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  1. NightwolfAA2k5

    STEAM client anyone use it?

    too true, and don't forget their other little sales through the year.
  2. NightwolfAA2k5

    MMORPG Interview with MindArk CEO David Simmonds

    I'd really like to see someone from MA, or the partner planets answer one of the REALLY tough questions...
  3. NightwolfAA2k5

    What did you think you were going to do when you decided to join EU?

    ... do what the ooooold marketing videos promised. Then I took up hunting >.>
  4. NightwolfAA2k5

    Is there a shitlist - maintained by MindArk?

    There must be, Ever since I started my heavily MA critical blog in July 2010, loots went down. WAAAAAY down, never been the same since.
  5. NightwolfAA2k5

    NW's EU Assistant (Pre-alpha Discussion)

    Sadly, I've had experiences... Sadly, I've had experiences in the last year, from certain members of the community that have made me want little, if anything to do with the community. This account is (barely) used, I want nothing to do with the site, and once again ask to be deleted all all...
  6. NightwolfAA2k5

    What game interests you besides EU ?

    Fallout: New Vegas...
  7. NightwolfAA2k5

    Whats your ping and where do you live?

    Perth, Australia usually range from 400 to 860ms Now you know why I tend to run away in PvP ;)
  8. NightwolfAA2k5

    Avatar Names.. Seriously?!

    I'm so glad I've left* the game... really ;) * = just temporarily, till work quietens down.
  9. NightwolfAA2k5

    New blog & My new* Entropia Universe review

    My new* Entropia Universe review is up, on a more 'independent' site :rolleyes: clicky This blog is no longer maintained, and I request this account be deleted *again*
  10. NightwolfAA2k5 Discussion Thread

    I'm only deleting the ones that may have some kind of value to an organisation such as FPC. ;) Mostly, deleting my images, media and personal info
  11. NightwolfAA2k5 Discussion Thread

    On reflection, As long as FPC can indeed take the criticism that they say they can, and not be like MA who closed the original official forum, most likely because of it, then I am slightly happier :-P But, that said, I'm still deleting my information from the site.
  12. NightwolfAA2k5

    EntropiaForum Senior Members

    Seems like a massive cop-out to me, imo :(
  13. NightwolfAA2k5 Discussion Thread

    No, It should remain separate. Who's to say it won't be deleted again, like last time? :rolleyes::mad: Lykke, I'm coming back to Entropia Planets ;)
  14. NightwolfAA2k5

    mmorpg's review - Entropia not in it .../

    EU doesn't (for the moment) deserve to be in any top 20 list :silly2:
  15. NightwolfAA2k5

    Attention All Australians

    Bags will be back. EU can be as addictive as that other game ;)
  16. NightwolfAA2k5

    What has happend in 4 months?

    I've been gone a month and some of this stuff is new to me :silly2:;) Indeed (too short)
  17. NightwolfAA2k5

    Why we dont have an account statement

    Exactly. /end thread
  18. NightwolfAA2k5

    Latest Buzz (27th August)

    Ooooh, Love you say? This update is to contain love? :yay::yay::yay:
  19. NightwolfAA2k5

    The Death of a Hydra

    Looks like a nice little event. But I must resist the urge to spend any more money in this thinly veiled...
  20. NightwolfAA2k5


    I just want Billy Connely's Motor-Tricycle ;)
  21. NightwolfAA2k5


    It would be nice :D
  22. NightwolfAA2k5

    do you wish 3x skill bonus event could come back?

    My thoughts exactly. :mad:
  23. NightwolfAA2k5

    "Alien" Feeling

    I do miss that alien feeling I got from when I first started playing. :(
  24. NightwolfAA2k5

    Question: Should MA Reduce the number and Size Of Hills/Mountains In Entropia

    Leave the mountains and hills as they are, They're (mostly) fine, for now. Though some might need some smoothing applied to them... What I would like is a floating city... Very Sci-Fi ;)