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  1. Billy (BB)

    EUSoc offering soc web sites

    We are Players of Entropia Universe, we are also members of the society Dragons Shadow. We have been playing EU for a very long time and as long as we have been playing EU we have had our own web site. Over the years our web site has changed with better improvements and faster speeds. We have...
  2. Billy (BB)

    Skin for Team Speak 3

    Hello all, So I started a thread where I showed off some work I have done for Persona's here, in that thread I said I was working on some skins for team speak 3 well good news I just finished my first. You can see a preview and download it here. Anyway thank you all for the kind words and I...
  3. Billy (BB)


    Ok first off I am not really sure if this is the right spot for this but here it goes anyway. I was board and made this for anyone who uses firefox. currently I am working on building skins for Team Speak 3. If you want to see the one I did...
  4. Billy (BB)

    Coffee for Marco

    Here ya go man a fresh cup of coffee for ya. How is the up date going?
  5. Billy (BB)

    Selling: Adjusted Embra Laser Sword C1 (UL)

    As you can see here start bid TT+5k B.O. TT+8k
  6. Billy (BB)

    What are you willing to bet

    Well what are you willing to bet that this Click to enlarge is a part you need for POtE? How much would you be willing to pay for it? I am not selling it just trying to find out what the community thinks this may be and how much it may be worth.
  7. Billy (BB)

    Dragons Shadow~open enlistment

    The Dragons Shadow Society is now offering a period of open enlistment for new members. This is for a limited time. 1. In addition to our normal promotion criteria, members enlisted during this period must play with current members for no less the 6 weeks to be eligible for promotion 2. Noob...
  8. Billy (BB)

    Show us EU's crib MA

    I was thinking it would be great to see the home of our loved universe. If Marco or Frank could take some pics of MA HQ and post them here. I wouldent mind seeing the lobby the offices outside entrence and maybe the room where the servers are at, It would be nice see the home of EU. :yay:
  9. Billy (BB)

    your biggest crit from a mob

    show us the highest crit you have taken :cool: Ill go first, a nice little spider came down the water spout to give me this Click to enlarge :dancing: party back at the revive :yay:
  10. Billy (BB)

    fastest way to get cash

    can someone tell me the fastest way to withdraw cash please is their any how to's that can speed it up or is 3 months the only way
  11. Billy (BB)

    OMG my first is a biggie 9K

    Dont know what to say but :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: Click to enlarge
  12. Billy (BB)

    Allo gives it up

    ok so I dont post my globals but I figured I would post this one since I have some down time the gun is a 16 nothing big Click to enlarge
  13. Billy (BB)

    Dragons Shadow web site

    Come see the new Dragons Shadow web site just revised and running great."]Dragons Shadow I hope you all enjoy it and if you have any comments send me some feed back on the contact us page.
  14. Billy (BB)

    Why not amps for fire rate?

    Ok I was thinking with all this talk about the new amps it seems like everyone is hung up on the damage they do. Well tbh I am just fine with the amount of damage my merc dose without an amp. What I would like to see is a amp that won’t improve my damage but instead improve the speed, or even a...
  15. Billy (BB)

    Where is Marco

    Marco where are you? When things are so bleak and the community is so upset where are your words of reason to calm the rising seas? Last I checked you where the director of community relations. So how about a little community relating, you ask for a open discussion on the vote booths. We ask for...
  16. Billy (BB)

    The caves at New Oxford

    Ok i tryed everything even swimming over the gate to get to the lower cave :D Click to enlarge so i got these pic's instead :eek: Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Well i guess i get to see it from far away
  17. Billy (BB)

    Mind Force How To

    Mind Force Mindforce can be used as a weapon, to provide focus, to heal, revive and even teleport. Mind Essence is the combination of Sweat and Force Nexus, The latter of which is found in the ground by miners. Sweat gathering is generally done by Newcomers to the game, this 'sweat' is...
  18. Billy (BB)

    New site for the Dragons

    The Dragons Shadow Society has their web site up now still needs a little work but you all are invited to come take a look @