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  1. sungam

    Question: Drop items on the ground

    Will we ever be able to drop items on the ground again? like in the past. There is so much cool stuff you can build and also sponsor treasurehunts etc. Even if the items would only be on the ground for a limited time.
  2. sungam

    Uber: 5k Zeladoth Kappa

    Doing some missions on Cyrene, glad that I did :) Second biggest HOF ever for me :) Happy Hunting
  3. sungam

    This loot gave me a boner

    There are those that say this is a myth, but I can confirm its not. Regular aurlis also drops mutated bones :yay: Happy hunting all
  4. sungam

    Uber: Nice Neconu Young 2415 PED :)

    Found this and that made me very happy :):yay::wtg::eyecrazy: Happy Hoffin :)
  5. sungam

    Achievement: 400k skills and still noob :)

    Im in the same club as Oleg now? As seen in the pic there is still room for improvements :) Happy hunting/mining/crafting and have a nice day :)
  6. sungam

    Selling: Adjusted Jaguar armor (M) full set

    SOLD Have a nice day Sungam Sun Nosskire
  7. sungam

    Selling: Adjusted Maddox IV tier 8 + Beast SGA amp

    Price 9000 for both not sold separately Give me a IGM. Have a nice day Sungam Sun Nosskire
  8. sungam

    Selling: Selling Leather Bulk Sale

    Allophyl Leather 12 10.80 PED Ambulimax Leather 1 12.00 PED Araneatrox Leather 2 30.00 PED Argonaut Leather 6 16.20 PED Armax Leather 3 9.00 PED Caudatergus Leather 8 6.00 PED Cersumon Leather 2 2.40 PED Chomper Cloth 8 5.76 PED Chomper Leather 8 10.08 PED Combibo...
  9. sungam

    Achievement: 300k skill

    A pic say more then 1000 words :) Have fun you all
  10. sungam


    Hello I cant l load ? Is it down or something wrong with my browser do you think Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the...
  11. sungam

    Selling: HUGE Storage SALE updated weekly

    Taking offers give me a IGM or PM. Continues in post #2 Texture Extractors Quantity TT-Value Info Advanced Cloth Extractor 219 2,19 Advanced Gem Extractor 4 0,04 Advanced Leather Extractor 258 2,58 Advanced Metal Extractor 7 0,07 Advanced Mineral Extractor 178 1,78 Advanced...
  12. sungam

    Selling: Animal leathers BULK

    Name Quantity TT-value Aetherex Leather 1 14,1 Allophyl Leather 6 5,4 Ambulimax Leather 4 48 Araneatrox Leather 1 15 Argonaut Leather 1 2,7 Armax Leather 10 30...
  13. sungam

    Selling: Enhancer Components BULK

    Name Quantity TT-value Accelerative Matrix Component I 24 7,2 Accelerative Matrix Component II 56 19,6 Accelerative Matrix Component III 29 14,5 Adaptive Fire Rate Component 56 16,8 Cable Slot...
  14. sungam

    Selling: Paint BULK

    Name Quantity TT-value Paint Can (Blue) 92 4,6 Paint Can (Brown) 659 46,13 Paint Can (Burgundy) 48 9,12 Paint Can (Burnt Umber) 23 3,45 Paint Can (Cornsilk) 2 0,48 Paint Can...
  15. sungam

    Selling: Extractors

    Texture Extractors BULK Name Quantity TT-value Advanced Cloth Extractor 75 0,75 Advanced Gem Extractor 2 0,02 Advanced Mineral Extractor 62 0,62 Advanced Stone Extractor 1059 10,59...
  16. sungam

    Uber: 3 Items and one was UL gun :)

    Hello I looted this yesterday and I believe its my best loot so far. Thank you MA:) Pricecheck Have a nice day
  17. sungam

    Emik Enigma L2

    Hello What can this weapon be worth?
  18. sungam


  19. sungam

    Selling: Fi/Ra/Co Evil BLP amp

    This is currently the most powerful BLP amp available on the market . For this amp to be effective, the weapon must have a maximun damage of at least 72HP. Start bid at tt + 4500PED SOLD!
  20. sungam

    Achievement: Treatment

    Today i unlocked Treatment. Finaly I can use a Vivo UR125(L) :) It took me 18months to go from medicine to unlock treatment...
  21. sungam

    Achievement: Agility 80 Today I reached 80 in agility. It took me 12 months to go from 70-80. It went alot faster than people voted see link...
  22. sungam

    The golf course

    What was the purpose of the golfcourse? How many hours did MA waste to make it?
  23. sungam

    Position in real time

    I would think it would be great to have position in real time under the radar so you dont have to press "p" all the time when you mining.
  24. sungam

    Uber: Vast Megan XXI

    Finally after some dry months I found this Hof :) You all have a nice day :)
  25. sungam

    Uber: VAST XXI Gazzurdite Stone

    This came from nowere :) Had an X Belkar that I double bombed and this little hof came up. I used a TK120 with 101amp and my prospector lvl is 23. You all have a nice day, I am sure I will :wtg: