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  1. matthew

    Hello from MindArk's new Community Relations Manager!

    Welcome :) Good luck!
  2. matthew

    Official Policy Regarding Participant-Organized Events

    Thanks for the clarification, I guess HSL events are fine because the winner is not selected randomly, only the means to become the winner is random.... Or is it
  3. matthew

    A ShoutOut to " Star Alex Grey " for being a stand up person

    would it help if all deeds were converted to the new share centre (i forgot the name)? Maybe it is harder to make mistakes with this system compared to auction. If a person makes a mistake the fault lies with the system which allowed them to make the mistake not the person (at least imo) and...
  4. matthew

    Introducing Skrill

    9% is huge, very sad to see MA still trying to push the webshop :( Strongboxes are completely useless to crafters
  5. matthew

    Add crypto miner (optional)

    Going to also say no, MA needs to focus on EU and the RCE than crypto stuff. If people want to earn extra peds MA should return the in game advert screens as they did before and give people the option of having them turned on for a little extra % loot. Problem with cypto is that it is a waste...
  6. matthew

    MindArk's Statement Regarding Unauthorized Use of Official Items

    Seems quick and a well handled response, +rep MA for acting and communicating. Punishment seems fair. Echoing what has been said before a reward for the person who discovered this would be a good gesture.
  7. matthew

    Achievement: Highest HP avatar ingame and the story

    great post, thanks for sharing. Very insightful and inspiring!
  8. matthew

    Mindark Annual Report 2019

    makes me laugh that the pages aren't straight MA, doesn't fill me with great investor confidence. look forward to seeing an English version soon
  9. matthew

    Tier upgrader skill implant MindArk purchases

    Also sad that nobody official has replied to this thread. You should tweet at them your complaint i heard that usually works for decent companies :confused:
  10. matthew

    Entropia Universe Merchandise Sale

    MA is definitely missing a trick here. The webshop should be a shop in game! Where people can buy this stuff for PEDS. Hell, why not sell an in game shop with the exclusive rights to sell this merch for 50/50 profit share for 3 years? I just don't get MA decisions :scratch2:. The online...
  11. matthew

    Question: How much longer until Arkadia Moon Deeds are tradable?

    Maybe each asset sale needs to be evaluated by some outside independent company in this case to determine the IPO price.
  12. matthew

    Question: How much longer until Arkadia Moon Deeds are tradable?

    a count down would be really nice :) I can see why MA has set the system up as they did, i.e. not allowing the trade of a deed until the IPO has been completed, but i think this leads to a bad situation for both players and planet partners. Better to allow the deeds to be tradable after a...
  13. matthew

    Higher Latency

    Also started to experience bad lag after the lighting VU update, please enable a way to let us turn this off :cool:
  14. matthew

    Suggestion: Global auction without planet transport fee´s

    agreed. It is super annoying to have 20 different auctions. At least please kill off the dead ones (why does AU have it's own auction :scratch2:). If i am looking for a particular item i don't want to check each auction for that item. If anything i am more likely to buy from other planets if...
  15. matthew

    Ancient Greece Shares

    Not sure if this is a good thing or not.. Either way it is not the share holders who are in control of the development and this is the most worrying thing about these shares. From the CP deeds it seems that MA sold them and then gave up developing it (where are the promised events?). Share...
  16. matthew

    Robot Spring offensive

    When are the events on crystal palace going to start?
  17. matthew

    Entropia Universe 17.1 Release Notes

    I like that the L BPs are stackable this should make them much easier to sell welding wire BPs at auction :yay: Warning on the lootable part would have been nice, i also travel with all my BPs and would have been very annoyed if i had found myself off caly with all of them on me. I am in...
  18. matthew

    Deposit limits - should MA do more?

    Yes in the UK these types of things are common for all types of gambling. Even later in the year depositing money into online gambling via credit card will be banned. It is interesting to hear different opinions on the topic
  19. matthew

    Deposit limits - should MA do more?

    For several years i have requested a reduced deposit limit, partly so that i don't get carried away and spend to much and partly so i am more thoughtful about how i spend my peds on any given month (usually leading to more hours/$$$). However everytime my card expires or i change card my limit...
  20. matthew

    Entropia Universe 17.0.4 Release Notes

    I am sad the update broke my client loader again
  21. matthew

    Question: When we can expect events on Cp

    very good question. Information/Plans for the events on CP would be helpful. If there isn't going to be any events then the investors should get those PEDs back. Making an event on CP every couple weeks, even every couple of months is an easy promise not to break. Yet some how this...
  22. matthew

    Entropia Goals For *2020*

    I'll set myself the following goals: 1) Take at least 1 attachment BP from 0 to 100 QR 2) Deposit only to buy deeds/items
  23. matthew

    Suggestion: Gender Reassignment

    Agree remove F/M assignments for armour and clothes
  24. matthew

    Entropia Universe 17.0 Release Notes

    This worked for me, thank you for the tip!! Now I only get the graphics card does not support direct X 11 error but at least I can get to the loading screen now.
  25. matthew

    Entropia Universe 17.0 Release Notes

    VU still broken for me even after a reinstall. Now my client loader just says not responding and greys out.