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  1. matthew

    Deposit limits - should MA do more?

    For several years i have requested a reduced deposit limit, partly so that i don't get carried away and spend to much and partly so i am more thoughtful about how i spend my peds on any given month (usually leading to more hours/$$$). However everytime my card expires or i change card my limit...
  2. matthew

    Problems with deposit limits

    The deposit limit on my account is reset everytime I change my card or remove and add the same card. This is extremely annoying. Limits are requested by participants for specific reasons and it is no good if those limits can easily be reset or worked around. Kind regards, Matthew
  3. matthew

    Component quest 012

    Monrian plating complete :yay: A great BP to click with several good hits including 3 globals (totaling about 200 peds) and 1, 400 ped hof. The HOF came on the very last click of a 1005 click right so i'm very happy i clicked those extra 5 clicks. MU of resources needed was a little...
  4. matthew

    Question: Deleting planet data

    I recently reinstalled entropia and noticed thatmy download status for other planets have some values, for example Toulan 65%. Does this mean that i have downloaded 65% of Toulan, if so is there anyway i can delete this? (as i would rather have the space on my hard disk until the point for...
  5. matthew

    Suggestion: Free auction and order listings on new/'developing' planets

    Basically as the title says, my suggestion would be to make auction and order listings free on all new/'developing' planets. This would encourage the placement of auction and orders as there would be no financial loss to listing items. On planets with small populations I am discouraged to pay...
  6. matthew

    Component Quest 011

    Reached 100 QR with basic sensors this evening :) bringing me up to a total of 11 QR 100 BPs in my collection This was a nice BP to click as the basic sensors had good MU (about 130%) and the ingredients required to click the BP were not so expensive to get hold off. As far as I can...
  7. matthew

    Component quest 010

    Wow, it's done. The first of the Monria BPs completed, Monrian power system :) this bp took approximately 26,200 clicks to finish and gave me two globals and a silent global when I looted an EP recycle I BP with TT value 0.36 ped. I did 10 clicks on the bp for fun (breaking even) and then...
  8. matthew

    Component quest 009

    Basic wires completed :yay: A great BP which gave me 2 globals along the way. Didn't loot any new bps and haven't acquired any more. I have all the BPs I need to complete all the level 1 components which should keep me going for some time. Thanks to everyone who bought the wires...
  9. matthew

    Component quest 008

    Finished basic pump :yay: This one took a little longer than the previous BPs as I relied mostly on dividend payouts rather than depo's to make it till the end. Still I got there and it took approximately 25530 clicks to get it done. Most interesting loot was about 40 ped in size, I hit...
  10. matthew

    Component Quest 007

    Standard Damper 100 QR rating... Check! A classic BP standard damper did not disappoint. The BP itself was 75QR when I bought it and took about a week to complete the final part. As the cost per click increases I have switched to crafting on quantity and the highest loot i received was...
  11. matthew

    Global Alliance Reborn

    Global Alliance Reborn Recruiting the best of the best to join our quest to colonise and prosper across the universe! Global Alliance Reborn aims to build an active member base across all planets and moons within the universe to be a truly global society! PM me or apply now at the society...
  12. matthew

    Component quest 006

    Basic power system 100 QR :D = 6/167 complete The least interesting BP of the quest so far with very few decent loots (hence the long time it took me to complete). The highest loot was about 39 ped which I hit early on. Didn't loot any new BPs, however I did loot about 30 auxiliary socket...
  13. matthew

    Component Quest 005

    Made it to 100 QR on Basic tube :), most exciting loot was a 39 pedder so no globals here but still pretty good imo. I didn't loot any BPs that I didn't already own, maybe the most interesting BP I did loot was plastic springs II. this takes me to 5/167 on my component quest :yay...
  14. matthew

    Component Quest 004

    Completed basic servo today which takes me to 4/167 :D I managed to complete this one very quickly thanks to a nice hof (570 ped) a few days ago. I'll skip standard dampers for now as I'm still trying to obtain a suitable low QR bp and will start basic tubes next. This was the first bp...
  15. matthew

    HoF: 570 PED Basic Servo :)

    Hit a very nice suprise on basic servos today, 570 PED HOF :D. Number 57 on board. This is my highest multiplier to date :yay: I'm working to get 100 QR on every calypso component BP and this will help a lot!
  16. matthew

    Component Quest Post 003

    First HOF of the component quest on basic servo bp, 570 PED! :D About a 9500 multiplier Very pleased indeed.
  17. matthew

    Sir Matt's Component Quest Post 002

    After tens of thousands of clicks finally reached 100 QR on basic auxiliary socket bp :D, took about 9 days so far quicker than the previous BPs. I did this on condition crafting as I found it quite hard to shift these on auction. Highest loot was around 23 ped (about 350 multiplier). I...
  18. matthew

    Sir Matt's Component Quest post 001

    Hi all, I have decided to start a blog to track the progress of my lastest and perhaps most ambitions endevor... To reach 100 QR on all 167 component BPs :yay:. I will craft the components in order of TT cost per click (lowest to highest) and post here things like biggest loot, most...
  19. matthew

    PED flow centre improvements

    Dear MA, Please could you introduce some additional features to the PED flow centre? Charts/graphs of returns Running monthly average payout Last month's payout Thank you!
  20. matthew

    Question: largest known quantity multiplier?

    Hi all, I am interested in seeing how quantity crafting stacks up against condition crafting. I am looking for information/pictures on very large multipliers on 100% quantity. I am interested if quantity crafters can make hits on the scale of condition crafting :). thanks
  21. matthew

    85 PED EP II full quantity

    Ran out of peds to craft finders so turned to the trusty EP II BP and had a nice surprise :) Highest quantity loot from it so far I still think there is potential for even higher loots from this thing so i'll keep on clicking when the peds are running low :)
  22. matthew

    EP Top hits quantity and condition

    Hi all, I am interested in knowing about big EP hits on quantity and condition, to get a better feel for what types of loot that are possible, particularly for EP I - III. As all 4 of the BPs are clumped into 1 on entropia life I think it is a shame we cannot know who holds the record for the...
  23. matthew

    249 PED EP II Condition

    A new personal highest hit on this BP. Current return stands at 125% after ~10,000 recorded clicks. At least this gives me some margin to play with for the next 10,000 clicks. For those interested in stats after the first ~10,000 clicks, I received 7 loots between 30-50 ped and 3x 50+...
  24. matthew

    152 PED EP II condition

    Had a pleasant surprise while doing some skilling. 152 PED EP II on full condition, first click as well :cool: 152 ped is the largest i've hit on this BP :).
  25. matthew

    237 PED F-102 Quantity

    I was taking a break from some Kerbs and hit this on quantity, my highest quantity crafting global to date 237 PED F-102 :yay: