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  1. DistantSun

    Raven Helmet M (UL)

    Hi all, Further to my post a couple of moments ago (link) Link to entropiawiki Sales history shows that there have only been three sales of the M version on the open market. All for tier 1, all this decade but not this year. As such I was wondering what price tag people would put on the...
  2. DistantSun

    HoF: Raven Helmet M (UL)

    Hi all, As the title says, I recently looted a rare item: Raven Helmet M (UL): Link to entropiawiki Not looted a rare item in a couple of years so thought it would be nice to share. Will also be starting a price check thread as it looks like there have only ever been 3 auction based...
  3. DistantSun

    Achievement: Finished - Iron Challenge V (10000 Eviscerator)

    Iron Challenge V (10000 Eviscerator) Done and dusted. Equipment: Unplated Thunderbird UL with (L Shin Guards) Past few months ArMatrix LP-40 / 45 (L) + Omegaton A106 Refurbished H.E.A.R.T. Rank VI Globals (as listed on Entropia Live): >300: 2 200 > 299: 2 100 > 199: 23 50 > 99: 79 Total...
  4. DistantSun

    Question: Question over the Eviscerator Iron Challenge V reward

    Hi all, Being about a third of the way though the Eviscerator Iron Challenge V (Kill 10,000 Eviscerator) mission chain I started thinking about the mission reward: The reward options are: Strength (250 Tokens) and Rifle (eq. 45.44 PED implant) Strength (250 Tokens) and Handgun (eq. 45.44 PED...
  5. DistantSun

    Some swirls from this evening ( last one was funny )

    Before this week I was working on the noob fap mission on an other planet but decided to come home and try my look at the migration and to finish the Longtooth mission chain. Managed to get a couple of globals: 76PED 59PED Then need to stop as L gun broke :eyecrazy: Short break then visited...
  6. DistantSun

    Selling: Some great low markup L armor

    I have the below for sale if anyone is interested. Would be perfect for anyone hunting in the migration Name_____Ozpyn Beetle (L)___Ozpyn Force Armor (L) Stb_____________25_______________20 Cut_____________25_______________15 Imp_____________10_______________30...
  7. DistantSun

    Entropia Life support cases

    Hi all, Quick question (I hope) does anyone know if the people over at Entropia Life check or respond on their Support Cases? I have four support cases with them (one created a moment ago) as yet no responses on any. Just wondered if others had recently received any response in relation to...
  8. DistantSun

    Question: Quick mining question

    Quick question about mining. I see people doing mining in two ways: Drop probe and carry on running then drop another while still running and so one. Stand still and drop a probe after the finder has finished run to the next spot then stand still and repeat I have tried both methods and...
  9. DistantSun

    Question: Ahhhh the good old days

    Think the title says it. 29th Jan 2008 HOF smack back in the middle of the PVP4 Managed to get all of it out without getting PKed Just wondered if anyone else has anything similar or has as creenshot of anything larger in or around the same location?
  10. DistantSun

    Question: Question about: I've got a bone to pick! -- and -- Puny missions

    Hi fellow entropians, As I am nearing the end of the "Iron Challenge: 10000 Puny Creatures" mission and have collected 3656 Calypso Bone Sample I have a couple of questions to ask those in the community that have finished the "I've got a bone to pick!" mission: Did you collect all your own...
  11. DistantSun

    Selling: Skildek Lancehead (L) x LOTS

    Hi all, 4000 / 10000 though the Puny missions and seem to have as stockpile of Skildek Lancehead (L) If anyone is interested I have 20 + in storage all of which are full TT. Feel free to message me in game or drop me a PM here with an offer if these are of interest to you.
  12. DistantSun

    First global since 18 July 2013

    OK checking Entropia Life my last global was on 18 July 2013. Thats some time ago :( Well since I have been back I have been doing the Puny Missions (stage 5 af of yesterday). Current setup is: Naked with TT laser pistol I just visited the Berycled Nest and boom: It may say (Shared Loot) but...
  13. DistantSun

