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  1. Rockchick

    Forum Activity

    So as said before I am newish back, this forum used to be part of the game for me :ahh:When did it fade and why? All I see these days are selling, buying and events...With the odd other stuff. Where did the community go? :girl:
  2. Rockchick

    Ok so boxes

    So forgive me I am new back, But you pay money to heal your guns, armour and other stuff you need and you pay to get some ammo and then you go into an event that is on! You then loot some boxes that you then have to pay! (more then you put in to play) to unlock the frigging boxes! WTF is that...
  3. Rockchick

    WoF Team Wales 2012

    So we won the grand slam :yay: How about we win Wof too?
  4. Rockchick

    Anyone looked at breaking this?

    I know some of you are into code breaking.... So anyone had a go at this?
  5. Rockchick

    TDO's Beerday!

    Its now 6 years of 'The Disturbed Ones' running about drinking Beer and generally being Disturbed :cheer: So Big Happy Beerday TDO :wtg: :yay: :wtg: :beerchug: :cheer: :beerchug: :dance: :grouphug: :dance: :shots:
  6. Rockchick

    Its okay, she likes cats!

  7. Rockchick

    To The Hounds

    :nana: :handgun:
  8. Rockchick

    If your loot sucks.... ask yourself...

    Can I run a marathon.... well? A true story One day a son asks his father: "Daddy, will you run the marathon with me?" The father answers yes and both run their first marathon together. One day, the son asks his father if he wants to run the marathon with him again and the father answers yes...
  9. Rockchick

    What should I do?

    I have a UKash voucher sitting here next to me (Well its not just sitting, it seems to be shouting at me) :laugh: I want to put the money in to play the game I love.. the game that I enjoy... the game that I have been playing for 5+ years and have worked very hard at building up my skills in...
  10. Rockchick

    I have..

    .. succeeded in making my weekly depo last (very nearly) a whole week :yay: And I played the way I like too :D This is shocking for me because... It hasn't happened for many months I cant do the eco thing (I have tried) I dont play the way I am told is the right way My depo only lasts 2 to 3...
  11. Rockchick

    Forum Community - Where has it gone?

    I have been wondering about this for some time now. Has the feeling of community changed considerably within the forum? If so what has happened and why? Is it because many are disgruntled with MA and the way the game is going or because there are now many forums or that EF being sold and us...
  12. Rockchick

    Small teams!

    I just would like to encourage some of the smaller nations/teams to take part in WoF. Now I know that there are now many super teams, mixes and big skilled nations taking part, but I always admire the smaller teams that take part. Its a great feeling to 'have a go' and play for your country! I...
  13. Rockchick

    WoF Wales

    Ok Taffy's... butter your bara brith and have a leek and lets go shoot stuff!! Ogi Ogi Ogi...... So far we have: Jaqui Rockchick Jovi Angel Spike Sunny zedon raptor lepplin Eugene Chopper McHelicopter Kitty Kitty Fire John Hawk Connor Praug Praugster Redbear Solcar Pricey Lazroc Lewis...
  14. Rockchick

    Happy Birthday Hurrikane

    Happy Birthday Hurri :yay:Have a fabby day :yay: :birthday: :dance: :birthday: :drink: :beerchug: :drink: Have Beer! :cheer:
  15. Rockchick


    Hero is a friends daughter and goes to school with my children, she is appearing on 'Must be the music' in the semis this Sunday :) J0ImMPqWtRo Shes fab :yay: So support her if you can :yay:
  16. Rockchick

    Happy Birthday Dark Cat

    Happy Birthday cat :yay:Have a fabby day :yay: :birthday: :cheer: :birthday: :dance: :beerchug: :dance:
  17. Rockchick

    Happy Birthday Arokh

    Happy Birthday Dragon boy :hug: have a fab day :hug: :birthday: :beerchug: :birthday: :cheer::dance::cheer: :hug: :hug:
  18. Rockchick

    Campaign to...

    .........give Calypto his green rep back! I think its great entertainment and think he shouldn't have so many red bars... So who's with me? :laugh:
  19. Rockchick

    The Stig is dead...

    Long live the Stig!
  20. Rockchick

    Happy Birthday DanielleYourMom

    Happy Birthday Danielle :yay: Have a great day :yay: :birthday: :beerchug: :birthday: :cheer: :dance: :cheer:
  21. Rockchick

    Happy Birthday Johned

    Happy Birthday Zar :yay: Have a fabby day :yay: :birthday: :beerchug: :birthday: :cheer: :dance: :cheer:
  22. Rockchick

    Happy Birthday Lykke

    Happy Birthday Lykke :yay:Have a great day :yay: :birthday: :cheer: :birthday: :dance: :beerchug: :dance:
  23. Rockchick

    Happy Birthday Kitty

    Happy Birthday Kitty :yay:Have a great day :yay: :birthday: :cheer: :birthday: :beerchug: :dance: :beerchug: :grouphug:
  24. Rockchick

    When is it time...

    When is it time to call it a day? I love and have loved PE/EU for a few years now and always said when it stopped being fun I would quit. Now it hasn't stopped being fun and I still love to play.. But it has become extremely expensive to play and therefore I only get a couple of days of play...
  25. Rockchick

    Happy Birthday Wanderer

    Happy Birthday Wanderer :yay: Have a great day :yay: :birthday: :cheer: :birthday: :beerchug: :shots: :beerchug: