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  1. Auktuma

    Discovery: Discover Good People at Entropia Universe :)

    You know I love Green so much :D. Keep active in Entropia Universe, keep planning, keep investing your time and not just time, keep sharing your smiley to all habitants on media. Be logged into your dreams, my friends, and you will make me happy to see your names in green on my FL :) Best...
  2. Auktuma

    THE Armor Shop - section of UL armors

    Genesis Amethera Headquaters (TP coords: 34255, 48216) Tower B (right at the TP; go east) Floor 5 apt C List date and time: 04-08-2020 15:55 Armor sets UL Armor NameArmsHelm/FaceGlovesHarnessThighsShinsFoot Ghoul (M)1111111 Ghoul (F)0000000 Phantom (M)2212112 Phantom (F)1111111 Ghost...
  3. Auktuma

    Working Together: Crafted Components

    Genesis Amethera Headquaters (TP coords: 34255, 48216) Tower B (right at the TP; go east) Floor 11 apt D List date and time: 22-08-2020 10:21 Crafted Components DescriptionAvailable StacksAccumulated TT Advanced Matrix2108 Advanced Modulator180 Advanced Security Module3337.6 Basic Vehicle...
  4. Auktuma

    Working Together: Mining Tool Shop

    Genesis Amethera Headquaters (TP coords: 34255, 48216) Tower B (right at the TP; go east) Floor 1 apt F List date and time: 13-08-2020 05:51 Mining Finders/Seekers (L) DescriptionAvail.lvldepthd/minPrb/useU.ammo/useTT TerraMaster 1 (L)2020655820/10/3010k/5k/15k2.5 A.R.C. Finder 0001...
  5. Auktuma

    Level 13 Finder Amplifier shop

    Level 13 Finder Amplifier shop: Genesis Amethera Headquaters Tower B Floor 1 apt F coords:[34280, 48150, 127] Currently there are 5 shopkeepers filled with Level 13 Finder Amplifiers [=100 amps] at prices good for miners and redistributors. Prices are set different to reward first visitor -...
  6. Auktuma

    Selling: Ghoul (M) and (F) sets

    Hi, I'm offering two freshly crafted by me Ghoul (M) and (F) sets (7 part versions). Starting bid is set at TT+2.0k Buyout - TT+2.8k In two weeks since this day top bid will be winner (if no buyouts per period). If no bids in two weeks - auction will continue until first bid or until closed...
  7. Auktuma

    Resource for Weapon Crafters and Hunters

    Shop located at: Genesis Amethera Headquaters Tower B, Floor 14, Apartment A List of ArMatrix Laser weapons (LR - Laser Rifle, LP - Laser Pistol) [list date: 2018 02 04] Item nameTT valuequantity 1ArMatrix LP-20 (L)45.00 PED2 2ArMatrix LP-30 (L)65.00 PED1 3ArMatrix LP-35 (L)75.00 PED2...
  8. Auktuma

    I will buy you globaled Ignisium!

    I will buy your globaled Ignisium! Dear Miner, mind if we will have some fun together with some extra win for you? I would like to announce that since this moment I will be buying Ignisium from you what came to you in globals, buy at 20% above market (weekly). Not HOFs or ATHs :D, but just what...
  9. Auktuma

    Anyone able to craft High Grade Plugs?

    Hi, I just placed next order for 2000 high grade plugs at auction at 350%. Should be profitable if you have maxed print and if you won't pay for ignisium above 180%. I could craft it myself below that but I wish you to help me to save time on searching for ignisium or crafting. There is some...
  10. Auktuma

    PA mall 3-14: Mix2Fix

    List of weapons, weapon attachments [list date: 2018 07 03] Item nameTT valuequantity 1BirdOfPrey Kaser (L)95.00 PED1 2BirdOfPrey Tayer (L)110.00 PED1 3Breer M3a2247.14 PED1 4Dominax Original Cobra Mentor Edition171.18 PED1 5Eraktor Impact (L)241.00 PED2 6Fi/Ra/Co Evil52.78 PED1 7Fi/Ra/Co...
  11. Auktuma

    Info: ArMatrix Tech Crafting Resources

    ArMatrix Tech Weapons, list of crafting resources Part1 Part2 Meanings: BC --> BLP Carbine BP --> BLP Pistol LR --> Laser Rifle LP --> Laser Pistol LB --> Long Blade SB --> Short Blade ArMatrix Tech Discoverers. Congratulations and Thanks! This data sheet has been compiled to...
  12. Auktuma

