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  1. RavenJade

    Selling: m83 Predator

    Selling my m83 predator tier 3.9 Gun SOLD Thanks for all the offers, I found the pure ped that I was looking for :D Would like pure ped as I'm getting ready for some gear upgrades.
  2. RavenJade

    m83 predator

    What is a m83 tier 3 going for these days? Thanks for the help :)
  3. RavenJade

    Anyone know how to fix this error code?

    So I decided to go check NI out tonight... But every time I kill a mob I get several of these error boxes that pop up. I can close them.. or move them out of the way ... but when I kill the next mob, new error boxes appear again right in the middle of my screen. I'm hoping someone out there...
  4. RavenJade

    Achievement: Finally got into the 100 club :F

    I've been day dreaming about hitting lvl 100 since I joined the game so many years ago. The last couple of years I had only played sporadically because I had eye surgery that messed up my near sight and it took along while before things wern't blurry for me up close... But anyway, with...
  5. RavenJade

    Uber: Easter Came Late..

    Or maybe it came early... who knows. All I know is that I was very surprised to see a pretty pink box tonight when I was opening a box or two of easter boxes. hehe. Now I've been fooled before and the pink box turned into just a big tease with a hermetic ring... but not tonight. Tonight...
  6. RavenJade

    Achievement: a Quick vampire is better than a slow vampire?

    So happy and excited to have finally unlocked quickness in the wee hours of the morning :D Hunted for about 7 hours tonight trying to get those last few %'s of evade to move. That one skill goal off my new years resolution list I can check off... next stop, the 100 club maybe???
  7. RavenJade

    FYI: RavenJade's Twich

    Yep, I know not another entropia streamer.... haha my youtube subscribers keep asking me to stream. So I'm going to give it a go. Tonight's stream is special. Today is my birthday so I'm giving away christmas strongboxes to all new followers and current followers that catch my stream...
  8. RavenJade

    Uber: An Aurli gave me a nice surprise <3

    I was out hunting aurli's most of the day and evening as the loot was being pretty nice on them for me, and I really need to finish that 5K mission.... My last hunt was finally going back to normal blah loots when I got a jolt of a surprise when the hof noise went off and I saw 1717 k in shrap...
  9. RavenJade

    Selling: Hell Shop

    With irl being a pain, I haven't had the time that I used to to stock all my various shops across the universe. So I want to loosen my load a bit. Selling Hell shop #1 located at fireridge in hell on Rocktropia. It's a great 70 item shop and only 1 of 4 in the area so they don't come up...
  10. RavenJade

    Uber: Christmas came early

    I guess I fooled Santa this year because he gave me a ring for Christmas. :D I got it on my third box that I opened tonight. First box was full of snowballs... and I was like uggh, I hate christmas boxes, maybe I'll open up some halloween instead... clicked on my storage and thought wait that...
  11. RavenJade

    Achievement: 400 K Skill - All Natural

    I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. :yay: (ok, so it doesn't take much haha) I finally ticked over the 400 K skill mark in game. It's taken forever, because I don't chip in. (nothing wrong with chipping in, I just want to do it my way). I still have tons more milestones to...
  12. RavenJade

    Uber: Oh Wow My Biggest SOLO hof since I started playing in 2007

    I always love mayhem events...and look forward to them. I love the themed boxes so I enjoy farming them. Anyway, I was sitting there, pew pew pewing and I was just thinking to myself, damn haven't gotten one stinking hof for Easter mayhem yet, and the WOOOOSH sounded, I still use a loot...
  13. RavenJade

    The Cursed Tower Grand Opening

    I'm excited to announce that my ever growing hoard of vampires have taken up residence at the Cthylla Towers 4 on Monria and now the towers there are cursed. For those that dare to enter you will find that my Shopping Demons are eager to mesmerize you with tales of darkness and gore while they...
  14. RavenJade

    Buying: Monria shop

    I'm looking to expand my shop presence into Monria. Would love to own a shop there. If anyone is looking to sell theirs please send me a message either here on the forum or in game. I can be found in player register: Kara RavenJade SummerWind
  15. RavenJade

    Secret Vampire Lair

    Recently a secret Vampire Lair has been uncovered deep in the North of Calypso. Hungry Vampires seeking to devour human flesh lurk in the shadows of the lair. They, however may spare any mortal soul that comes to visit if they pay tribute to the Shopping Demons that dwell there. Inside...
  16. RavenJade

    Buying: Shopkeepers

    Hiya, I'm in search of two new FEMALE shopkeepers to add to my hoard of shopping demons for my vampire dwellings. If you have one or two of these fine creatures for sale please send me a message here on forum or in game. I can be found in player register searching Kara RavenJade SummerWind...
  17. RavenJade

    Buying: Shadow Pieces (F)

    I'm looking to complete my shadow set and need the following pieces: Arms, thighs, shin, gloves If you have one or more of these pieces and are looking to sell contact me either here on forum or in game. If you don't have me on friends list you can find me by searching Kara RavenJade...
  18. RavenJade

    Selling: Selling Improved Justifier mk II Tier 3.9

    Hi all, as the title states I have an Imp Justifier mk II for sale :yay::yay::yay: Open to offers by PM. TT+55K Buyout. Pictures / Info to be added later
  19. RavenJade

    HoF: I think this is my best loot after almost 11 years in game

    So.... most of my friends know I'm kind of a box addict. I love opening boxes. I especially like the holiday or themed boxes. I love getting the pills, the amps, the occasional ring... I've always wanted to loot a Halloween ring because of the whole roleplaying a vampire thing that I do...
  20. RavenJade

    Achievement: The Vampire's Blood Lust finally unlocks Kill Strike :F

    I've been wanting this day to happen for awhile now. Seems so long ago that I unlocked Commando and said Kill Strike is next.... Well after a pretty decent night of hunting on RockTropia... I finally got what I needed.... a new skill :D After 10 years of never chipping, I never thought I...
  21. RavenJade

    Achievement: 10K Rifle Skill All natural

    Since joining Entropia in 2007 my goal was to just progress naturally without the help of chipping. It's been tempting over the years... but slow and sure, I've made my way. So I was totally excited tonight when I saw my progress bar tick over to 10 K rifle. Still got load more...
  22. RavenJade

    I admit that I've been given an unfair advantage in this game...

    In light of the recent posts about some players getting unfair advantages in this game.. it made me feel guilty about the advantage I have had in this game for the almost 10 years that I've played... I'm really sorry... but.. it's because I'm a girl. haha sorry. couldn't resist poking...
  23. RavenJade

    EFA daily schedule going on Hiatus

    Hi all, This is just a quick announcement to let everyone know that the EFA daily schedule is going on hiatus for an un specified amount of time starting April 1 2017. The last daily schedule will take place on March 31 2017. EFA will still be around doing VIP's. On behalf of Sakuba...
  24. RavenJade

    Uber: I nearly wet myself when I realised I Ubered

    Sad but true.. it doesn't take much to excite me :D I was out mining and I have been getting more into amps as of late.. but I still get scared to use anything above a d-class... so I decided to be brave and use a level 10. First drop I got a hof, but I had something covering my window so I...
  25. RavenJade

    Achievement: The Vampire gets her very own Vampire Instance

    So, for 9 years I've played Entropia, and for 9 years I've role played a vampire. Some don't understand why I do.. but for me, this game was all about escape from real life for a few hours a day... and I wanted to create something dark, and fun.. and yes very silly. I've always been fascinated...