck new owner
  20. kamala

    Selling: 3x Mayhem armor parts M, or trading against vrex sga

    SOLD Hey Im selling 3 x mayhem armor parts M Harness (t1,8) Arms (t1,1) Helmet (t1,8) Im not really intrested in splitting the parts, but if i get nice bids on each part will i sell when i have buyer on all of them. Best should be a trade with vrex2000sga, Adj Fap, high tiered ML35, ML45 or...
  21. kamala

    Buying: Adj Fap

    Hey. Im looking for an adjfap. Pm me if you want to sell yours. //Kamala
  22. kamala

    Selling: Trading: Mayhem Harness, Helmet M + PEDs for Adj Fap

    Im intrested in trading my Mayhem Harness and Helmet + some PEDs for a Adj Fap. The armors is Male, and got the following stats: Stab: 32 HP Cut: 30 HP Impact: 28 HP Penetration: 10 HP Cold: 15 HP Acid: 30 HP Electric: 15 HP Close: 90 HP Firearms: 10 HP Total: 160 HP Regards kamala
  23. kamala

    Buying: Omegaton M2870 Improved

    close thread
  24. kamala

    Uber: Uber in Dome 4 CND

    When you least expects it the great loots come to you. This one is my biggest so far in EU, and I have played for about four years. My friend Minken recently bought Dome 4 at CND and invited me to a team hunt. After a few hours intense killing I got some really nice lights - with a four digit...
  25. kamala

    Buying: Genesis Firefly UL

    Hey Im really missing my old Firefly that i sold.. So i decided to buy a new one if the price is right.. I would like a tierd one or a cheap tier 0. Pls contact me in PM if u are selling. PURE PEDS! ;) Regards kam