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  1. sungam

    Question: Drop items on the ground

    Will we ever be able to drop items on the ground again? like in the past. There is so much cool stuff you can build and also sponsor treasurehunts etc. Even if the items would only be on the ground for a limited time.
  2. sungam

    Entropia Merchandise

    a deck of cards with diffent motives would be nice
  3. sungam

    Uber: 8k+ prot and some lightshow ubers for all the light lovers :)

    gz and help me I got blind of those swirlies :)
  4. sungam

    Uber: Fat Tuna - 5928 PED

    lycky you :) now go an buy a "trisslott" :)
  5. sungam

    when yor girlfriend says u have the biggest dong of all your friends(10 peds short)

    That will take you some time. Have fun. gz :)
  6. sungam

    The best Fappers 'Uniform'

    naked is best for fapping :)
  7. sungam

    UL McMahon Vengeance

    Congratulations :)
  8. sungam

    HoF: Massive XX Force Nexus

    Congratulations :) that will take some time to extract.
  9. sungam

    HoF: Big Bulk: 5450 PED

    very nice :)
  10. sungam

    Uber: SimplyLyst

    gz :) maybe you should craft some lysterium power containers now :)
  11. sungam

    HoF: My first four digit!

    gz that is alot of crapnell for you :)
  12. sungam

    1st HoF - 2k Ambu

    Gz that one count as an uber :)
  13. sungam

    HoF: Good weekend :)

    Do you play in 4k? that is an awesome screenshot :) gz
  14. sungam

    Achievement: Miner learns to shoot a gun

    awesom gz :)
  15. sungam

    Achievement: One Shot, One Kill!

    2 more strikes and you are out!
  16. sungam

    What is your gaming chair?

  17. sungam

    Best UL TIR Rate

    gz youre feets are nr 1 :)
  18. sungam

    nanobot BPs

    I remember this too:wise:
  19. sungam

    Uber: TY again MsPudding

    That pic made me blind :) gz
  20. sungam

    Lootius Mayhem: Episode One

    Register Sungam Sun Nosskire
  21. sungam

    Raise Global Explosive Projectile Threshold to 200 Ped

    I vote for this:wise:
  22. sungam

    Is Ashi the best and only spot worth mining in EU?

    I must be doing something wrong. I have never mined there :)
  23. sungam

    Halloween Ring 2019

    very nice bling bling :)
  24. sungam

    5k Drone Elite

    grats. what does GM mean?
  25. sungam

    Un-amped mining is still possible!

    gz nice to see unamped hofs :)