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  1. Leaf Arwen

    Disturbance Notice

    Stuck in space somewhere btw Calypso and Crystal Palace. :mad: Unable to login atm..filed a support about it. :computer: /Arwen
  2. Leaf Arwen

    Info: Time for another 90% tt Returns thread

    :wtg: Ace go get a big one now :) /Arwen
  3. Leaf Arwen

    Merry Mayhem armor Female

    Looking for this armor parts or set. Price of today i dont know :umn: /Arwen
  4. Leaf Arwen

    Selling: Unlimited Genesis Firefly Tier 5.1 for sale

    Save the blade and sell your wife :yay: gl with your salesthread /Arwen
  5. Leaf Arwen

    Buying: Mayhem parts/set (F)

    Might check for other options :scratch: /Arwen
  6. Leaf Arwen

    Halloween Mayhem 2014

    Average 120-150p/h is probably normal. /Arwen
  7. Leaf Arwen

    Selling: Phantom F set (T3-T4)

    TT+1,9K /Arwen
  8. Leaf Arwen

    Selling: Phantom F set (T3-T4)

    Arwen offer +1,8K peds.
  9. Leaf Arwen

    Buying: Mayhem parts/set (F)

    Yet a :bump: /Arwen
  10. Leaf Arwen

    Question: Best all around Armor

    Gremlin (plates 5B)+ best possible evade does the job. If you cant hunt the mob with this setup you should either team or pick another mob. /Arwen
  11. Leaf Arwen

    Buying: Mayhem parts/set (F)

    Yes its a :bump: /Arwen
  12. Leaf Arwen

    Doa pricelist

    If Slugstorm sells for 16K where do we place RJ, RJME? 10-15K? /Arwen
  13. Leaf Arwen

    Selling: Phantom F set (T3-T4)

    What price are you aiming for Milken? /Arwen
  14. Leaf Arwen

    Buying: Mayhem parts/set (F)

    Thnx still looking. :) Prefer a set if possible :) /Arwen
  15. Leaf Arwen

    Buying: Mayhem parts/set (F)

    Yup /Arwen
  16. Leaf Arwen

    Buying: Mayhem parts/set (F)

    Hi! As title says. /Arwen
  17. Leaf Arwen

    Selling: female armor sets ,angel,gremlin,etc.and A106

    Must be my old Angelset :) gl with your sale /Arwen
  18. Leaf Arwen

    Akbar 10 years in game

    Congratz :yay: and thanks for having me on your list "old" friend.:beerchug: /Arwen
  19. Leaf Arwen

    Achievement: Kill strike all natural

    Congratz :) Welcome to the club..
  20. Leaf Arwen

    Achievement: 10 years in EU

    Congratz :yay: Arwen is 4 days older than you :) Born in PA 2004-01-04 Not playing active anymore but following what happens in EU. Cya /Arwen
  21. Leaf Arwen

    Petition: Restore old mining loot system

    Oh i thought you ment before amps came and destroyed mining :) /Arwen
  22. Leaf Arwen

    FYI: 40 Business days for withdrawal - has come and gone...

    Will keep posting here until comitted. Any of you withdrawing early august that have yours comitted yet? 52 workingdays and pending (72 days total) get serious MA. /Arwen
  23. Leaf Arwen

    FYI: 40 Business days for withdrawal - has come and gone...

    Still pending, this is very bad news. Over 50 days is not satisfying for us as customers.:mad: