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    Selling: Supremacy Thigh (M) and Mayhem Foot (F)

    Selling: Supremacy Thigh Guard (M) Sold and Mayhem Foot Guard (F) SB/BO: tt+1k Post or PM offers, Ped or CLD offers only please.
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    Selling: DOA Slugstorm

    Selling DOA Slugstorm Tier 0.9 Peds or CLD only, post or PM offers. SB: tt+20k BO: tt+25k
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    Selling: Improved Hedoc and Hedoc Mayhem

    Selling these two faps: Improved Hedoc Tier 0.X SOLD Hedoc Mayhem Tier 0.X SB: 2.1k BO: 2.3k Offers in Peds or CLD only please, post or PM.
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    Will you ever respect your loyal, responsible, honest, supportive, dedicated players?

    Or continue to ignore major issues, completely disrespecting these players? What are your plans to deal with the major shortcomings of your implementation of recent events and instances (lets ignore everything else for the last 10 years for now) and your plans to deal with abuse of exploits. As...
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    Pyromancer Chalte

    The person responsible needs to be shot, in the rectum, by a cannon.
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    Request to Calypso team

    Could you make a hunting event that is solely luck based, involving no skill or planning. Could you also make this event reward killing the easiest mob possible from the available mobs. Thanks U
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    Calling all Entropia PS3 players

    Related to this Xbox thread: Here's the respective PS3 thread: Want to play PS3 games online with likeminded ppl (aka fellow Entropians)? Post your PSN and the games you play online in here...
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    Calling all Entropia Xbox 360 players

    I have a few fellow Entropians on Xbox Live, but more couldn't hurt. Any Xbox players who wish to post their gamertags here for other Entropians to add them please do so along with which online games you play (and maybe the level you play at :P). If you send a friend request, don't forget to...
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    Thanks for the first reasonable balancing changes MA

    Finally MA actually did some balancing, to fix the items that make all other items in that class redundant (One example being the demonic extractor). General balancing across planets after they seemed to give unrestricted design access to PPs. To all the ppl crying that they lost their edge...
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    Could have been a nice VU.....

    Isn't it a shame how MA messed this one up :/ A couple of positives that I can see from this VU have been, grouping of sets and the crafting machine improvements, this could have been one of the most positive recent VUs. Unfortunately these won't be discussed much because of the overwhelming...
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    Selling: King's Sceptre Tier 3

    Highest DPS UL club ingame's_Sceptre PM offers
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    Could we have a clear description of what an exploit is?

    Often MA/PPs will be slow to react to, and fix an exploit. Due to very little communication from MA/PPs, many users will see the incident as a grey area and abuse it since no acknowledgement has been made that it is an exploit. I think it would help if we could have a description of what you...
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    PriceCheck: King's Sceptre

    Not currently for sale. Tier 3.X's_Sceptre Any thoughts?
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    Selling: 3x Genesis Rainbow Sword (L)

    Selling 3 Genesis Rainbow Swords in bulk. TTs: 393, 393 and 170.20 = 956.20ped total SB: 102% (975.32ped) BO: 104% (994.45ped) Ends 48 hours after SB met
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    Selling: Some PK gear

    Skildek Pulverizers, low skill req, uber damage! 37.99ped - full TT available 780% year (1.6k ped tt) ingame stats SOLD ------------------------------------------------------------------------ RapSTAR amps...
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    Selling: 4E(L) set of plates

    2 sets, full tt (7 pieces each) available: Weekly ingame MU = 153% Sold by set of 7 only (set tt = 339.5ped) SB: 150% (509.25ped) BO: 160% (543.20ped) Offers will be accepted for both sets simultaneously and...
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    Selling: Some materials for XT crafting (bulk)

    55x Brain Oil - 1045ped tt (weekly 107.3%) 1173x Advanced Modulator - 93.84ped tt (yearly 144.3%) 9x Kirtz Ingot - 151.2ped tt (weekly 102.74%) 112x Binary Energy - 168ped tt (weekly 108.94%) 269960x Animal Oil Residue - 2699.60ped tt (weekly 101.06%) Total TT: 4157.64 Value according to...
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    Selling: Eon Helmet (F) Tier 0.9

    Selling an unlimited Eon Helmet (F) Tier 0.9 PM me or post offers in this thread.
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    Uber: Electro Matrix and some other items

    Since the servers are down for a VU atm, I have time to post these team loots from the recent robot invasion. 1st, a little HoF with a cryo chip (L), a bear harn(L) and some gun: Another small HoF with an Electro Matrix, LR41(L) and some armour piece: Third one here...
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    Selling: Starkhov AS-117 Modified (Tier 0.9)

    Selling this awesome rifle: SOLD SOLD 93dps from 99m (untiered with dante) SOLD Post your offers. SOLD Current Bid: TT+40.5k (by PM) SOLD This sale will run until Sunday 25th September 12:00(MA/UTC/GMT) SOLD Min bid increment...
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    Selling: Eon Helmet (F)

    Selling an unlimited Eon Helmet (F) Tier 0.9 PM me or post offers in this thread. SB = tt+4k BO = tt+5k End date maximum 1 week from when SB is met.
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    Selling: Eon Helmet (M)

    Selling an unlimited Eon Helmet (M) Tier 0.X PM me or post offers in this thread. SB = 4k BO = 7k Minimum bid increments 100ped Current bid = 4k (via PM) Serious bidders may request bidder's name of PM bids for...
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    Selling: Crude Nails (F,C)

    Selling this rare clothing item. Only 3 sales on ingame auction ever. The nails are currently coloured red (or crimson, I cant remember, they look red. I'll add pics later). SB: 1k BO: 2k Bid increments of 50ped...
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    Selling: 1x Armour Plating 8A SGA

    Selling 1 8A SGA edition plate. The best UL (or L) impact/cut/stab plate ingame. Stats: SB: tt+3k BO: tt+3.5k Bid increments of 50ped please. Auction ends 4 days after SB is met. Usual disclaimers...
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    Tier 10 - For all you High Tier Needs

    What is Tier 10? Tier 10 is a shop specializing in high TIR (Tier Increase Rate) items allowing the items to reach high tiers before breaking. Locating items through the ingame auction with high TIRs can be very time consuming, checking every item and disregarding the 95% of items with normal...