    Back in the game: hunting advice

    Main gun and available armor: Omegaton Igni L1100 (L) + A105 Jarhead (UL) Thunderbeard (UL) (no shins) 5B plates 6A plates Top skills: 45.19: Laser Pistol (Hit) 44.71: Ranged Laser (Damage) I have about 700ped to cycle though ammo. My question is: What would be the best mob to hunt and...
  14. DistantSun

    Info: Trapping in the Marcimex / Mind Reaver instance IS a bug (confirmed)

    Hi all, Earlier today I send a support case asking a couple of questions about the new Marcimex / Mind Reaver instance. Basically the questions were: Players are able to stand out of reach (on the left hand wall) and kill the larger Marcimex. Is this a bug/exploit or is this a tactic that...
  15. DistantSun

    Marcimex time

    Been shooting these things since they came out then it looks like they liked me today: After looking around what do with the Brain Oil I decided to add it to auction along with some other looted stuff. Following this I went back to hunting and got three fast globals: Marcimex Soldier 79 PED...
  16. DistantSun

    Double / Triple Skills

    We have not had any double / triple skills for ages :( To coincide with the launch of the Second Golden Age (SGA) who here would appreciate a period of double / triple skills ? Would this entice you into buying those components needed to be able to run the new VU or even a new PC ? Question...
  17. DistantSun

    Nice PvP4 HOF

    A little strange I know, but yesterday I want mining on my PC. Makes a change from the laptop as I can see lol. Well back on track. Was mining around some Muluk-Hir's, dropped 1 bomb found a claim, double bombed and found another, tripple bombed and a Muluk-Hir Chamption killed me. I though...
  18. DistantSun

    Mining PvP4 blind - again

    First off I know that I need a new graphics card, this laptop sux. But atleast I can mine play sitting on the sofa watching TV :) Was on a 100 bomb run using OF105 (no amp). Had just returned from storage. Got all the below standing in one location and not moving Bomb 47 = IX Blau Bomb 48 =...
  19. DistantSun

    Naked PVP4 Mining HOF

    First off let me say, the screen shot is crap because; The graphics card in my laptop sux, I cant see shit other than floating weapons, mining claims and terminals. Hence the reason I only mine and chat on the laptop. OK so I went out mining PvP4 with my trusty OF105 (no amp) Naked with an...
  20. DistantSun uses an invalid security certificate

    Just wondered if anyone else is getting the same as me. Since yesterday I have been unable to securly get into my account via the Planet Calypso website using either FireFox or Internet Explorer. FireFox Internet Explorer
  21. DistantSun

    Full loot window

    Just wondered what is the most amount of different items people have had from a single mob (as in all from the same kill). I was out killing bats earlier when a stupid Berycled Dom attached me and passed me these 9 items; So post your pics and show the community what you got :) Would...
  22. DistantSun

    SaS Now and Then

    Yesterday night while chatting to a member of my old soc SaS Silent Assassins it was decided that we should go kill some feffs. I think the first comment in team chat was something allong the line of "OK lets get on the HOF list" Anyways after me and Thor had burned through probably 10000 -...
  23. DistantSun

    Question: How do you do it ?

    Just out of curiosity, I was wondering how you go about mining. I have heard / read of different ways people mine such as; Drop xxx bombs/probes then go back and extract all finds Drop bomb/probe then extract find straight away (if you find something) I tend to go for option 2 as its easier...
  24. DistantSun

    Achievement: 100k Skills + Extra Health

    Yesterday I went out trying to get the last 4-500 hundred skills needed to reach 100k skills but didnt manage it. Still managed to get 6 globals though (Click here to see thread) Today I was determined to get the remaining skills, on they way I got these; Funny thing was both globals...
  25. DistantSun

    Trying to reach my goal

    Went out today trying to reach my 100k skills goal. First off tried some trox BLP was a CB13 Then tried some scrips Laser pistol on the first kill was a HL6 Hope I can post in the Achievements section very soon