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  1. Ariia

    Achievement: I Finally Graduated!!!

    Ok, ok, so no, normally graduating one's discipleship is not an achievement....unless you're me!:ahh: Click to enlarge 15 months after Ariia was born, she finally got around to graduating. You see, I was farmed for discipleship and was avoiding graduation at all costs so the codger wouldn't...
  2. Ariia

    Achievement: Finally, A Global

    Well, hope this is in the right area. It is not a HOF, so didn't want to put it with them. However small this Global is, it is a big deal to me. I haven't globaled in anything for 10 months. This is my 5th ever from both mining and hunting combined. It was a late bday hunt with a soc...
  3. Ariia

    Random Glitches

    Okay, so I know there have always been pics posted of random glitches. However, I thought it would be fun to get them into one place. If this is done elsewhere, I appologize. :ahh: Let's see how many different shots we can get! Here's mine: Click to enlarge This was just floating at the...