    Auktuma's Component Crafting Service

    Heya, after Loot 2 in action I have noticed rising requests from friends asking me to craft various rare (=none at auction) components for new cool blueprints on weapons or attachments. My friends knew I'm highly skilled on component craft (level 100 on Mechanics, level 90 on Metal, level 79 on...
  13. Auktuma

    Selling: regular, Adjusted, Improved, Modified Fi/Ra/Co Evils

    Selling uL (repairable) BLP weapon amplifiers: Fi/Ra/Co Evil (adds 36 dmg) - TT+1.4k PED Adjusted Fi/Ra/Co Evil (adds 39 dmg) - TT+3.8k PED Improved Fi/Ra/Co Evil (adds 41 dmg) - TT+6.2k PED Modified Fi/Ra/Co Evil (adds 43 dmg) - TT+9k PED
  14. Auktuma

    Broken national flags? What's next?

    ---- deleted by poster ---- (enough of just title to express some worries)
  15. Auktuma

    Games Games Games: Locate the item what not fits!

    Games Games Games: Locate the item what does not fit! Hey hey, (hot: read about Day 7 rules and principles at the bottom off this post) my shop thread hit 40k views and as It was planned some event to offer :) It's treasure hunt game I could name "Locate the item what does not fit". Game...
  16. Auktuma

    Fi/Ra/Co Beast amplifier rental service

    Short version: Buy and sell your Fi/Ra/Co Beast amplifier at auction: I will keep offers and orders close to have low/fair gap. The gap between prices - ~10-12 PED (+auction fee) - I wish to call “Fi/Ra/Co Beast rental fee” and this service I wish to name Fi/Ra/Co Beast rental service using...
  17. Auktuma

    Price check

    Anyone looking for to become top crafter on skills (level 78-100) and on blueprint count? 1694+ different names of uL blueprints [for compare there are listed 1756 uL blueprints to order in auction], 181 of them at final 100 QR (etc. all 6 blueprints for Ghost uL armors are on this shorter list...
  18. Auktuma

    Auktuma's Crafting Service

    (see some intro on the post below) Level 13 Finder Amplifier (L) On your service will be Supreme Master (=level 93) Attachment Engineer. It will be used high QR (QR93+) blueprint to craft named item bringing us to top luck expected (=blueprint is "maxed" - 95%) To take my service you will need...
  19. Auktuma

    Achievement: Great Master (level 100) on crafting profession

    Heya, few days ago I have accomplished one of my long term tests and one of results of it was that that I have reached Great Master (level 100) on crafting (namely on Mechanics engineer profession) :). Could be it happened to reach level 100 crafter for the first time in game. Expression of high...
  20. Auktuma

    Buying: Evil amps

    Hi, to mention, past several months price on Evil amps was dropping and I wish to offer some compensations because of it have happened not without my influence or due to my inactivity on taking measures to stabilize price. There were many reasons. I would like to announce that I'm ready to buy...
  21. Auktuma

    Info: Pegasus & Pegasus+6A on Legionnaire 08 & L75 Vanguard Coordinator

    Today we (special thanks to my socmate DraKill) tested Pegasus & Pegasus+6A on Legionnaire 08. Wearing Pegasus you will get 11.5 ... 84.0 damage (of up to 189 Legionnaires 08 do on non-critical) averaging at ~44.44 (based on 1261 hits non-critical). Armor set decays 10.128 pec per hit...
  22. Auktuma

    Info: Efficiency scale of Mining Amplifiers

    Dear entropians, below is some table with data for mining amplifiers I compiled - I hope it will be useful information for miners on trying to pick right amplifier for their mining sessions. I haven't included market prices, because of these are not stable, but let it be for your homework before...
  23. Auktuma

    Selling: Attention to MENTORS and DISCIPLES

    Dear Mentors/Disciples, I have some loads of good stuff for you might have some use. I wished to sell it to you at TT price rather than to Mr. TT. These are: for miners 1. Level 1 mining amplifiers (=amps) (L), TT value per amp is ~11-22PED (average is at 13.84 of 666 amps to sell) available...
  24. Auktuma

    Yummy Level I mining amplifiers arrived

    Heya, after recent my HOFs I decided to pay some attention to our mining newcommers and to support their mining a bit. Thus, at Port Atlantis mall shop #14 on floor 3 there are two shopkeepers set with Level I mining amplifiers at lowest price. Best Luck on your mining! (limited amount...
  25. Auktuma

    Buying: Constantly Robot Pneumatic Units and Robot Thermal sensors

    Brave Hunter, if you are having some difficulties on selling your looted Robot Pneumatic Units or Robot Thermal sensors at good prices - please try asking my prices. I wish to support your wish to kill bots on Robot Beacons :D Add me in game using player register option. Thanks in advance for...