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  1. Chopper

    ***WoF 2011 Judge Thread***

    Sadly, and with due apology, I'm not gonna be available to Judge AtAll for the Semi-Finals... Fortunately there are many capable Judges so I'm confident I won't be missed. Just thought I should let folk know... Happily it's because I'm gonna be at Sunrise Festival in Shepton Mallet :) See you...
  2. Chopper

    Should this forum be removed?

    In fairness to the OP, the original thread was a request to the Mods to delete the Taming subforum, and was rightly locked as GG himself admits... This thread, though worded Very Similarly, is an invitation to the community to discuss their opinion on the closing of the Taming sub-forum, so...
  3. Chopper

    Should this forum be removed?

    Fair enough. No, I'm very happy for there to be a Taming Sub-Section. If PE AB or MA were advertising "Come to Entropia wher you can get involved in many different professions, including Taming" right now, then YES that might contravene Marketing laws. But this is a discussion forum, and I...
  4. Chopper

    Should this forum be removed?

    Ok, I will in fact... Taming Has Been a part of EU and so people have the right to discuss it on this or any other Forum. They also have the right to discuss how it Isn't available at present, and to discuss how it is currently High on the game developers list of priorities, at least according...
  5. Chopper

    Should this forum be removed?

    Dude, one of the Forum Moderator already Answered this question/demand, pointing out quite reasonably that you would need to get in touch with the Forum Administrator if you wish a whole Section of this Forum closed. I won't even go into why I think you're misguided in this wish, but it is your...
  6. Chopper

    Help: to stop

    The lady speaks alot of sense, as ever... MA do owe us an explanation... And I too am concerned about the level of back-biting and bitchiness currently, and it's not just This row, there's a Few going on, personal attacks, Soc-Wars... And this among a "Community" made up of people who All have...
  7. Chopper

    Feffoid Bandit - 5 035ped

    I knew this was coming... Spotted the pattern and have been on Feffs and Feffs alone for Days and Days... Took a break to eat, watched a movie with a buddy, and came back to This. You utter utter Utter Bastard... Which, in the language of my people, means Gratz man :thumbup: Beautiful loot...
  8. Chopper

    FYI: I think they should just condense all weapons into 2 items.

    Dramatic Irony, at its very finest, thank you :thumbup:
  9. Chopper

    Hunters - ANY LEVEL - Make a Difference...

    Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to have WoF Team Wales members triumphantly bring you a Sail or 3 mate... Good luck getting back online. We'll save em up til we see you :thumbup:
  10. Chopper

    Hunters - ANY LEVEL - Make a Difference...

    For Example.... A Fairly New Player, in Pixie Armed with Opalo and T1 FaP Goes off to Hunt Cornundacauda for Wales... After a while bagging Corns He nabs a small Corn Global 1 point But... Crucially it completes the Full Set Extra 100 Points for Wales! Yay! 1 Point can make All the...
  11. Chopper

    Good Luck tonight, O Captain my Captain :thumbup:

    Good Luck tonight, O Captain my Captain :thumbup:
  12. Chopper

    Luck and Loot to you tonight Honey-Bunches x

    Luck and Loot to you tonight Honey-Bunches x
  13. Chopper


    Don't get me wrong, Shinkiba Wave event are alot of fun... There's 4 of them dotted about, of varying Difficulties and Sizes... I like em. Great. Triffic. Well done... But they're not Beacons, or anything even really that similar are they..? We, the player community and people who FUND this...
  14. Chopper

    HoF: Nice Hiryuu Young !!

    Not seen a Hiryuu drop like that since one of the Very First WoFs, when it was a Bonus Mob... Huge Gratz :thumbup:
  15. Chopper

    Hunters - ANY LEVEL - Make a Difference...

    As many of you know, it's WoF Time :yay: The Festival of Firepower 2011 A Massive International Hunting event Free to Enter, and Open to ALL Some teams have already been knocked out Just 12 remain, battling for the 6 semi-final places And there's every chance it'll be a predictable...
  16. Chopper

    Premium Vibrant Sweat Addition

    Ahaa like a Sweat Critical Hit... I like it :) Often wondered why there are no Crits in Sweating...
  17. Chopper

    Online Gaming Gets Vocal with Ericsson - Reuters (press release)

    Had the same problem... Went into Options -> Voice Chat Enabled Proximity Chat, and switched "Press to speak" OFF. Not sure which of these did the trick, but one of them did... I just have to cover my mouth when I cough... :)
  18. Chopper

    ***WoF 2011 Judge Thread***

    I'm gonna go ahead and asume that Is what he means... Slot D, 4th slot... Seems clear enough... We'll see... So, the exciting conclusions to Stage 4 are all happening This Weekend... And the times are all IN : Sat 21st May 1700 BeN vs AME 2100 USA vs WAL Sun 22nd May 0100 (Mercifully...
  19. Chopper

    21519 PED Atrox Young

    If you type the above into a good online translator set to EU -> GB you get "Bastard"... :lol: Beautiful HoF, especially after just a year... Gratz, and Enjoy x
  20. Chopper

    Strength to weight ratio

    65 strength - 355 Max weight... Looking more and more like 290 + strength, innit...
  21. Chopper

    Hell to help Olivia.

    Cannabis is understood to greatly relieve the suffering of MS patients in over 55% of cases. However it's not a Cure, and $15,000 seems like Alot of pot... I too am suspicious of "Miracle Cures", and if she's had the procedure before and it didn't work, I'm surprised she wants to throw good...
  22. Chopper

    ***WoF 2011 Judge Thread***

    Thx Alwyn and Jami... Just turn up and do whatever you can, it's all good. Alwyn I hope your brother's ok :thumbup:
  23. Chopper

    Is THIS an exploit...

    It's quite simple, really... :thumbup:
  24. Chopper

    ***WoF 2011 Judge Thread***

    You will be sorely missed, Mack. Your input to the WoF has become invaluable... Hurri and I will certainly be around for all the timeslots, tho I fight for Wales during the sat at 9pm slot... I feel certain a few others will be around to fill in. We should be ok, fingers crossed... Note to all...
  25. Chopper

    ***WoF 2011 Judge Thread***

    Error corrected :thumbup: You can, if you wish, imagine that I was just making sure you were all paying attention, nothing to do with a night of friends and heavy drinking Whatsoever ;) Indeed it does, should be a Very interesting, nail-biting and Decisive 3 hours :handgun: