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  1. olivia888

    Recent and serious overheating!

    Hi everybody, I have a problem staying on Entropia for longer than 5 minutes! My laptop shuts down due to overheating!!! I had just turned it on, but as soon as I am in EU, my processor starts over-heating and once it gets over 90 degrees, it shuts down! Have any of you had similar problems? It...
  2. olivia888

    Estate Deeds???

    Everyone I know in game is going crazy over Calypso deeds; that's great and all... but has anyone tried listing an estate deed in the auction since their release??? My husband and I EACH tried listing the same apartment deed - and we both got a message that these items are not able to be...
  3. olivia888

    I need a moderator to help me!

    I have had a message on my account that when I press on it says I "have 1 notification", yet when I click it, there isn't one! I just want the message of a notification to be deleted by someone who is able. Please help me with this annoying issue. :scratch2:
  4. olivia888

    While the cat's away - the mice will play!

    Okay - so these screenies may be a bit "slutty", so if you are only interested in viewing threads which are family rated - please don't peek! I took a few pictures during my years on Calypso; these were just meant to be fun. I had not planned on ever posting these, but after stumbling upon them...
  5. olivia888

    Awwww.... Remeber whewn we could USE our Hanashi cupboards?

    It is pretty obvious to me that MA likes to release new and fun toys, to create short-lived fads, and for us to spend our PED on. What about fixing the stuff that was brought in - that we still loved - and never gets fixed! I remember when these had beautiful glass doors, and doubled as storage...
  6. olivia888

    I love you,my darling!

    I had to post this as a love note to the man I love, the man who has always looked out for me, a spoils me crazy in the Entropia Universe!!! :love: XOX
  7. olivia888

    Is this really true???! Could this really be? Is it going to happen for real? I would fall flat on my face if I one day a actually received a 'Mind Bank' card! :yay::scratch2::confused::woot::beerchug::cheer::deal:
  8. olivia888

    Beauty and the Beast of Bugs!

    Beauty and the Beast of Bugs :mad: I had the privilege of being in the beauty business as a hair, face and body stylist for a short period. During this time I saw how hard the business is especially during these hard times. More chairs and tools seem to be dropping as loot in the game, while...
  9. olivia888

    The Mayor

    This is an amazing Canadian woman, and an inspiration to us all... I just had to post this video for you all!
  10. olivia888

    AAHR's RavenJade is doing our party on Satan's Choice's Drakens OLA 26! Watch out for the Vampires!

    RavenJade will be dejaning awesomely at whatever party she works at next! I am a big fan of AHR, but will not be p[osting announcememnts for anybody's parties but my own. Have fun all you party people! :wtg:CHEERIO!:wtg: :tiphat:
  11. olivia888

    Sitting funny

    We've all been sitting around waiting, for things to come back into the game - that we are sitting funny!!! :laugh:
  12. olivia888

  13. olivia888

    Happy Birthday

    :birthday:Happy Birthday:birthday: Drakens Serpentis
  14. olivia888

    Free Treasure hunt frenzy qualifier!

    :yay:Free Treasure hunt frenzy qualifier!:yay: Serpentis’ OLA 26 Start time: 2011.02.05 19:00 End time: 2011.02.05 20:30 The top 3 participants with the most loot win a ticket! Come hunt Molisk (mostly young) & Allophyl (ranging from young, to stalker in maturity) Here’s...
  15. olivia888

    PARTY at midnight (MA-TIME) on FRIDAY! (tomorrow or today!) Prizes and Giveaways! - FREE to get in!!!! @ OLA 26!

    THE EVENT FOR EVERYONE ON PLANET CALYPSO @ OLA 26 on January 28TH WAS A BLAST! THE PLACE TO BE WILL ALWAYS BE... OMEGATON & OLA 26! HERE are 2 of MY PHOTOS FROM THE PARTY... There are more pictures in an album simply called 'Party' on my profile - olivia888 * PM me here @...
  16. olivia888

    Selling: Longu Essi Evening Gown!!!

    This beautiful gown has 100% Longu texture on its main field. Burgundy colored Satin texture on the second field. This gown will have all eyes on you when you enter a room! :yup: Asking 2k PED. PM me if interested.
  17. olivia888

    Synthetic Mind Essence Should Be Removed From The Trade Terminal!

    I am here today to propose that Synthetic ME be removed from the TT, and that all items requiring the Mind Essence go back to using regular 'ME'. I have no problem purchasing ME on auction to use in my Teleport (TP) chips. The vehicles are wonderful, but I still love all my chips, including the...
  18. olivia888

    Photo uploading issue! Major problem!

    I just posted a thread. I wanted to add a photo. When trying to upload my picture, I keep getting refused with a message saying that I cannot because it is too many MB! The picture is in KB!!! Please help! :confused: Okay, I just succeeded in uploading - not the way I used to mind you, and...
  19. olivia888

    Heavenly Haircuts & Beautiful Bodies! Come check out my salon!

    Please remove this thread FPC Thank you everyone for your overwhelming support. :) Due to Entropoia beauty bugs, and ridiculous, market-crashing competitors, I have quit this business. Good luck to my friends Zunami and James Bo Clayton - I wish you both the best! :yay: You guys are great! :D
  20. olivia888

    Hanashi Hell!

    How many of you own Hanashi Cupboards? When did you first make/purchase them? Are you still happy with them? - I used to LOVE my Hanashis! They were added storage in my apartment - I could create nice displays, or arrange my clothing in there - and the items I put in there did not count towards...
  21. olivia888


    I have just opened the doors of my new home hair salon! I am a level 8 stylist and welcome all new customers! You can find me at Omegaton West Habitat. I am in the Epsilon building - 7 D. PM me for an appointment - I have great rates! Liv Forevever
  22. olivia888

    Buying: Hair Toolkit

    Hello fellow Entropians! I am looking to purchase a hair toolkit. I’ll accept any reasonable price.
  23. olivia888

    Question: Is the loot different?

    Are they rigged with different loot algorithms ??? I was having fun questing for a while the last couple of days. I then realized after helping my man finish his hunting quest, and then I moved onto my own – that something didn’t seem quite right. 500 kills between the two of us, I’m talking...
  24. olivia888

    Help: Trades not working!

    My husband and I went on a hunt (twice in two days). When we finished, we opened a trade with each other to tally up. I wanted to give him my loot to put in storage, and every time we tried to trade, it failed! I tried trading with him, then he with me. We went inside, outside, changed TP...
  25. olivia888

    Question: Does anyone out there have Pluma Tiger stockings?

    Hi everyone! I am in-love with many of my virtual outfits - I am particularly a fan of my Pluma textured clothes! I recently purchased some Pluma Tiger stockings from the auction to add to my collection. i liked the way they looked when i clicked on info. they are at 100% on all fields. They...