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  1. Cea

    Achievement: Ground Assessment - level 12 surveyor

    Just hit GA and level 12. :yay: Click to enlarge
  2. Cea

    Question: EF sigs and (shady) links?

    There are some people who have links in their EF signatures to various money making scheme sites of varying quality. :scratch2: I am a bit ticked off by some of those. If someone wants to browse thru tonnes of spam to earn a few...
  3. Cea

    FYI: RT update 1.01 coming [/LIST]
  4. Cea

    1000 posts and all is well

    Ehh, 1000 EF posts already? Well I always was a forum spammer in the previous games too. Mining whenever I get the time, and liking it. Nowhere near of needing to deposit in a while... maybe that can be counted as an achievement hehe.
  5. Cea

    Omgz 3 HOF doable in one night!!!!!! :-D

    Newsflash: Continued at post 8. :yay: :yay: :yay: Disclaimer: Alcohol kills you etc yadda yadda.
  6. Cea

    Info: Mini-guide: scanning miner bots

    Scanning miner bots for skills, without dying ► Quick read version: Teleport to Treasure Island Castle, run South until you find any miner bot. Avoid their much more aggressive companions! Tag the miner bot with any ranged weapon. Run North towards TI Castle until there are no other mobs...
  7. Cea

    Partici...what? Player? Colonist?

    Are we participants, players, colonists or what? I was just thinking of how these terms are mixed rather freely even in MA/FPC posts. So, to pass time at work :ahh: here's a poll about this. Multiple choices allowed!
  8. Cea

    Help: Need official MindArk forums!

    Dear MindArk, Please take your responsibility like most other MMO companies, and start providing proper, official, ad-free, virus-free forums. I suggest sub-forums for each planet partner, too - so you only need one logon as a participant, to find info about each planet at the same...
  9. Cea

    Cea's new sig

    Made a new siggy... Opinions? Cea's a miner 100% atm. Some noob photoshopping with a screeny as base. Will change the text part next, this was about the jpg only.
  10. Cea

    Question: EF and the new planet(s)?

    How will today's patch affect EF structure? Rocktropia forum? Sub-forums for each planetary system? Curious of how it will work. Or, keep it as it is - imo chaos will develop.
  11. Cea

    Question: No +rep on iPhone?

    EDIT: Problem solved - open in new window when pushing the Add rep button. Thanks Electic! No +rep on iPhone - You can Open the +/- rep dialogue but when you select the reason field, it all vanishes. EF also refuses rep without reason ( which is good). No +rep in the mobile theme. I think the...
  12. Cea


    It's not really about the other game... hope it's ok to share this link: --> Matchmaking :cheer:
  13. Cea


    ☺☻☺☻☻☺☺☻ !
  14. Cea

    Info: Legotropia?

    Found this today:
  15. Cea

    Question: Most *un*eco weapon ever?

    All this talk about eco hunting... let's turn it upside down! :eek: I got curious: what is the most expensive weapon setup - with ammo burn, decay, enhancers and whatnot. Regardless of mob - just what does a weapon cost to use per tick? Highest cost per hit/shot wins - any ideas? Please don't...
  16. Cea

    FYI: Bugged enmat was indeed returned

    Edit: To summarize, they have returned the bugged enmats from the rods that were invisible due to bug when 10.9.0 was released: In my case, not worth the time of reporting this bug, but I really hope those with bigger invisible claims went through the trouble. :tiphat: to MA/FPC for this.
  17. Cea

    HoF: My first HoF ever

    Pics here: Today, 519 PED Fire Root Globule. :eek: :yay:
  18. Cea

    FYI: Psychic powers

    Behold Cea levitating a Vivo at Akmuul today! Gfx bug I think... :wtg:
  19. Cea

    Help: In-game bug alerts please!!!

    Suggestion: when some bad bugs sneak on-line (like - please oh please add a routine to send out red in-game chat spam warning of this. It's not enough to post stuff like that on load...
  20. Cea

    FYI: Mining bugged?

    People are saying they getting invisible claims after VU 10.9.whatnot. At least enmatter. I did, too: Click to enlarge
  21. Cea

    FYI: Patching, my way.

    This is my patching routine. Using today's patch as an example. Check that Acronis has done its job with incremental backup last night: Click to enlarge - affirmative :D Launch EU Let it download patch - HANDS OFF COMPUTER Time: apprx 13 sec. Let patcher patch - HANDS OFF COMPUTER Time...
  22. Cea

    My globals in mining

    OK today I got fourth mining global after I started mining. Will make one reusable thread following some earlier examples. :laugh: #1 and #2 were here: #3 was here...
  23. Cea

    Question: on the business part of mining

    A little background first to these questions: Now a level 6 surveyor, I have only done enmatter mining. Currently using Tik200. Three globals, nothing fancy yet. Dropping probes at 110 m distance, either line or carpet bombing. Not following any loot/skill gain/rebomb theories. I have gotten...
  24. Cea

    Funny small global

    Click to enlarge See piccy. :D I was chatting with my mate, and right after his comment I saw the swirlies. :wtg:
  25. Cea

    Info: Possessed Ju55?

    Today I am wondering if my Ziples Ju55 is possessed. On a short run it hit 4 x claims with Devil's Tail. :D Can a mining tool get possessed?