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  1. Aly

    The Matrix Has Me?!

    I was out skilling (ie. taking out some frustration) on the little merps when suddenly it all went pear shaped... At first it was just the chat box and the mobs.. Then it went to anything and everything in text Veeeery strange :D At first I thought the Merps might have gone...
  2. Aly

    Buying: Paint and Textures

    I am currently buying the following at and above market price; -Olive Paint (Have total amound needed) -Brukite Stone Texture (Have total amound needed) Now only looking to purchase; -Plumatergus Texture Please PM or post here with amounts and price. Cheers :beerchug:, Aly
  3. Aly

    Help: Update issues. No error message

    Hate to open yet ANOTHER VU issue thread, but I have looked through all the ones posted so far and can't see anything similar to the error I'm experiencing. Downloading the update runs fine (although EXTREMELY slow compared to my connection). But after the 6-8 hours of downloads the loader...
  4. Aly

    Buying: Trutun Textures

    I am currently looking to buy up to 300 Trutun textures. Paying market value. Please PM or post here if you have any you are willing to sell. Thank you :) Aly
  5. Aly

    Selling: Wardrobe Clearout: Female Clothing

    Updated with items sold and items with bids being considered. The time has come to clear out some of my avs overflowing wardrobe. Please note, this is not an auction, but all reasonable bids will be considered. Pictures and market values shown for all main items. All items can be bid on...
  6. Aly

    Selling: Phantom F Peices

    I am looking to sell off a couple of my Phantom armor peices. Arm Guards BO=+800 Face Mask BO=+650 Foot Guards Make an offer For stats and pictures please see THIS LINK This is not an auction, but I will consider all reasonable offers. To offer buy out or make an alternative offer...
  7. Aly

    PC on EP-41 Military SGA

    Any ideas? Cheers :beerchug:, Aly
  8. Aly

    Buying: Rutuba (F) Pieces

    Buying Rutuba F Pieces around Market Value Mainly interested in; Groin Other peices considered depending on condition and Mark up. Prefer over 30% condition. Will however, consider lower tt peices at lower mark up. Please PM me or post here with item, tt and sale price. Thank you :)...
  9. Aly

    SGA Goodies

    Been a while since I've had anything really worth posting here, but figured this one was worth sharing :) Was out hunting spiders when one of those long-legged-zappy things (allo) got in the way.. I am glad he did, was holding this little gem for me :wtg: EP41 Military SGA Nice...
  10. Aly

    Buying: Textures

    Not sure this warrants a buying thread, but have exhausted most my contacts so felt it couldn't hurt ;) I am attempting to collect one of every (or as many as possible) texture type. Below is a list of the textures i currently need. If you are able to spare one or two textures of any type on...
  11. Aly

    Phantom f Parts

    Having recently discovered that phantom f isn't easy to find.. I am thinking about selling my phantom f feet, arms and face as i really don't use them enough. Purchased for around +600 to +1.3k per peice (not long ago) Wondering what would be a reasonable price on these three atm? thanks...
  12. Aly

    Uber: Very nice 20 clicks ;)

    After some shocking losses recently, had a nice 20 clicks on the Dino's today :) The 575 ped 5 clicks in had me smiling.. the last click had me blinking.. 1900ped :yay: Nothing too exciting in loot.. couple of L bps (mask, curtains), some energy res, but mainly Emeralds and Rubys...
  13. Aly

    Buying: Phantom F Parts/Set

    Hi there, Have been able to track down Feet and Mask, but am looking to buy all other Phantom F parts. All Reasonably priced parts will be purchased. Please PM me here or in EU (If you don't have me on FL just look for any Aussies or members of Antipodean Army, chances are they can point...
  14. Aly

    Uber: My First Hunting HOF :-)

    Finally found my first hunting HOF :yay: and despite the no mark up loot (full cb13(L), adrenal oil & DNA frag.) it was definately a nice one! Thanks MA :woohoo: EDIT: Couldn't resist adding this one.. very nice 24 hours :D Aly PS: Appologies about the nasty pic size and lack...
  15. Aly

    Buying: Hangar

    Buying Hangar Genuine Buyer with available funds Price Negotiable Please PM me if you are considering selling your hangar. Thank You, Aly (Alyss Aly Aquire in world)