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  1. Zapforker

    more exploits to ck checklist

    And this Video shows that BA owns more Pitbulls than cK :eyecrazy: *goes to auction*, lolz
  2. Zapforker

    A Message To AoW From CK Rei

  3. Zapforker


    yada yada:silly2::ahh::scratch2::lolup:
  4. Zapforker

    I smell something fishy here...

    afaik rilort got sacks gun back ... sometimes it can be so easy :laugh: give reps gun back !!!!!:mad:
  5. Zapforker

    MM Scammers - Take the money and run!

    To sponsor a party isn't illegal or criminal either :p
  6. Zapforker

    MM Scammers - Take the money and run!

    Better spend those 5k$ on a party at the scammers house .. with maybe some Hells Angels involved :eek::wtg:
  7. Zapforker

    Hey (You know who you are)

    watch out what you are saying here ... :wise: I don't wish you to fall for a trust scam :mad:
  8. Zapforker

    Hey (You know who you are)

    To do what ? Shoot him in the knee ?
  9. Zapforker

    Hey (You know who you are)

    Give Rep his gun back!!!
  10. Zapforker

    Rocktropia discussed on

    i vote for evil :laugh:
  11. Zapforker

    Balance my ass

    raises Hand :laugh: (well not 7.6 but almost ;) ) MA are you reading this !!?? :D PS.: and i don't even got a nice unl sib toy !!! I'm doomed in TT AND Markup :p
  12. Zapforker

    Server Downtime For release

  13. Zapforker

    Nice Hog!

    gz :yay::yay::yay:
  14. Zapforker

    Uber: Nice Chomper

    gz :yay::yay::yay:
  15. Zapforker

    Will the new "super soc" pass Warants ?

    more for us less for them :laugh:
  16. Zapforker

    Latest Buzz (Feb 16th)

    Ahh, another prove of FPC that they are absolutely incompetent if it comes to running/handling/managing events :mad: looking forward to the "quest system" :laugh:
  17. Zapforker

    Selling: Jaguar shins (M) SGA

    i'll take em
  18. Zapforker

    cK Shadows

    bump :wtg::wtg::wtg:
  19. Zapforker

    Latest Buzz (Feb 10th)

    Weeee, LG LA(19) expires and Gradivores are back :wtg: :rolleyes: Do you have fun in your office teasing us ???? Good Job MA/FPC :rolleyes:
  20. Zapforker

    Selling: Ola#57

    Land, ho!!! :eek:
  21. Zapforker

    New Community Manager

    Thank you :)
  22. Zapforker

    New Community Manager

    Hi and Welcome new Community Manager ;) I just have a question/rant here: Why does FPC/MA introduce new mobs before old ones are fixed (gradivore/fungoids) ???? and fuck up our LG LA this way btw. (noMob management, invisible mobs ...) Is it because you don't care, dislike of the big alliance...
  23. Zapforker

    Selling: Ola#57

    Wake up Wana :laugh:
  24. Zapforker

    FYI: LA 19 - cK Shadows

    mining mining mining
  25. Zapforker

    FYI: LA 19 - cK Shadows

    Bump for a miner friendly LA without any mobs and nice Tax settings 3,9% :yay::yay::yay: Happy mining