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  1. FireTaffer

    Info: Exit Vehicle button.

    Hmm, was fiddling around with customizations, and came along this button. I haven't seen it before, so just wanted to point it out :). I might be a bit late, so sorry :D. Just a little 'Exit Vehicle' button, with what looks like an old sedan on it ;).
  2. FireTaffer

    Entropiaradio on Firefox not working

    Sorry if this has been posted before, whenever I try to run AtlasHaven Radio in firefox it says I need to install the 'Windows Media Player 11 Plugin.' I install it, and it still doesn't work, this is just a minor inconvenience, not really that urgent ;). If there is a fix for this let me...
  3. FireTaffer

    Back button needed at start screen.

    How many of you have seen this message appear? It is very annoying having to go all the way back to the 'Entropia Universe Login' having to click launch again. Vista is also known for having problems quitting entropia, it freezes up and you have to...
  4. FireTaffer

    The Off-Topic Guide

    1) Pancakes 2) Post photographs of irrelevant things. 3) animated avatars please add more stuff :D
  5. FireTaffer

    How many points for a Rep-bar?

    Sorry if this has been posted multiple, maybe millions of times, but I have used search and looked around the forums, but have not managed to find it :ahh: Just give me a quick link or some long chart :D Thanks in Advance Fire
  6. FireTaffer

    How about some Entropian Politics?

    I just had a great idea today, was minding my own business, eating, sleeping, eating some more, a bit of a nap, then BAM! It came to me. Politics in Entropia, may not sound like much, but if you think deeply about it, it is :D Elections every now and then, voting for the big guy, we could put...
  7. FireTaffer

    Invasion @ East Scylla

    Today I was on a TP run with my dis. I was happily running enjoying the birds. Then it happened. 313.6 damage you have been killed the The Eviscerator. There's an Invasion around East Scylla Mountains of some Mutants and The Eviscerator, Happy Hunting!
  8. FireTaffer

    I sure hope it's as good as

    We've all heard about the new Cryengine2 Update. It's going to be one of the biggest things ever. There are threads going on and on about it. But, my point is, is Cryengine2 being implemented in Entropia going to be as good as Cryengine2 being implemented into Cryteks awesome game Crysis? In...
  9. FireTaffer

    Taking long time to update Textures

    Seems like it's taking a rather long time to update textures in the latest update. I managed to download them in about 2seconds bam! Whats going on? :eek::eek::eek: Edit: nevermind it finished, was just the second bit that took it's time :P
  10. FireTaffer

    Your Favourite Weapon Type

    Heh everyone, I'm just curious what everyone's favorite weapon is, usually in events i see ubers running around using BLP Rifle's and Laser Handgun's, i do see the occasional longblade every once in a while, but enough of that, my question is : 'What is Your Favorite Type of Weapon?'
  11. FireTaffer

    Beware the Entropia Overdose!

    Now, I made this here thread to help people tell if they have the Entropia Overdose, feel free to add more examples :D 1.You carry a keyboard and mouse around you. 2.You press 'p' on the keyboard trying to see your co-ords. 3.You actually do see those co-ords. 4.When you need something you...
  12. FireTaffer

    EU sure has bad rep....

    I've been browsing through some websites and read reviews for Entropia, alot of them keep on saying entropia is just a big scam. I think we, as calypsians, should stand up and say 'NO! ENTROPIA IS A NOT A SCAM YOU STUPID N00BS!!!!11!~~!1!~11' and put an end to this. There are many forums saying...
  13. FireTaffer

    My Mini Quest for all Enmatz.

    Sup all, anyway, I'm on an attempt to find all the enmatters, currently I'm using a Ju55, and as by 1 of the guides on EF I've discovered I can't find Ferrum Nuts, I'll get them later. Anyway I need some locations of the following Enmatters from all you nice people. 1.Blood Moss (Akmuul is an...
  14. FireTaffer

    Question: What 2 Craft?

    Hi, I'm new to this crafting, been skilling on a bit of bodyguard, bit of settler, and quite a bit of filters, most seem to be giving me badly but I did get a 2k metal residue off a settler shin guard :). Now the question is, what is the best item you should craft whereas you can break even or...
  15. FireTaffer

    PEAss, it's outdated.

    I've been using PEAss for some time, there have nv been any updates, nothing has changed, the maps need some stuff it out of business or something?
  16. FireTaffer

    Selling: Mentor Edition 5B Plate Anyone?

    Edit : I'm Selling a 5B Plate Mentor Edition, for 2.5k ped, if anyone wants it.....just ask :)
  17. FireTaffer

    Question: What is your Favourite Hunting Mob?

    I'm kinda curious, whats everyone favourite mob? (hunting)
  18. FireTaffer

    EU or PE?

    What do YOU (thats right, you) Prefer to call Entropia?
  19. FireTaffer

    Hints, Jokes, and Stuff

    Post Some Random Stuff here! I'll start : Daily Hint : Don't try to sweat robots!
  20. FireTaffer

    Depositing is Profiting?

    From what I've seen, if you have always deposited and you suddenly stop, you get lucky ;). It works the other way round, I rarely deposit, but once I put in a bit of money I usualy get good loots\claims. I have asked quite a few people about this and most of them agree (Most). So, do you guys...