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  1. sunny

    Question: What is the most Eco ways to farm Argonuat for Iron Mission?

    Did them naked using mf and counting skill points I ended in green numbers. Only counting loot vs ammo + chips I ended close to even.
  2. sunny

    Uber: Narcanisum Towers pvp4

    Heart beating fast when drilling in pvp. Big amp or big claims? And big gratz
  3. sunny

    HoF: Smilgs - the good loots & achievements

    Gz on all nice loots. Are you breaking even from start or are you at a profit after all these years now?
  4. sunny

    Selling: A204

    Amp sold. Thx all
  5. sunny

    Selling: A204

    Pending bid for BO.
  6. sunny

    Selling: A204

    Since we are having many ppl interested in this nice amp we decided to put an BO on it.
  7. sunny

    Selling: A204

    Selling one A204 amp. If you are interested in one pm me. Current Bid: +12k BO: +14k
  8. sunny

    Selling: female armor sets ,angel,gremlin,etc.and A106

    Interest yes. Peds no. Free bump
  9. sunny

    Achievement: Reaching new heights of stupidity

    Did they give you that much profit so you didn't wanna stop hunting them? Naah that sucks man. Feeling for you :(
  10. sunny

    Uber: 3.3k Feffox

    Feffox mission killing my pedcard slowly. But so does all mission atm :p Did you get any ok items during the mission? And gratz for finishing it :)
  11. sunny

    Your best item loot ever?

    Had a bp for a UL longsword that sold for around 12k if not misstaken Teamloot with a UL HL8 Biggest ESI for me F and M UL Tiger Gloves That was some good times.
  12. sunny

    Strash Streams Project Unlimited level 5

    Gratz to the ATH... You sounded a bit nervous and thrilled ;)
  13. sunny

    Uber: 12k Proteron Young

    Gz.. Now I know were my losses went ;)
  14. sunny

    Full condition craft still worth it?

    1 pic says more then 1000 words.. My problem is that this doesn't stop at crafting. I have for over 1 month now not a single hunt over 53% return. Counting decay my average return are 47%. Mining are even worse with a 37% return, so lucky I'm mining unamped. Been depositing alot over the...
  15. sunny

    ATH: 82K osseo

    Big gz.. Invest it in gear/skills/lootpool? ;)
  16. sunny

    10 Years of Entropia

    Gz gamling ;)
  17. sunny

    Noiseless Hunting Log

    Having the same result. 7 days in a row now with average return of 51%. Nearly none global and no items. Maybe my fault for doing the Aurli, Prot, Levi missions.
  18. sunny

    Uber: Entropia Universe Hofs & Globals 4 [Movie]

    Star of the intro :D
  19. sunny

    FYI: Fantastic 3 team hunting log

    Gratz... Now get bigger greens :) Was running past u a couple times, doing my prot mission out there..
  20. sunny

    HoF: TP Chip V TEN Edition

    Gratz din mök....
  21. sunny

    MF skilling to complete Iron missions

    So now I have started the missions again with one change. Sold all MF skills and doing them with rifles and handguns. Atm I'm doing the 10k Allo/Esto Round 1-10( Progress 1 625/10 000) Ammo: 3570 ped Weapons: Isis LC-35, Igni L1010E, Biotronic R5 Regeneration Chip VII (L), UR-125 Naked Loot...
  22. sunny

    Uber: 2nd uber, 1st in hunting

    200 ped down would be a win for me these days. Grats on a nice one.
  23. sunny

    Discovery: Full Viceroy Armor (M)

    So our skullcandy are avatar bound and can not be sold, but yours can? Only thing that changed??
  24. sunny

    Uber: Modified Luck Multiplier

    Haven't bought any expensive stuf and haven't got any good hofs for a long time. Dropped many amps on Foma and have 1 51 ped global... Not jealous at all ;) Big gratz
  25. sunny

    Smilgs hunting log

    Roughly 118k profit in 7 months are insane. All I can say are grats Smilgs..