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  1. Angel O2 Mercer

    Question: Resource Gathering, Gardening and Housing

    Hello, The introduction of these three new systems was an exciting leap towards real housing in Entropia Universe, but it seems you decided to abandon the idea of developing them any further. Besides a couple of minor bug fixes there has been no new content for any of them even though there was...
  2. Angel O2 Mercer

    Suggestion: UI Resolution scaling

    Hi, Could you please implement UI resolution scaling? The game text and most of the UI are unusable in 4k resolutions unless you use a magnifying glass like grampa. Our only option right now is to change the chat text size, which is great but not enough. We are reaching the point with current...
  3. Angel O2 Mercer

    Buying: [NO MORE] Generic Nano Adjusters

    Currently looking for: NOTHING, I GOT THEM ALL THANK YOU I'm trying to get them as cheap as possible, one bulk buy at discount price would be perfect. If you can help me get them cheaper, you'll get a quick sale ;) Thank you !!
  4. Angel O2 Mercer

    Increase spawn density of migration mobs

    Could you increase the spawn density and respawn rate of migration mobs? I don't know if it is the same with Eomon, but on almost all the longtooth spawns there are way more green dots than red ones. People is already fighting over kill steals. Please, every year is the same :( Thanks
  5. Angel O2 Mercer

    Selling: [SOLD] Full sets Perseus (M, L) and Adj. Pixie (M)

    Perseus (M,L) full set, full TT (a couple parts with good tier rates ~300) SOLD Adjusted Pixie (M) SOLD PM me here or ingame if you want them.
  6. Angel O2 Mercer

    Selling: adjusted ep41 (low tier)

    Gun sold, that was quick :) You can close this thread I guess.
  7. Angel O2 Mercer

    FYI: Can't loot when you are alone in a team

    Entropia Universe 15.17.0 was supposed to introduce this change: It does NOT work, I'm not sure it has ever worked. It would be nice if you could fix it please. Thank you.
  8. Angel O2 Mercer

    Help: Looking for an active soc for my disciple

    I have a disciple in need of a society, the avatar is very old but he recently came back to the game, and understandably, a lot has changed. I'm just looking for a good, drama free, society with decent people for the times we can't be online together (I'm from europe, he is from the USA). He...
  9. Angel O2 Mercer

    Selling: Melee Trauma Amplifier 6

    amp is sold, gl to new owner
  10. Angel O2 Mercer

    Date for the removal of legacy systems?

    Hello, Now that we have a shiny new community manager, I have a couple of questions that I think should be answerable and that are relevant enough for me to open this thread. 1. When will the old "Tier Upgrading" be removed and compensated? 2. When will the old "iron missions" be removed in...
  11. Angel O2 Mercer

    Selling: EWE LC-100 Frontier (t6)

    RIFLE SOLD, good luck to the new owner !
  12. Angel O2 Mercer

    FYI: Unlimited blueprint markup is not calculated properly

    Ever since you introduced the last changes to (L) BPs the markup for unlimited blueprints is not calculated properly. This is due to the fact that now a 100QR bp counts as 100 bps... on every sale. You can see this very easily if you check the markup on, let's say, Explosive 4 BP. They are...
  13. Angel O2 Mercer

    Selling: Restoration Chip Adjusted

    sold !!! Thank you
  14. Angel O2 Mercer

    Selling: EMT kit Ek-2350, Modified

    sold sold sold
  15. Angel O2 Mercer

    List of boosted (L) blueprints

    I would like to collect a list of confirmed boosted BPs (limited, golden name, "Boosted" marker showing). Finder Amplifiers Level 1 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L) Level 2 Finder Amplifier Light (L) Blueprint (L) Level 3 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L) Level 4 Finder Amplifier (L)...
  16. Angel O2 Mercer

    Selling: Dante amp

    sold sold sold
  17. Angel O2 Mercer

    Selling: Adjusted Maddox 4

    sold sold sold, gl to new owner !!!
  18. Angel O2 Mercer

    Help: Ok, who broke the spacetime continuum?

    Wait, am I posting this from the future? I'm confused. You might want to look into it :ahh:
  19. Angel O2 Mercer

    Selling: FFA points

    all sold out, sorry :)
  20. Angel O2 Mercer

    Quick VR review (request)

    Odd request maybe, but can someone do a quick video review of the new VR experience in EU? I don't have a headset :( I'm mostly interested in the general feeling and possible performance impact. How does the game feel? are there any problems with the UI? Clipping issues? stuttering? headaches...
  21. Angel O2 Mercer

    Question: What happens to aurli cave unlock once old missions are deprecated?

    Maybe this has been answered before but I can't find it. How would one open up the aurli cave once the old "Iron Challenge" style missions are deprecated in favor of the new codex? (The current requirement is completing the 5k aurli iron challenge) Do we get it once we reach the same number of...
  22. Angel O2 Mercer

    Selling: Perseus (M,L) (Full set)

    armor sold, ty
  23. Angel O2 Mercer

    Selling: EWE EP-41 Military, Adjusted (tier 0)

    gun sold !!!!
  24. Angel O2 Mercer

    Selling: T6 Adjusted EP-41 Military + Improved A105

    everything soldddddd
  25. Angel O2 Mercer

    Selling: Omegaton A105, Improved

    Price: TT+1450 (TT is 104 PED) PM me if you want it.